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Amazing Furniture Design Ideas for a 900-Sq-Ft House

Shopping furniture for a 900 sq ft home does not have to be daunting anymore. You should go for these contemporary and multifunctional furniture design ideas.

Choosing the right kind of furniture for a house can be very challenging. What make things even more daunting are the modern day small houses with limited floor space. You have to be very careful while picking the right furniture designs for compact households. You need items that are not only good to look at but also serve more than one purpose.

While you are shopping for house furniture designs, figure out your priorities and buy only those furniture pieces that you’d really use. If you are wondering which furniture design for home will be the best to invest in, we have got you covered. Here are some amazing furniture design ideas for a 900 sq ft house that will definitely be helpful for you.

1. Sleep on the Sofa!

Well, don’t get us wrong. We know how uncomfortable it gets to sleep on the sofa. But what about sofa cum beds? Sounds fascinating, right? They are all the rage these days as they look very good and serve two purposes. You can use it as a comfortable seater during the day and roll it out as a bed by the night. Such modern furniture designs will save you a lot of space as well as money.

2. Say Yes to Storage Beds

No matter how big or small our houses are, most of us struggle with storage. The issue of adequate storage becomes a graver problem in smaller apartments. You must look for hydraulic beds that come with storage. These multifunctional beds would be a blessing for your abode. You can easily store a lot of items in the storage boxes and keep your closets clutter-free.

3. Experiment with Bookshelves

Booklovers across the globe can relate to the problem of having too many books but too little space. Ditch the conventional bookshelves and buy a ladder-styled one. This modern furniture design would be great for houses with limited space and would also look very quirky in your corner.

4. Don’t Forget Your Bar Essentials

If you think you can’t have a bar in your small apartment, you are wrong. With a portable and rustic bar trolley, you are all sorted to create your own mini bar at home. The wheels will help you move it around and carry your drinks when your friends come over. You can easily store your bottles, wine glasses and ice bucket in the bar trolley.

5. Turn the Tables

Portable tables will make your life easy in a lot of ways. As they are easily foldable, you don’t have to worry about such wood furniture designs to block a lot of floor space. You can use them as your kid’s study table, your laptop table, and even as dining table some times. You can even buy small-sized coffee tables to create an adorable little corner for yourself.

6. Jazz Up the Walls

When you have restricted space in your house, make the most use of your walls. Buy key holders, wall shelves and hanging pots. This way, your knick-knacks and plants will easily find space in your walls and you will have more floor area for your wood furniture designs. Be it your bathroom or the living space, wall shelves can be of a lot of use in every corner of your house.

7. Ditch Your Regular Shoe Racks

If you have the typical bulky shoe shelves, it is time to say goodbye to them. These days, you can find really stylish shoe racks in the best furniture designs 2021. They are not only compact and roomy but also come with cushioned seats on top. You can easily use them for sitting and entertaining your guests.

Spicing things up in a 900 sq ft house does not have to be an uphill task. All you need are the right kind of furniture designs so that every piece lasts for decades. Go for good quality wood furniture designs as they will last you for a lifetime and you will not have to worry about frequent replacements.

Image Courtesy: WoodenStreet and Architectural Digest 

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