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Best Influencer Picks of 2022 by WoodenStreet: Give your Home an Inspired Look

Catch the stylish home decor and wooden furniture from woodenstreet that popular influencer’s swear by.

Glitz, glam and comfort are all about this year's home furniture and decor trend list! While shopping for furniture, we all wish to make the best out of our purchase, but somehow most of us end up curating that same old mainstream view for our space. Every year, influencers and designers look forward to predicting what interior design trends people will like and welcome into their homes. It is not necessary to have a big budget to indulge the trends of the time in your space. 

Minimal detailing and little amplification of comfort can offer your furniture a lot more view and value than you expect. Before you get into the top 2022 influencers pick for furniture and home decor, there are no hard and fast rules when decorating your home aside from doing what makes you and resonates with your design style. Even if you don't like an inevitable design trend, it's always fun to discover the colour schemes, furniture choices, and other decor features that are trendy now. Here are the best influencer picks for furniture from WoodenStreet, that would surely help you know how to peak the beauty and utility of your home furniture and decor. 

Enjoy Your Gossip Sessions

One of the influencers picked our beautiful statement table and minimal detailing decor items to fit into her compact space without overstuffing her living area. So, make your home more trendy and make it a place where people like to hang out; then, having a stylish sofa, lamp, and a classy nest of table should be one of the first things on your list. It is a great way to add style and comfort to your living room and an excellent opportunity to share gossip with friends and family members.


top 2022 influencers pick for furniture and home decor

Products Featured:

  • Velvet Peach Color Beaded Sequin Cushion Covers - Set of 2
  • Peach Premium Cotton Designer Cushion Cover - Set of 2
  • Peach Floral Designer Cotton Cushion Covers - Set of 2
  • Beautiful Metal Wire Glass Tube Vase
  • Beads Metal Floor Lamp
  • Scalo Metal Mirror with Frame
  • Flora Side End Tables - Set of 2
  • Multicolor Abstract Pattern Hand Tufted Woolen Carpet - 6 x 4 Feet

Make the Most Out of a Compact Bedroom

Are you living an Apartment life? It is tough to make the best out of space. But an influencer made it a cup of tea with woodenstreet. If you are working from home or need to desk work even at midnight, a laptop table, a comfy rug, and a side end table to give your small room a lavish look, then all you need is these small-small products. With these small household items, you can also uplift your home with a stylistic theme to a beautiful look. 


top influencers picks for home furniture

Products Featured:

  • Purple Lily Artificial Flower
  • Patchwork Craze Chindi Kambal Rug - 4 x 6 Feet
  • Timestamp Cycle Shaped Black Wall Clock with Wooden Seat and Handle
  • Blue Digital Print Velvet Reversible Cushion Cover
  • Lance Laptop Table
  • Valeno Side End Table
  • Silver Cotton Door Curtains
  • Marbling Pale Brown Printed Bedsheet With 2 Pillow Covers
  • White Floral Cotton Door Curtain Set of 2
  • Ceres Metal Blue Table Lamp

Make your Reading Productive 

Sometimes, all that's needed to fill your empty corners is a blend of aesthetics and warmth. Check out how this top influencer styled her small open nook with trendy home decor and statement furniture: a comfortable lounge chair and an ottoman from the exquisite range of WoodenStreet. See how she managed to add warmth and a sense of beauty to her empty corners with woodenstreet furniture. You can also create a quaint small nook with trendy home decor and furniture.


2022 influencers picks for your home

Products Featured :

  • Joan Lounge Chair
  • Farah Ottoman
  • Scalo Metal Mirror With Frame
  • Valeno Side End Table
  • Beautiful Metal Wire Glass Tube Vase
  • Fierce Blue Cotton Flat Weave Rug - 4 x 6 Feet
  • Faces Ceramic Milk Mug
  • Flower Stick
  • 2 Cushion with Filler
  • Hooper Metal Floor Lamp

Make your Tea Breaks Memorable

Adding a new piece of furniture to your home can change the feel of your entire space. In addition to accentuating the style of your home, choosing the right furniture can help make your Tea moments cherishable.

Be sure to consider how comfortable it is, as well. Will it be an intriguing spot to sit? If so, pick one that offers solace, backing, and style. Make your balcony view stunning and engaging; partake in the natural air and view with your partner.


influencers picks for your home

Products Featured :

  • Arctic Balcony Set
  • Patchwork Ripple Fuse Chindi Braided Round Rug
  • Saturn White Planter
  • White Otas Artificial flower

Create Your Perfect Picture Spot

Many people spend a lot of time trying to find that perfect picture spot. You can only sometimes have that perfect view from the dining room table or the best lighting in your bedroom. So, having a perfect picture spot is possible with furniture that matches your style and reflects what you love about your home.

When looking for furniture for a picture spot, think about how it will look with another decor in the space. 

Make your space this luxury with our new cane arm chairs, round table furniture, and small stylistic decor items. 


influencers picks for home decor

Products Featured:

  • Turquoise Cushion Cover
  • Grey Soft Shaggy Carpet
  • Kelvin Cane Arm Chair With Backrest
  • Tarlson Round End Table
  • Artificial Dracaena Plant with a Ceramic Pot

We hope these influencers' picks of 2022 helped you understand how to perfect the view of your home furniture. These trendy design ideas for small spaces will make your home feel and seem less congested due to the efficient use of space. Choose your dwellings with the top 2022 WoodenStreet's influencer picks for furniture and home decor and mark a sustainable style statement on a budget. Also, don't forget to mention which influencer picks 2022 idea you liked the most in the comment section below. 

We will be back with the next blog soon. Till then, stay tuned! 

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