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IPL and Wooden Street: What We Share in Common?

Although we are on different paths, but there are 10 common things between IPL and Wooden Street that you got to know! Let’s check some listed below.

What comes to your mind when you hear IPL? Isn't it an instant mood changer? The essence of cricket has spread like a wave around the country because of the IPL. Do you know what else is in much hype and is like a hot muffin directly from the baker's kitchen? Yes, you guessed it right! It’s Wooden Street. It is a place that does not just have something for a particular age group but offers attractive home furnishings for everyone. Ranging from furniture to decor, Wooden Street has it all.
Here are the ten common grounds that we share with IPL. So, let us check them out!

Unity in Diversity

IPL is an event where players from various countries play for different teams such as Rajasthan Royals, Chennai Super Kings, and Lucknow Super-giants. They all play without any difference in race and ethnicity. Similarly, we at Wooden Street also have various product designs such as bohemian, rajwada, modern, and minimalistic. Ranging from furniture to decor, we got it all under the same roof just like diverse players in an IPL team. 

Loved by Everyone

Cricket has always been in hearts of Indians and from young to old, we all celebrate it like a festival. And IPL is that one favorite festival of all that binds us together. Likewise, in Wooden Street, we cater to all diverse likes and choices. From cribs for infants to beautiful wooden rocking chairs for the grandparents, Wooden Street has home furniture and decor for all. Sounds fun, right?

Conversation Starters

Hey, which IPL team are you supporting for the match tonight? It sounds like an excellent ice breaker and a fun way to start any conversation between two cricket lovers. But, do you know what else a great start for an engaging chat is? Oh! It's our products that are of high quality, great on looks, and added with incredible features. Now get ready to answer questions from your friends like “Where you got your sofa from?”.

Nation Wide Presence

IPL is a game that is also known as 'India ka Tyohar', and has a nationwide presence. All the regions have their teams to play in the IPL, such as Rajasthan Royals, Gujarat Titans, Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings. Do you know Wooden Street has its presence in all the major cities that have an IPL team? Well, still puzzled! Check out the above image to understand better and visit our experience stores to feel the best. 

Constant Growth

Both IPL and Wooden Street have seen massive growth in recent years. From its humble beginning until today, it has seen steady growth with its presence all around India. We have not only grown in an economical way but have won the hearts of millions of people and witnessed a growth that no one can match. Just like the IPL scores are setting benchmarks, so are our bonds with customers.  

Man of the Match

There have been various players in the IPL match, but there needs to be one person with the most outstanding performance. Virat Kolhi, Rohit Sharma, and MS Dhoni have won this title in many of the IPL matches. Are you aware that Wooden Street is also Man of the match in Furniture Industry? We too have won all-rounder titles like ArcGate Manufacturing Award 2024, Furniture Retailer of the Year 2023, Best D2C Brand of the Year 2023, and Excellence Award 2016.

Brings Fun to All

IPL is a game that engages every member of the family. From young to old, and from men to women, all indulge in the fun they receive from watching the matches. Imagine having a bowl of popcorn and a chilled glass of cold drink while watching the game. Sounds exciting, right? Similarly, at Wooden Street, we bring you furniture with attractive features and designs that will bring fun to your family. Be it multipurpose sofa cum bed or a stylish lounge chair, you will experience immense delight in all our exciting furniture range.  

A Relaxing Experience

Will you be able to watch a match with a busy schedule? Well, a person can only watch their favorite game of cricket when relaxing. Watching IPL match makes your mind stress free and engages with you. Want to know what else can comfort you? Yeah, it's a luxurious furniture unit. Our distinctive collection of lounge furniture are the best while watching matches that demand no interruption. With our plush recliners and sofa sets, watching your favorite teams playing IPL is indeed a Yes!

Glam up Talent

IPL is a place where people reach with the help of their hard work and talent. Without the knowledge and skill to play cricket, one cannot reach the momentous game of IPL. BCCI supports the growth of cricket and also encourages young talents to play for the country. Wooden Street does the same by supporting local talents and artisans around the country. This helps them to earn and also make their art reach every nook and corner of the country through our platform.

Team Building

Cricket is a game that cannot be played without team building and equal inputs of every team member. It is very important for winning any match or game. To reach the top spot of IPL point table, the team work plays a major role. Similarly, we at Wooden Street also acknowledge the input of our whole team and not just a single person. We believe that everyone in the Wooden Street family has a role in the company's growth, making us the finest furniture manufacturer in India.

Now you know that Wooden Street and IPL share things in common, it may have become easier for you to decide on buying our products. Just like the trending IPL match, you can get the trendiest and most budget-friendly furniture designs to enable the best use of your spending.

We will be back with the next blog soon. Till then, stay tuned.
Image Source: Google, Pinterest, and Wooden Street

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