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Everything You Want to Know About Mukesh Ambani’s Grand home, Antilia

A glimpse inside Antilia, standing tall on the streets of Mumbai, this architectural statement has a lot to explore.

In the heart of Mumbai’s bustling streets stands a towering symbol of opulence and grandeur: Antilia, the extravagant residence of India’s wealthiest man, Mukesh Ambani. With its awe-inspiring architecture, lavish amenities, and controversial legacy, Antilia has captured the world's attention and stirred both admiration and criticism alike. Height stands approximately 570 feet, and spanning 27 floors, it covers around 400,000 square feet of space. All the floors have exceptionally high ceilings; this is the reason why this 27-story property is as tall as a 60-story building.

Global Recognition

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Considered the second most expensive private residence in the world, valued at over $2 billion USD. The Ambani house is named after the mythical island also called the Isle of the Seven Cities, "Antilia." According to a recent estimate, each square foot of real estate can cost anywhere between 80,000 and 85,000 rupees. Mukesh Ambani’s Antilia is built on an area of 400,000 square feet. The Ambani family residence is estimated to cost around one to two billion USD, which is between 6,000 crores and 12,000 crores of rupees. This estimate was delivered by Forbes magazine.

Antilia is constructed and planned in a manner to withstand strong earthquake, even one as powerful as an 8 on the Richter scale. The 27-story building is a towering example of modern architecture. It was designed by Chicago-based architects Perkins and Will, with assistance from Hirsch Bedner Associates for the interior design. The building's unique design incorporates elements from Vaastu Shastra, an ancient Indian architectural tradition.

A Look into Mukesh Ambani's Luxurious Antilia 

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There’s a grand parking lot for 168 cars built on six floors at the lower end of Antilia. The top six floors are solely used as the private residence of the Ambani family so that sunrays can reach every corner of their living spaces. On the 7th floor, there is a service station for the cars Mr. Ambani owns. Each floor has something unique to offer, like a theme of lotus and the sun, an astounding mega temple, a snow room, a private movie theater, the helipads, hanging gardens, a yoga center, a ballroom, and a spa.

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The serene interiors are adorned with grace, with numerous chandeliers in the Ambani house. The use of marble, mother-of-pearl, crystals, and stones can be seen in the overall interiors. Embellishment of lotus patterns and sun designs has been done, as the house is inspired by the theme of a mythical island, Antilia. The eighth floor is solely dedicated to recreational facilities like a private movie theater with a capacity of 50 people, a dance studio, swimming pools, an ice cream parlour, a spa, a health center, a Jacuzzi, a salon, and a yoga center. To beat the heat of Mumbai, there is a dedicated snow room in the house where the walls dispense synthetic snowflakes, giving off chilled, Antarctic vibes. 

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Every floor is uniquely designed with intricate patterns and artistic details. Looking at the color tone, you will find a mix and match of beige, brown, and golden hues, resembling the luxury of the interiors. The pastel tones of interiors exude serenity and sophistication in a sleek way. On every floor of the house, you will find a common thing: grand-size chandeliers. A perfect blend of Indian artistry can be experienced in Antilia. From Jodhpuri handicrafts to Andhra’s brassware, from Chhattisgarh’s sculptures to Uttar Pradesh’s metallic ornamentation, there are unending home decor items from every state of India used to adorn the interiors of Antilia. Not only the home interiors, but the nine different lifts in Antilia are also adorned gracefully with detailed patterns. There is an earthy fabric covering every corner of the lift, patterned with fine mirror work details. This gives an uplifted look to the interiors of the lift, making it perfect for group or individual pictures.

A Cultural Kaleidoscope, Where Artistry and Heritage Intertwine 

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A magnificent ballroom, with the ceiling covered 80% with crystal chandeliers, is where the Ambanis host all the parties. There are indoor bars and a center stage, with many green rooms attached at the backside.  While the exterior reflects modernity, the interiors sing the ballad of Indian artisanship.  There are a lot of artworks used to adorn the interiors of Antilia, as you will find some of the most valuable and rare paintings inside different rooms of the house. Paintings of famous artists like M. F. Hussain and Pablo Picasso are placed at different locations as per the aesthetics of interiors, creating visual interest in the living spaces. To speak about illumination, a perfect blend of lighting is used in Antilia, combining both natural and artificial lighting. Since the interiors are inspired by pestle tones, a warm atmosphere is created within the building with crystal and golden-colored lighting.

Modern Architecture with Indian Accents 

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The temple of Antilia is something that will automatically make you fold your hands. With domes of finials, statues crafted of marble, and walls detailed with intricate textures, a calm and serene ambience prevails all over the place.

Eco-friendly Features

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Antilia incorporates energy-saving devices, rainwater harvesting systems, and vertical gardens. From interiors to exteriors, greenery is something that is visible in every nook and cranny of the house. Hydroponic plants are decorated on the outside, accompanied by green walls and grass-covered floors. You will also see three hanging gardens inspired by the Babylon theme in this grand building, reflecting the natural vibrancy.

Summing Up!

Antilia, a blend of modern architecture, classic elements, and world-class technology, is a high-tech living space, reflecting the visionary outlook of Mr. Ambani. While maintaining uniqueness in the interior designs, the Indian touch is experienced at all corners. Looking at its impressive architecture and interior design, Antilia surely evokes magnificence. To put it simply, Antilia exudes the luxuriousness that makes it one of the most opulent houses in the world.

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