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Pantone Color of the Year 2023: Infuse the Essence of Viva Magenta in your Home with WoodenStreet

Each year, people choose to make their homes more authentic, lively, and stylish. Find out what the new color of the year looks like with only WoodenStreet.

The color for 2023 has been revealed...Drum rolls! Pantone announced the color of 2023, and we are going mad over it. The color's vibrancy and bold aura make everything fall into place. The color Viva Magenta - An unconventional shade that was described as brave and a new signal of strength, infuses perfectly in homes with minimal interiors and where there is a need for a bold appearance. How are you planning to welcome the color of 2023? Have you planned anything yet? If not, then you are blessed because we got your back! Read out the blog to know how you can bring a moderate splash with the Pantone color of the year to your space.

Brush the Walls of Your Home

Pantone color of year 2023

Just after Pantone announced the color for the upcoming year, the trend and obsession reached thousands of people, and we can contemplate that everyone must be looking for ideation. In this era of vibrancy, how about you use this vivacious tone as the wall color of your home? Being a vibrant shade, this can be a flawless choice for your bedroom color or anywhere in the house. The bold appearance of the paint will enhance the overall look of the house, and once done, pair it with a light-colored sofa set or a lounge chair that has different shades of magenta and believe us, you will fall in love with that look. The tone of a house always interprets a mood, and if you enjoy a joyful vibe in your space, we prefer you to choose this color. Light and dark color palettes always go hand in hand, which is why it is always an excellent option to have something like that.

Bring in the Decor Items

Pantone color 2023

Are you planning to bring the trend into your house with minimal things? What better than Decor items? Changing the whole house according to the color can be tricky as everything might not go with the walls or interior of the house; that is why it is better to start with small items such as Home Decor. The decor is an essential part of every home; it blends in easily and revamps the look, and as the color is bold, it brings in an air of grandeur and opulence. 

You can place accessories for small things like planters, dinnerware, or something that goes with the living room color combinations.

Infuse the Color in Home Furniture

best christmas decoration ideas 2022

Every coming year, the designers wait for Pantone to announce the color that would be one above all, and for this year, it's Viva Magenta. With home furnishing, you can create a statement look using furniture items that speak luxury and uplift the overall view of the space. In a room of pastel hues, this bold color will be the main character, and it will have all the attention of your family and friends. A piece such as a bean bag, armchair, or any small to large piece of furniture would be enough to create a monochromatic setup in your house. Or think about adding bean bags or ottomans that gives an irreplaceable look. 

Take Inspiration to Experiment

best christmas decoration ideas 2022

Pantone described the color of 2023 as "assertive but not aggressive," and we completely agree with that! This color brings an end to the pastel tone and is a cherry on top for sure. You  or anyone can take inspiration from this timeless classic color that goes well with anything and everything. Try to experiment with it in your home by adding stuff such as cushion covers they should not be big but enough to set the trend itself. Pair a pastel color sofa with an aesthetic sofa throw, or get a bathroom mat to see floors flaunting in magnificent magentas. 

How to Bring the Color of the year into your Home Aesthetics? 

best christmas decoration ideas 2022

In a world full of pastel hues, get something like a Viva Magenta that is electrifying and full of life. It is optional to use this particular color to transform the space, as you can choose something from the different palettes of color. With varying shades of pink, you can transform an ordinary place into an extraordinary one! Whether to paint it on walls, add it to furniture, or have something in decor essential, its sophistication and richness will never fade away. 

The decor and the entire home should evolve with time and trends, and with that in mind, we hope you have ideas to inject a Viva magenta color into your loved space. Pairing this bold color with minimal interiors will absolutely change the overall vibe of your house. So think no more and decide where to start with! 

We will be back with the next blog soon. Till then, stay tuned!

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