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Which are the Best Furniture Interior Design Ideas for a 2BHK Flat?

Wondering how to stand out in 2 BHK interior design ideas by the right furniture set? Here is the blog dedicated for you. Read on and get inspired.

A home is a space where love resides, memories grow, family and friends always belong and the laughter never ends. Not to mention, it is the mirror of who we are. Well, if you are residing or bought a new home of 2 bedrooms, a living room, dining hall and a kitchen- yes, a 2 BHK flat or studio apartment, then you must be aware of the challenge of furniture interior designing in a very tight carpet area to reflect the right impression of the home. While where others see a challenge, WoodenStreet spots an opportunity. 
Therefore, through this blog, we have put a spotlight on the minimal yet luxurious 2 BHK flat furniture interior designing hacks that will make your home look like a hotel suite. Here we go:- 

 A Strong Wooden Framework

Adding space-saving furniture like a sofa cum bed or bed with storage and mirrors all over will make your home looks bigger as well as decorative. Well, this idea is boring and outdated. The utilization of drab corners to polish off every inch of the home is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Moreover, it’s also a budget-friendly option and a blessing in disguise to make the best use of your space. 

2 bhk interior design ideas

An item of elegant L-shaped sofa furniture has become a hot pick in 2 BHK flat interior design, as it doubles up the seating capacity and the space availability. Also, its sleek structure spreads true luxury in a tight space. The Solace L-shaped wooden sofa that takes 86 inches of floor area is worth adding to your home because of its comfortable fabric and sturdy look, which makes the interiors attractive. 

2 bhk interior design ideas

Turn the unused corners into a beautiful reading nook. Pop up the Joan lounge chair with a bookshelf that can easily be set up in the corner of your room without taking much floor space. This arrangement gives the storage utility for no pile-up of your books and also a comfortable chair for a bookworm to snug in. Add the cherry on the top by introducing a Handcrafted LED Metal Floor Lamp with Yellow Shade to create a beautiful picture. 

2 bhk interior design ideas

A corner is a perfect place for storing all your extra clutter, so gift your home a well-suited corner wall shelves like the Alta Wall Shelf, where the style meets the perfect functionality and will surely look extravagant in any room interiors. 

Wall Wonders

The vertical square footage of the home i.e. the walls are often underutilized in most of the 2 BHK interior design. By lifting the things off to the lower quadrant of the room, frees up the floor surface and makes the space appear bigger. 
WoodenStreet brings you the best wall furniture designs from around the world at affordable prices and makes a huge difference in your interiors, reflecting perfection. 

2 bhk interior design ideas

The Gordon study table featuring in the above picture is a wall-mounted study table that offers a different form of storage space with an epitome of smooth finish look and wisely utilized the study area. Next, you can steal the Hailey wall mounted Tv unit from our collection and frame it on the wall of your either living room or bedroom. The clean, no-fuss looks with storage combination make this a classy piece. 
Now, you can fulfill your cravings for a pooja room in your 2BHK flat interiors by our beautiful vadium home temple in finesse finish. Just put it on any unused corner or any wall and brings the spiritual vibes in no time. The attractive wall frames and shelves are another instance to bring a new life to your magical 2bhk interior design like the blush wall frame and bee hive wall shelves. However, for adding a storage utility with stunning beauty, the ben wall shelf with hook is an exceptional piece from our collection.   

Space-optimized Storage Solutions

2 bhk interior design ideas

Our space-optimized storage ideas for furniture design for 2bhk flats are a dime a dozen under one roof, from living room storage solutions such as display units, bookshelves, TV units, etc. to bedroom storage like Chest of drawers, well-efficient wardrobes, bedside tables, dressing tables, trunk & blanket boxes, etc., we have dining space storage items such as highly functional kitchen cabinets & sideboards, kitchen island and bar cabinets. The sleek designs and modern appeal furniture will surely pop up your space to catch everyone’s attention and will not occupy much space. 

Featuring -

Living Room Storage

  • Snapple Wall Mount Tv Unit (Walnut Finish)
  • Juniper Book Shelf (Honey Finish)
  • Homer Display Unit (Honey Finish)
  • Ren Display Unit (Exotic Teak Finish, Marigold Yellow)

Bedroom Storage

  • Jett Chest Of Drawer (Honey Finish)
  • Holden 2 Door Multi Utility Wardrobe (Honey Finish)
  • Boho Trunk Box (Honey Finish)
  • Morse Wall Mounted Dressing Table (Honey Finish)

Dining room Storage 

  • Hamlet Sideboard (Walnut Finish)
  • Pryce Kitchen Cabinet (Walnut Finish)
  • Sonic Kitchen Trolley (Honey Finish)
  • Trudy Kitchen Island (Honey Finish)


2 bhk interior design ideas

Lightning plays a very important role while decorating the homes, whether it's a studio apartment or the grand luxurious bungalow. WoodenStreet holds the various types of lightning online to take up your 2 BHK interior design aesthetics to a new level. For ambient lighting, we have chandeliers, pendants and flush-mounted ceiling lights that would do magic. For a specific task lightning, like reading and writing or highlighting the particular decor section, we have table lamps, wall sconces etc. For bringing drama in your space, we, too, have stylish lightning online at affordable rates. By layering these lights in a particular room, you will set to change the mood and tone with a flick of a switch. 

Featuring -

  • Classic Moroccan Nargis Hanging Pendant Light
  • Caltrop Metal Floor Lamp
  • Ceres Metal Yellow Table Lamp
  • White and Silver Dycus 2 Classic Ceiling Light
  • Antique Brass Horn Metal Chandelier

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Pro Tip for Metro cities

2 bhk interior design ideas

Getting a home in a metro city like Mumbai, Delhi etc is a challenging task and designing the cramped space home into a beautiful living space is the next big tedious task. So, for them, WoodenStreet has unique multipurpose furniture and decor items that our customers would never regret. We have 35+ Experience stores in different metro cities covering PAN India. Also, the separate collection is curated on our website, which is designed especially for these cities that you can explore by clicking on furniture in Bangalore, furniture in Delhi etc. You can too avail our decor and furnishing services for your enchanting dream home in populated cities. 

Summing Up! 

The perspective of minimal and still much adorable decor is the key to rule while thinking of 2 BHK interior designing. Now, the ball is in your court from where to start and steal the aforementioned ideas to create the perfect picture of your home. We will be back with more such fantastic interior designing hacks till then, stay trendy with us. And don’t forget to weigh in below! 

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