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30+ Trending Almirah Designs in 2024

Whether you're looking for a traditional wooden almirah design to add a touch of classic charm to your home, or a modern, minimalist piece to complement contemporary decor, we will guide you through the options.

Often filled with more items than we need, Indian households are deeply dependent on storage spaces. From clothing and accessories to books and decor, everything needs to be stored. This accumulation of possessions makes effective storage solutions both a convenience and a necessity. Among the various storage options, almirahs stand out as a mandatory element of Indian homes, offering a blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Each room in our house comes with its unique storage requirements. The bedroom might need spacious wardrobes for clothes and linens, the living room may require elegant cabinets for displaying souvenirs and storing electronics, while the kitchen demands practical cupboards for utensils and pantry items. Almirah, with their versatile designs, cater to these varied needs, ensuring that our spaces remain organized and clutter-free.

Therefore, finding the right storage cabinet to maintain an organized, free of space and cluttered-free home is very important. In recent years, an extensive variety of cabinets, and almirahs, have been introduced based on designs, materials, etc. Let us look at each of these designs individually.

Table of Contents:

1. 2024 trending Almirah Designs
2. Floor-to-Roof Almirah Designs
3. Heightened Almirah Designs with open shelves
4. Rustic Almari Designs
5. Elevated Almirah Designs
6. The Displayed Almirah Design
7. Window-centered Almari Designs
8. Almirah Designs including Bookshelf
9. Almirah Designs For Bedroom
    a. The Walk-In-Closet
    b. The Vintage Appeal Cupboards
    c. Sliding Almirah Designs
    d. Almari Design with Mirror
    e. Almirah with Dressing Table
10. Living Room Oriented Wooden Wardrobe Designs
      a. Open Top Almirah Designs
      b. Console Tables
      c. Open-front Hanging Wardrobes
11. Smaller Space Almirah Design
12. Glass Panel Almirah Design
13. Corner Fitted Cabinets
14. Kids Room- Oriented Almirah Design
15. Kitchen Almirah Design
      a. Glass Almirah for Crockery
      b. Wooden Sideboards
16. Washroom-Oriented Almirah Design
      a. Corner Washroom Cabinets
      b. Designer Shelves
17. Almirah Design in Room 2024
      a. Steel Almirah Designs
      b. Glass doors Almirah Designs
      c. Tripple Door Almari Design
      d. Built-in Mirror Almirah Designs
      e. Sliding Almirah Design
18. Different types of Almirah: Which one do you prefer?

2024 Trending Almirah Designs

Floor-to-Roof Almirah Designs

Floor-to-Roof Almirah Designs

This wardrobe is for all the shopaholics out there. These wardrobes are structured from floor to roof to offer you additional storage space. You can store all your essentials and regularly used clothes beneath while the upper cabinets can hold your woolens or blankets.

Heightened Almirah Designs with open shelves


Heightened Almirah Designs with open shelves

Who doesn’t like an extra open shelf attached to their cupboards that can hold your daily essentials? Everyone does. This wardrobe design comes with a double-door closet space and an additional open shelf for you to keep showpieces, planters, books, or even your skincare.

Rustic Almirah Designs


Rustic Almirah Designs

Some of us are fans of old and traditional textures and prefer our home interiors to have vintage elements. This almirah design features a rustic charm that makes it look vintage and brings a timeless elegance to your bedroom, living room, or any part of your modern-day home.

Elevated Almirah Designs


Elevated Almirah Designs

If your home has a lobby or any corner that has a slanted ceiling, then this almirah design is perfect for you. The purpose behind these almirah designs is to create storage spaces in areas that are not frequently utilized. These areas have a lot of potential but are, in most cases, left vacated. So, creating such cabinets will not only give you extra storage but also give that left-out lobby its charm.

The Displayed Almirah Designs


The Displayed Almirah Designs

Surely, a very popular almirah design for all our brand-conscious freaks. Usually preferred by Genz, these almirahs have become trending in recent times as they let you display all your designer clothes and statement pieces. Moreover, this almari design is considered to be more convenient as everything you need is right in front and easily accessible.

Window-centered Almari Designs


Window-centered Almari Designs

Often found in homes with compact spaces, this almirah design is a perfect example of using space efficiently. The space in front of the window usually has a seating space with cabinets all around it. Depending upon your requirements and preferences, you can transform these shelves into a library, a shoe collection store, or have cupboards with doors to store any extra stuff you have around.

Almirah Designs including Bookshelf


Almirah Designs including Bookshelf

Most people have at least one soft corner, either for books or plants. This almirah design is suitable as it lets you hold on to your favorite reads or that mini planter that you like keeping in your home. Built out of sturdy construction, these wardrobes have a minimalist design that blends well with the present modern interiors.

Almirah Designs For Bedroom


Almirah Designs For Bedroom

Post the bed, a wardrobe is the second most frequently used piece of furniture in a bedroom. In today’s time, people have gotten very particular about interiors, especially when it comes to bedrooms. If you are also planning to renovate your space, here is a list of trending almirah designs, specifically for bedrooms:

a. Walk-in Closet:


Walk-in Closet

A walk-in closet is every woman’s dream. These almirah designs are usually planned in the corner to make use of maximum space. This wardrobe design is preferred for the crowd that has an extensive clothing and accessories collection. To make this almari design look even fancier and more sophisticated, you can add a vanity table and some studio lights.

b. The Vintage Appeal Cupboards:


The Vintage Appeal Cupboards

A considerable percentage of people still prefer timeless and classic pieces of furniture to be added to their home setups. If you are among those people, a vintage-looking almirah design added to your contemporary bedroom will take you back to the bygone era as soon as you step into your bedroom.

c. Sliding Almirah Designs:


Sliding Almirah Designs

Gone are the days of typically hinged doors that are heavy and take so much strength to open. Sliding doors are so much more convenient and are proving to be an excellent choice for bedrooms. Depending on your requirements and space layout, you can incorporate two to four sliding doors.

d. Almari Design with Mirror:


Almari Design with Mirror

A wardrobe without a mirror is always incomplete. This almirah design is one of the most common designs to be found in every household. A mirror doesn’t just increase the wardrobe's visual appeal but is also a space-saving element as you don’t need to add a full-length mirror in your bedroom separately.

e. Almirah with Dressing Table:


Almirah with Dressing Table

There is no doubt that a dressing table is an important and essential element in every bedroom. An almirah design that consists of wooden cabinets or shelves alongside a dressing table with a huge full-length mirror and extra shelves is an evergreen piece that would match well with any home interior.

Living Room Oriented Wooden Wardrobe Designs


Living Room Oriented Wooden Wardrobe Designs

Our Living Rooms are surely the most muti-tasking elements in our homes. Apart from hosting all our get-togethers and various adventures, living rooms are also warriors when it comes to including storage. So how to make this versatile space more functional and utilize it to the maximum capacity? Here’s how:

a. Open Top Almirah Designs:


Open Top Almirah Designs

Contrary to wall-fixing wardrobes, these almirah designs are preferred so the open space above the cupboards can be used to store additional spaces such as luggage, extra boxes, cartons, books, etc.

b. Console Tables:


Console Tables

Usually placed adjacent to one wall in the living room, this almirah design is not only a storage unit but is widely used as a décor element. You can place your key holder, planters, and lamps on top of it and pair it with the frame to give it a minimalist and sleek look.

c. Open-front Hanging Wardrobes:


Open-front Hanging Wardrobes

Recently gaining recognition, this almirah design is considered more convenient than the rest. The best part about this wardrobe is the open shelves that make it convenient for storage. A wardrobe as such in the living room can be apt to store books, décor pieces, planters, lights, etc as per your choice.

Smaller Space Almirah Design


Smaller Space Almirah Design

If you have limited space in your compact home, it gets difficult to fit in all your furniture requirements. In such cases, you can choose a sleek almirah with dressing table. A white sanmaica is a preferred material for your almirah design as white creates the illusion of space, making a room appear larger than it is.

Glass Panel Almirah Design


Glass Panel Almirah Design

Doesn’t matter if your home interiors shout modern or traditional, a linear almirah design, primarily made out of high-quality glass is a perfect addition to your home setup. Apart from its incomparable look and feel, the glass panel almari design is also known to reflect a lot of natural sunlight into your space, enhancing your room's overall beauty.

Corner Fitted Cabinets


Corner Fitted Cabinets

In present days, home layouts aren’t very spacious. Rooms have a limited area to experiment with and to aid that, corner spaces are vastly utilized. This design not only solves the problem of storage but adds a touch of sophistication to your home. Whether you choose a glass front or a wooden almirah design, you can never go wrong with corner-fitted cabinets.

Kids Room- Oriented Almirah Design


Kids Room- Oriented Almirah Design

Kids prefer more vibrance as compared to adults who would usually go for neutral and minimalist tones. Adding a pop of color while you plan your kid's rooms will make it more exciting and lively. However, similar to colors, the wardrobe in your kid’s room is a crucial element that will decide the overall ambiance of the room.
A built-in wardrobe is the most space-saving almirah design that will incorporate all your kid’s essentials. You can customize these wardrobes as per your requirements by adding cabinets and shelves with the appropriate height needed. These shelves are perfect for storing multiple elements such as books, clothes, toys, etc.

Kitchen Almirah Design


Kitchen Almirah Design

Kitchens are surely one of the most happening areas in the house. The corner where all the delicious recipes are created deserves to have an appealing look. These days, kitchen cabinets have taken a major hit in style and trend. Let us have a look at different almirah designs that you can think of while renovating your yummy station.

a. Glass Almirah for Crockery:


Glass Almirah for Crockery

Everyone wants to flaunt their expensive crockery and china patterns and why not? A crockery unit is a mandated element in every kitchen. As per your space layout, you can select a wall-mounted almirah design or even a standing unit that is a more convenient option.

b. Wooden Sideboards:


Wooden Sideboards

A sideboard is usually a small heightened chest of drawers that is used to store crockery or additional kitchen units. These sideboards are mostly made out of wood and you can select from different textures and finishes that blend in well with the rest of your kitchen interior.

Washroom-Oriented Almirah Design


Washroom-Oriented Almirah Design

When discussing cabinet options for your washroom, there are countless number of options in materials, shapes, and sizes. To utilize the maximum amount of space, you can consider going through the following almirah designs:

a. Corner Washroom Cabinets: That corner space in your washroom that is left vacated is ideal to install cabinets and create storage space. This ensures space utilization and avoids the possibility of a cluttered washroom

b. Designer Shelves: A designer cabinet with a sleek marble countertop is exactly what you need for that luxurious washroom you have always wanted. You can pair it up with a fancy-shaped mirror with warm lights on top to add more sophistication.

Almirah Design in Room 2024

This year is all about home interiors going viral and home décor has surely become a gossiping element. Everyone is going crazy behind celebrity homes and is aiming to include the most trending designs in their homes. Let us take a walk through the trending almirah designs of the year 2024.

a. Steel Almirah Designs:


Steel Almirah Designs

Wardrobes made out of steel are evergreen pieces that will last the test of time. This almirah design is not a recent innovation as its existence can be traced back decades ago. However, due to its polished look, it is still a widely popular choice.

b. Glass doors Almirah Design:


Glass doors Almirah Design

For our fancy lads, a wardrobe that features glass doors is the epitome of luxury and sophistication. One can highlight the cupboard more by installing lights inside the cupboard to add more warmth and style.

c. Triple Door Almari Design:


Tripple Door Almari Design

Continuing to be in trend since 2022, triple-door wardrobes feature a double-door cupboard with an additional single door on one side that offers extra storage and adds a fancier element to your regular double-door cupboards.

d. Built-in Mirror Almirah Designs:


Built-in Mirror Almirah Designs

In compact spaces, multi-purpose furniture is always preferred. Usually, people prefer having a mirror attached to the door of their wardrobes as it helps them while getting ready.

e. Sliding Amirah Designs:


Sliding Amirah Designs

Considered to be very convenient are the sliding doors almirah designs. They highlight the essence of the wardrobe while maintaining the overall ambiance in check.

Different types of Almirah: Which one do you prefer?

To make it simpler for you, we have categorized different almirah designs based on their materials and compared them based on budget, storage capacity, size, durability, and ergonomics.

We will be back with the next blog soon; till then, stay tuned!

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