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Is Living Area Almost Unused? These Changes Might Make a Difference

Is your living room feel unused? Does it look cluttered? Or it doesn’t have enough storage? Well, check out these amazing tricks to solve all your problems in style without spending much money.

The living room is the heart of your home! It’s the spot where you unwind yourselves, cherish the moments with your family and friends and creates the bond forever. Despite this, it is also a blank canvas to design your space according to your style and most importantly, in a living room we strive to create an impressive attraction in front of the guests. But, do you still think that your living area is unused and not looking picture-perfect? 

So, here are some common 6 structures of living room design and with some amazing tricks that will add the worlds of difference in aesthetics of your interiors instantly. So, crack now and don’t let your comfort and impression go for a toss!

Scenario 1- When Space is Limited in the Living room

Solution - Don’t let the cramped living room compromise your styling. You just need smart designing ways to make any space brighter and more prominent. Starting off with furniture, embrace the minimalist style in your home because minimalism is not about having less; it’s all about making room for more of what matters? But, what are the characteristic features of the minimalist style of furniture? The smooth, strong and clean silhouette lines are the epitome to maximize the available space in an elegant way. For example, you can take a look at our Berlin Fabric Sofa set available in different color finish options. 

Berlin Fabric Sofa Set (Indigo Ink)

Further, if you think that for a small living room design, it’s impossible to find a luxurious sofa that gives more seating capacities as well as change the appeal of the interiors quickly, then you are in the wrong direction. Because L-shaped sofas are the perfect card to bang on. As these modern sectional sofas will add comfort and upgrade the decorative flair to your living room to a new level.

Mckellen L Shape Right Aligned Corner Sofa Cum Bed (Irish Cream)

You can also think of a space-saving furniture unit like a sofa cum bed that will double up the space of an extra bed for a comfortable lounging experience. This not only solves your space-related problems but it is also the smart solution to level up the beauteousness of your room in seconds.

Della Sofa Cum Bed With Armrests (Honey Finish)

Once you arranged the furniture stuff, it’s time to end the note with some bold statement piece of floor furnishing accessories. It might sound absurd, but a large carpet that sits under the sofa, coffee table covers most of your living room will create the illusion of a bigger space. Shop now and feel the change instantly. 

Multicolour Vintage Nylon Carpet

Scenario 2 - Too Big or Long Living Room Space

Solution - For excellence in creating a huge impact in big living room space, try to create multiple centre of attractions. Primarily, you can start with a comfortable and luxurious sofa furniture unit while making a note that the space is not unnecessarily cluttered. For more details, check our Aldean fabric sofa set, which is the ideal match for your living room.

Aldean Fabric Sofa Set (Chestnut Brown)

Other secondary focal points can be created by style statement wall paintings, console tables and sideboards (as shown in the above picture), lighting fixtures and even the swing chair. 

The suggested products from our selection are as follows that you can shop exclusively with exciting discounts and offers.

Lamp And Lighting

Scenario 3- Lack of Storage Space in Living Room

Solution - When you want maximum storage space in the living room without occupying much floor space, walls are the best solution for you. They offer both ample storage space and a designer look to your living room without making it messy and uncluttered. Like, you can go ahead with wall-mounted shelves and even the modern corner bookshelves to manage all the organizational needs in a clever way.

Squire Wall Shelf (Walnut Finish)

Scenario 4- Poor Lighting in Living Room

Solution - The first impression lasts forever! Therefore, your living room must reflect the inviting and pleasant vibes whomsoever enters into it. For this, the conventional technique is to lit your space by evenly spreading tables and floor lamps in the room.

Lamp Lights Online in India

If you are thinking of investing more in lighting fixtures for your living room designing, you can use layering of lights that means the combination of various fixtures such as pendant lights, spotlights and wall sconces to get a brighter and mesmerizing appeal.

Scenario 5 - When the Living Room Seems Boring

Solution - Break up the monotony and make your living room a buzz center for you. If your living room is small, then go for innovative options such as wall-mounted TV units. Whereas, for a larger room, you can select the big TV units, which will also double up the space for storage as well as for flaunting your artistic pieces. 

Snapple Wall Mount Tv Unit in India

Scenario 6 - Finding Your Living Room Décor Outdated

Solution – Is your living room décor outdated? And looking out to change the design without investing much money? Then, the best solution is to focus on little designing elements. For instance, your sofa is a huge investment which you cannot change every year but yes, you can swap the accent sofa pillows of different vibrant colour options to set the remarkable appeal in your living room. Further, you can think of the minor details such as wall art, and you can add the pop of greenery to infuse natural vibes into your room. Last but not least, change the textured rug and the curtains according to the seasonal and trending updates.

Our featured products to guide you for the same are: - 

Buy Wall Decor Items Online in India

Try out these hacks now and don’t forget to mention in the comment section with pictures that - which trick has worked best in your case? For more living room design ideas, you can explore our website, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube channel. We will be back with more inspirational blogs for you. Till then, Stay Tuned and Stay Safe.

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