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Top 5 Essentials Things to Create a Perfect WFH Corner in Lockdown

In the wake of COVID-19, major of us are doing WFH. So, read this blog to make your 'work from home' phase as a well organised one. Happy reading to you!

Hello Folks! With another day of being quarantined in your home, we are back with this new post on turning your frustrating Friday into a fantastic one. 

So, are you among those who are facing the distractions of the doorbell in the middle of your conference call or a way more than the normal sound of your TV while you are reading something important? Well, Welcome to the club!

Yes, the club called - WORK FROM HOME!

While, we can’t actually prevent these distractions as these are a reality and quite relatable to most of us these days. But, we can actually make your quarantined WFH scenario much easier.
We know for those who used to working remotely, this is not new. But if you are facing the situation for the first time, here’s how to deal with it.

Set Up Your Work Area

Do you have a spare room at home? If yes, you can set up your WFH station there. If not, try picking your bed or some corner of the house, where you can easily block out outside interruption. So, to the former ones, you can check out the Hawkins solid wooden study table cum shelf and create your workspace as shown below. 

Featured here: Hawkins Solid Wooden Study Table Cum Shelf

And, to the later ones or couch potatoes, what about making your working mode on like this?

Featured here: Zadran Study Table

What about a Comfortable Chair?

Something comfortable to sit on is one of your key traits to productivity. Agree? And, we think that the chair like this is a surefire way to bring the comfort factor at your home office. 

Featured here: Porus Black & Brown Mesh Revolving Office Chair

Yes, you can also go with your dining chair until and unless it’s not affecting your mealtime.

Featured here: Ralph Single Study Chair

Make Sure the Lighting is Enough

Be it the table lamp or the floor ones, lighting indeed makes for a charming addition to your study room. With the lighting of your lamp casting a mellow glow in the room, your working area will gonna look much more inviting than before. Just imagine!

Featured here: Jewel Antique Glass Table Lamp

Wall Arts that Give You Pleasant Vibes

Yes, how about including the wall frames that give you pleasant vibes and inspire you to work! Till now, you have seen such wall arts in and around your office cubicles. But, now its time to include in your home office too. As, we don’t know how long this WFH journey would take!

Featured here: Peach Valentine Floater Framed Wall Art 3 (Set Of 2)

Decor Up Your Space

To get rid of the stress and bring focus, decorating your space is a way to go for! While adding the fresh flowers is not in your to-do list, you can bring those vibes with artificial ones! Check out the Camelia Peach flowers online from WoodenStreet and include such flowers to your workspace. Good-to-go idea? Actually, it is!

Featured here: Camelia Peach Flower Bunch Set of 2

So, 5 steps and your Instagram worthy home office space is ready! At last, always remember to keep things clutter-free at all times.

Till then enjoy WFH and #SayNoToCOVID-19

Do not worry, this too shall pass!

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