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A Complete Buying Guide to Choose the Perfect Mattress

The secret to a restful sleep is a comfortable mattress. Understanding this, below mentioned is a mattress buying guide for a plush accessory that will last for years coming ahead.

“People approximately spend an average of 1/3rd or more of their life on bed.”

The statement shows well enough of what vital part a mattress plays in our lives. As we all know that the secret for elevation in productivity is nothing more but good sleep over a comfortable mattress. Therefore, the bigger question is about finding a mattress that is a perfect fit for the bedding. Understanding this, here is a mattress buying guide that will help you in attaining the sleep you deserve.

The guide explores the following key points which one needs to consider before taking the step ahead:

  • The right time to replace the mattress.
  • Mattress buying tips.
  • The vivid variants of mattresses.
  • Choosing the right size of the mattress as per people count.
  • The best place to buy mattress. 

1. When to Buy a New Mattress?


2020 mattress buying guide

Below are some of the indications about when it is the high time to replace the old bedding with a new one.

When The Mattress Has Lasted for Years

The life of a mattress varies as per the material and the people sleeping on it. Consider latex and airbed mattresses which are less likely to deteriorate within a decade. Also, the daily usage of mattresses can reduce its life, while the occasional use can increase the same. With this, you should also consider the fact that a mattress should be replaced every 7 year, irrespective of the warranty period.

Indents And Sagging Ability of the Mattress

The indents over a mattress are often because of excessive weight or a position that is adapted much frequently. This causes sagging over a particular area, thus breaking the flatness of the mattress. This can cause discomfort to the person sleeping on it because of varying bedding space. Intense sagging can be a sign of replacement!

Increased Aches & Pain in the Body

If your morning starts with an “Ouch”, then it is high time you need to consider replacing the mattress. If the mattress has made you feel the pressure points and pain in your body, then your bedding is not healthy even if it is new. Consider a restful mattress that gives you a pain-free start for the day.

The Desire to Replace the Existing 

If you are done with the old model of a bed and thinking to buy a new one, then you must also consider a mattress over a bed. A mattress can bring back the plush feel, and you would surely not feel like looking over a new bed lately.

2. How to Buy a Mattress?


Here are some of the facts that you must acknowledge for buying a mattress.

  • The ideal qualities of the material that can be spotted in the market.
  • The type of sleeper you are, considering the hours of usage and body posture. 

However, you cannot rely on mattress quality completely even if it is subjective to all the basic factors. Therefore, try out having a physical visit to the store, or online furniture places that offer some days of trial. 

3. What are the Different Types of Mattresses?


mattress guide

Below are some of the attributes that you must know for the varying types of mattresses.

Latex mattress Firm for the first time • Breathable
• Adapts temperature
More than average
Memory Foam Mattresses Average • Hypo allergic material
• Posture adaptability
Apt with the span
Hybrid Mattresses Soft yet flat for the body posture • Temperature adaptability
• Posture adaptability
Less than average
Airbed Mattress Soft • Posture Adaptability
• Not prone to aches
Below average
Inner spring Firm and gets back to the position • Temperature adaptability
• Breathable
More than average

These are some of the variants that will make mattress buying easy for you. Consider the properties and life of mattress to pick the one that will last with its comfortable impact for years. With this, you should always opt for the firmness which your body allows. It is advisable for people with back pain to buy a rigid mattress like Inner springs. But, if you are looking for the comfort in mattresses, there are a lot many choices like memory foam, hybrid, etc.

4. What is the Perfect Size of Mattresses?


how to buy mattress

Twin 76” x 36” 1 person
Twin XL 78” x 36” Little siblings or 1 person above 15 years
Queen 78” x 60” 2 person
King 78” x 72” Adults (2) and a child
California King 84” x 72” Adults (2) and Children (2)

Your family will never lack in comfort, if only you have made the right choice at once. Your mattress buying guide should not just include the present perspective but future aspects too. Opt for king size mattress if you know that your family may increase soon. Or Twin XL one for the tiny tot who may grow up to be a man soon. So, buy mattresses for the present as well as the future ahead. 

5. What Matters the Most?


Below are some of the key factors to acknowledge when you are wondering about how to buy a mattress.

Support→  The mattress should be sturdy enough to handle all types of body weights. Also, make sure that it can easily accommodate additional layers of blankets and comforters with no effect over its comfort. For this, you can look forward to various thickness options of 4" inch, 5" inch, 6" inch, 8" inch and many others. 

Temperature→ The mattress should instill the body temperature and stay apt with it. So, look for those having gel-infused layer that is cool to the body. This initiates you to pick a mattress that can adapt as per the body temperature. 

Breathing Accessibility→ A mattress type also varies with the appropriate use of material to regulate the ventilation and comfort factor. So look over mattresses that have well-structured cotton layer. Organic cotton layer over a mattress enhance its ability to breathe, thus eliminating the presence of allergies. 

Pressure Relief Point→ While checking for a mattress, look for those which have transition layer right above. This layer is for providing lumbar support ensuring an aligned spine and healthy sleep every night.

Posture Adaptability→ Opt for mattresses that have a layer dedicated to posture adaptability. This makes it easy to take a nap loaded with snug and vanishes the pressure on the body. 

6. Where to Shop for a Mattress?


It can be really difficult to move from shop to shop for testing the best quality of the mattress. But, online furniture shopping can make it easy for you. Effortless purchasing policies and benefits of free trial will make it easy to take your decision for mattress buying.

Certainly, you can buy the best mattress online on Wooden Street. An extensive collection of mattresses with different material options in all sizes makes the purchasing very much efficient. With this, you also get 100 days free trial so that the money is never in vain. So, what are you waiting for? Explore the extensive range of bedroom furniture & bedding right at Wooden Street online furniture store. 

Stay tuned for more such incredible tips.

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