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How to Buy Best Outdoor Furniture Sets Under Rs 30000?

Patio furniture is a must-have at every modern house these days. Here is our guide to help you in picking the right kind of furniture for your outdoors.

Did you know that you can convert your patio into a cosy hangout place just by buying the right furniture? Yes, gone are the days of boring entrances and dull balconies. With just the right kind of patio furniture, you will have a great time at your outdoors. With comfortable seating arrangements and spacious tables, a basic patio can transform into a magical affair.

Even your pocket gardens and balconies can be beautified by putting up the right kind of patio furniture. All you have to do is think wisely and shop mindfully. Nobody knows the aesthetic and needs of your house better than you do. Here are some tips that you must keep in mind while shopping for patio furniture:

1. Ask Yourself the Right Questions

Buy Best Outdoor Furniture Sets

“Happiness is… standing at your balcony and sipping tea”. Well, add up to your happiness by sitting comfortably on your chair while enjoying your evening drink. Before buying patio furniture, it is vital to figure out why do you exactly need it. Ask yourself the purpose and how it is going to add value to your floor space. If you want to convert your outdoor space into a dining area where you host your friends for dinner, you should pick up something like the Willo 4 Seater Outdoor Dining Set from WoodenStreet. It can accommodate four people easily. You can even use it for other activities such as board games, playing cards, hosting cocktail parties, etc. Seems like the BBQ nights are just about to begin!

2. Do Not Compromise on Comfort

Buy Best Outdoor Furniture Sets

Before making the big purchase, take a note of the material used in making the patio furniture. You should try it before you buy it. You are likely to use it regularly, all throughout the year. Hence, you need something comfortable and snuggly. Go for chairs with thick cushions and firm backrests. WoodenStreet’s Orange Egg Shaped Basket Swing Chair with Cushion is a very quirky and practical piece to have on your porch. It looks straight out of a home decor magazine. This one is great especially for smaller apartments and the orange colour would add a nice pop of colour.

3. Go for Low-Maintenance Furniture

Buy Best Outdoor Furniture Sets

The struggle of keeping the house clean is real. You don’t want to add up to that by purchasing furniture that easily gets dirty and is hard to clean. Go for easy-care patio furniture such as wicker and wooden pieces which will only need regular cleaning and will survive every weather. If you are looking for durable wooden furniture, consider buying something no-fuss and hassle-free, just like the Novelo Balcony Set. It is made of Sheesham wood and its quality will delight you to no ends!

4. Keep Your Interior Aesthetics in Mind

Buy Best Outdoor Furniture Sets

While shopping for patio furniture, do not stick to neutral colours. It’s time to make things interesting. You can get wooden and wicker furniture in a huge variety these days. Buy furniture sets that will complement the overall theme of your house. WoodenStreet’s Akira 4-Seater Outdoor Dining Set is made of wicker and goes well with almost all styles of home décor. If you have a minimalistic décor, adding quirky cushions to your outdoor furniture would be a great addition of colours.

5. Always Prioritize Quality

Buy Best Outdoor Furniture Sets

Do not waste even a single penny while buying furniture. While the low-priced chairs and tables may look cute, they would barely last you a year. Patio furniture is going to withstand the sun, rains, and heavy winters. So, you need something more durable and resistant. You don’t want the colours to fade away or become brittle. Frequent furniture replacements are a nightmare for everyone. Do your research, check the material, read reviews, and then take the plunge. Check out Edith 2 Seater Outdoor Dining Set. It is a beautiful piece with a unique colour scheme. If you want patio furniture with cushions, make sure the fabric is weather-resistant and low maintenance.

6. Multi-functionality is Always a Bonus

Buy Best Outdoor Furniture Sets

Undoubtedly, quality and appearance play a pivotal role in deciding the furniture we buy. However, multi-functionality always works as the cherry on the cake. You should look for patio furniture that you can even use indoors if you have a lot of guests coming in. This would eliminate extra spending on additional furniture. For instance, a garden chair such as the Italica Luxury Plastic Chair from the house of WoodenStreet is a multipurpose chair. You can use it outdoors as well as indoors, as per your requirements.

These were some of the ways in which you can make the right choice while buying patio furniture for your apartment. Keep these tips in mind and you will surely score the best furniture sets for your patio, balcony, and porch area.

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