Buying Guide31 Jul 2021

How to Choose the Right Home Office Desk?

In this entire work-from-home scenario, we have all turned our homes into offices. Here we have a guide for you to pick a home office desk that suits your needs and lifestyle.

Are you tired of working on the same old home table that has been in use for decades? Do you drag yourself to the desk every morning and even a dose of caffeine can’t boost you with the motivation to work hard? Well, here is a quick fix: Buy a new home office desk! The right kind of office desk can actually make your working hours smoother, while the misfit desk could actually make you dread your job every single day. 

In this pandemic, the productive working space is what puts bread on your table. If you don’t own a proper desk at home, you know how miserable your working hours are. You need something which will last you for a very long time and will actually make the hours pass like a breeze for you. Here are some quick tips on buying the perfect home office desk for you *RIGHT NOW*:

What are you looking for?

Well, your answer to this question would probably be “office desk, duh!” but hear us out. When we say what you are looking for, we want you to figure out the kind of desk you will need. If your job profile keeps you glued to the computer for hours, you need a desk that will fit your PC without making the surface look too cluttered. If you do a lot of paperwork, you need a table with drawers so that those pesky pages don’t just flutter and fly out of your window! We recommend you the Alkin Office Table from WoodenStreet, which offers ample surface to place your laptop, stack your papers and keep your keyboard too.


What about the space?

Apart from the surface area, you need to bring into consideration the total space that your table would provide. If you are one of those creative geniuses who keep things messy, you’d probably need a lot of desk space to clutter it all. However, if you are a cleanliness freak, you can resort to a small desk perfect for your work requirements. WoodenStreet’s Cambrey Office Table will make this easy for you as it offers just the right amount of space for your creative juices to flow. It is neither too huge nor too tiny and is exactly what your workstation needs.


Check Out the Ergonomics

Your desk should not only be a space for your papers and PC but also for you. Your legs should have enough area to stretch and rest, while your back should have no problem in being upright for hours. Your desk should feel like your lover- comforting and motivating at the same time! You deserve to spend money on desks that would bring you joy, not a headache. It should be the desk that should adjust to your needs, and it should not be the other way round. The Boho Office Table with a lot of drawers and a cabinet will be a game-changer for you. It is so huge that you can fit your entire world in it. 

Don’t Miss Out on Beauty

While you are looking for the perfect work desk, invest in something which is also stunning to look at. Also, the fixtures, the finish, the build- all of these matters more than you think they do. If you make a rash choice and settle for what you just see, you will be stuck with a big, bad desk FOR LIFE! You should examine the drawers, edges and corners of your desk. A well-crafted desk will have no uneven, sharp edges. And, the warranty gives away the durability, life expectancy and quality of the desk. If you are looking for safe and stylish options, you may check out Nettle Office Table Cum Shelf from the house of WoodenStreet. It is a marvelous masterpiece that will take your home décor game to the next level. 

Your back is going to hate you for spending long working hours in front of your computer. If you are among those who always have backaches, an improper desk is the last thing you’d want. Come on, now is the time to buy that table and make lively your work from home experience. Life is too short to be spent working over creaky old tables! So, what are you waiting for…Christmas?

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