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Presenting WoodenStreet’s Latest Kids Bed Collection of 2021

Check out the latest kids bed collection of the year, which scores high on both beauty and functionality.

The childhood memories last for a long and it’s the parents that paint them with beautiful colors of pampering and care. A child’s bedroom holds this all precious and mesmerizing reminiscence. 

Working on the styling of a child’s bedroom can be both challenging and amusing. The children grow up in the blink of an eye, and their personal taste and style change just as quickly. May be today your child love Mickey mouse, but within a year it may transform completely into someone who couldn’t care less about fictional cartoon characters. That means your design of a child’s bedroom inspired by Mickey mouse has become the yesterday’s story! 

Then, how can you design a bedroom that doesn’t get out of fashion but grows with the child? Here we are with our latest and trendy Wooden Kids Bed collection of 2021 that is indeed classic and never goes out of style and especially brings a smile on their cute faces.

Beds for the Siblings

latest Kids Bed Collection of 2021

“I want a Bunk Bed”, is the wish of almost every kid. This bed is loved by all, whether you are buying it for siblings or for an individual. Like all bunk beds from Wooden Street's house, it comes with lots of storage to keep the room clutter-free and crafted with solid and durable materials. 

If you are those parents who are facing challenges with shared sibling bedrooms, Wooden Street brings the perfect and ideal solution to add fun and functionality with Darley Kids Bed. It is the perfect bed for your kid when a bunk bed is not your preference and the simple design would be loved by both genders. The best part about this duo of beds is that it is stackable that saves much floor space when not in use. 

Roll Out the Trundle Beds

If your children’s bedroom is short of space, here is the idea to add a trundle bed or two. It is the supreme example of a fun, style, modern design and space-saving furniture. The pull-out Trundle Bed is like a secret chamber to occupy two kids in one space and doesn’t hinder the appearance as well. These types of kids beds are trending because it provides extra bedding when needed without eating up the floor space.


Kids Trundle Beds

WoodenStreet introduces Chris Kids Trundle Bed and Nova Kids Trundle Bed with storage and many more, which are perfect for the kids who roll around while sleeping.

With natural wood grains, Nova Single Bed is good for any kind of décor, bringing elegance to the room. Upholstered headboard along with lots of storage, this bed is ideal for your kids’ bedroom. Available in different attractive finishes, get the one that matches the existing décor of the room.

If storage is not your priority, bring the creativity with Chris Kids Bed, which has a spacious, perfect option for making your little one’s more comfortable. Further, the headboard storage will act as a cherry on the top of the cake.

Kids Storage Beds

Get creative! With just a little inspiration and strategy by WoodenStreet’s kid's bed, you can design an aesthetically pleasing bedroom that also utilizes the best available space. WoodenStreet introduces Mariana Kids Bed with Storage and Blueberry Kids Bed with box storage

Kids Storage Beds

Pop up the color in your interiors through Mariana Kids Bed. It comes with box storage under the mattress, which is further segmented into two parts and ensures clutter-free look. Check out the available attractive finish options in this design. 

For the right blend of functionality and decorative look, the Blueberry kids bed from our latest collection will be the right call for you. It is spacious and comprises of box storage to keep the kid's mattress, pillow covers, bedsheets and other essentials underneath the bed. Go ahead and have a look at the gorgeous color finish options available in this unit. 

It is true indeed that a child’s surroundings can have a huge impact on their habits and lifestyle, which further influences child and adolescent sleep. Therefore, parents always need to make their kids’ bedroom fun and comfortable. Take the opinion of your kids too, while buying a new bed for them.

With Wooden Street, you can get the dream furniture for your kids that you’ve always desired, with just a few clicks, and even have it customized the way you want and see the happiness on their faces. Also, please do comment on which type of Kid’s bed you liked from our collection and looking forward to buying. 


Happy Online Shopping! 

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Ricco 20 Mar 2021 Reply
Nice article.
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