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7 Tips to Choose the Perfect Sofa for Your Living Space

Need a perfect sofa for your home? Explore these 7 essential tips that will help you make a right sofa purchase.

“Hey!! We are coming over to your place; get some popcorn ready; your sofa won’t be spared; it’s gonna be a fun day!” 

Do your weekends also sound like this? Pretty much exciting right? When hosting our friends and relatives, it’s not just the refreshments that set the scene, but a comfy sofa! Whether it is a movie night or a match day, a sofa set experiences all the fun by offering you and your guests a cozy seating space. When choosing the right sofa for home, there are a lot of confusions that occur among the buyers. Be it color, style, upholstery, design, or size, the confusion just can’t end...

Since a sofa brings life to your living room by being a center piece like a heart, it becomes essential to choose the right one. With our sofa buying guide, you don’t have to worry much about the things to keep in mind while choosing the best sofa for your living room. Without waiting much, let’s begin exploring our shopping guide for sofa.

1. Measure Up: Assess the Space in Your Living Area 

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Right before you choose a settee for living room, it is essential that you have a complete idea of the available space. Measuring up the area with an inch tape will help you decide your sofa specifications. In the realm of home decor, size matters! Thus, you can get the perfect sofa size by considering the vacant space so that your living room won’t get overwhelmed with a wrong-sized couch. If you are short on space, buying a single, 2 seater, or 3 seater sofa would be ideal. And if you have plenty of space available, then you should go with a big sofa set for living room.

2. Build Strong Foundation: Choose a Right Frame

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The frame of the sofa is similar to its foundation. Thus, choosing the right frame for sofa is essential so that our beautiful sofa serves us till eternity. You can choose a wooden sofa with a solid hardwood frame or a metal sofa with a sturdy iron structure; the choice is yours! At Wooden Street, you will find some amazing and sturdy sofa frames made with the finest-quality materials. You can explore our sofas and get up to 36 months warranty assuring you of the stability and longevity of our high-quality offerings.   

3. Fabric Focus: Select the Perfect Upholstery 

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The upholstery enhances the visual appeal and also elevates the sofa seating experience. Therefore, it is essential to pick the right upholstery to make the best sofa purchase online. If you are in love with attractive patterns and plush comfort, go with fabric sofas with upholstery options like velvet, cotton, polyester, and poly cotton. And if you need a comfortable couch that seamlessly molds as per your body posture over time, then choosing leatherette or leather sofas will be ideal for you. Before we move on to the next point, you should also consider the maintenance requirements of each material. Fabric upholstery requires proper care, while leather upholstery requires comparatively less maintenance. Thus, consider all these factors and choose the right upholstery for your sofa.  

4. Style Harmony: Create a Complementary Look 

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Before you buy sofa sets online, it is essential to check out your existing living room decor style. As per your interior decor, you should explore the sofa back designs. For classically inspired living rooms where timeless designs rule the overall decor, Chesterfield sofas will add a luxurious appeal. And if you have modern interiors and your living room needs some spiced-up looks, no wonder how beautifully a chaise lounge is gonna do wonders for your decor. Whether modern, traditional, or contemporary style decor, matching the interiors with your comfortable sofas will give a harmonious look. There are unending sofa set designs waiting for you to explore at Wooden Street, that can spruce up your interiors like a charm. Check out our trendy collection and choose a beautiful sofa for your home.

5. Discover Practicality: Unveil Unique Features


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In this fast-moving lifestyle, convenience is something that we need from everything we own. Then why spare your sofa set? There are an array of features that can turn your comfortable couch into a practical masterpiece. For instance, you can look for storage options that come handy with a beautiful sofa, such as shelf storage, drawer storage, and box storage. And if you need to make a modular arrangement into your living room by utilizing the available space in many different ways, you should go with sectional sofas. The detachable feature of these sofas allows you to make different seating arrangements. Thus, look for all such features and choose the right sofa for home.

6. Explore the Diversity: Choose from Different Sofa Types


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Gone are the days when there were only standard size of sofa available on the market. In light of recent developments in changing demands and needs of customers, there are different types of sofas available at major furniture brands like Wooden Street. If you are in need of a two-in-one arrangement where you can use your sofa as a bed, then getting a sofa cum bed will be the perfect decision. If you desire relaxing in different positions with full comfort for your back and legs, then go with recliners. And if you are inclined to host many guest parties in your spacious living area, then nothing will serve the purpose better than the L shape sofa. Prioritize your couching needs and choose the perfect sofa seat design.

7. The Art of Budgeting: Set Your Financial Parameters

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Last but not least, decide the amount you want to spend on your sofa set for living room. Before you set your budget, it is crucial to know that the quality of materials and comfort should be prioritized. At Wooden Street, you will find a lot of high-quality sofa sets that will not break the bank. Whether you need a sofa set under 20000 or a sofa set under 40000, we have multiple options for every budget on our website.

Unlocking an Extra Tip Just for You! 

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Try Before You Buy: Although sofa purchase online is way too convenient and safe because of platforms like Wooden Street. Still, if you want to feel the quality and comfort, and need all the sofa details before you make your purchase, you should visit your nearest furniture store. It will help you experience the looks and overall relaxation your sofa is going to give you. Moreover, you can also get expert advice related to the best sofa for living room from the experienced staff. In this way, you can make your purchase more convenient.

Summing Up! 

Now you may have a complete idea of the things to consider before buying sofa. Since your home decor should be as per your preferences, you should also choose the sofa as per your styling and convenience needs. By keeping in mind these tips, you can easily decide which sofa is best for home. You can find every design, style, and type of sofa at Wooden Street. Whether you need office sofas or outdoor sofas, you will find everything in our wide collection.
We hope that this sofa guide by Wooden Street will help you choose the perfect sofa for home!

We will be back with the next blog soon; till then, stay tuned!

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