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10 Vastu Decorative Items for Home to Bring Positive Energy

Transform your living spaces with Vastu-approved decor, fostering positivity, abundance, and spiritual well-being.

When it is about bringing prosperity into our home, Vastu Shastra is the guiding guardian that advises us on all the harmonious living principles. These are not only related to home architecture, but also play a major role in interior design and home decor. If you are looking for some vastu items that can bring positive vibes to your home, then join us in this blog featuring 10 vastu decorative pieces, and bring balance and prosperity to your living spaces. With these vastu decor ideas, you can make your home vastu-compliant and make a harmonious arrangement in all the rooms. Without waiting much, let’s proceed to explore our list of vastu items that will bring health, wealth, and spiritual strength to your home.  

1. Painting of 7 Horses - Lucky Vastu Painting for Home

vastu decor items

Adorning your wall with vastu good luck paintings is the best idea to infuse harmony into your home. And with the famous "painting of seven horses," you can navigate the horses of success, perseverance, strength, progress, speed, peace, and prosperity in your life. It also denotes that all seven days of your week will run smoothly, certifying a continuous progression of money and financial stability. As per vastu, you should place the painting in the south, north, or east direction at eye level. However, you should not hang this in your puja room, study room, or bedroom.

2. Water Fountains 

decorative items as per vastu

Go with the flow! That’s what a water fountain denotes. While beautifying the interiors as a showpiece for home decor, a fountain brings in the flow of love, happiness, and money to your home. While it’s placed inside, it helps to attract fortune. And while it is placed in your garden or entrance, it welcomes wealth. According to vastu, the right direction to place a fountain at home is north or northeast. Here, the positive energies get along with the flow of water. It is also advised that you change the water frequently to avoid negative energy.  

3. Wind Chimes 

home decor according to vastu

Wind Chimes holds a special spot in the vastu-inspired home decor items list. With its cute chime tubes and strikers, it generates a very calming sound that helps in sweeping off the negative vibes. According to vastu, wind chimes create the perfect balance among the elements of life since they bring metal, wood, earth (air droplets), fire (sunlight), and wind together. It is advisable to place the wind chimes near the windows or balcony so that they can come into direct contact with the wind. West, north, and northwest are the ideal directions for them.  

4. Water Bowls 

urli bowl vastu

Water bowls, commonly known as Urli are one of the best decorative items as per the vastu shastra. You can keep the urli near the entrance or living area of your home by placing floating diyas or flowers above its water level. An urli filled with water helps bring abundance and prosperity to the home as it helps get rid of vastu dosh. And the ideal direction for placing the water bowls is in the northeast or southeast corner of your house. 

5. Buddha Wall Art 

home decor as per vastu

A calm and serene Buddha wall art is the ideal vastu decor item that can bring peaceful, tranquil, and enlightened vibes to your home. In both the Vastu shastra and feng shui, Buddha paintings are known to bring fortune to living spaces. The calm and composed meditating posture of Gautama Buddha brings peace and enhances the emotional well-being of everyone. The ideal directions for placing these wall arts are east, north, or north-east. It is suggested that you don’t place the paintings above a bed, as it is not ideal as per vastu.   

6. Mirror for Dining Room 

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Who says the dining room cannot be decorated according to Vastu? With the right home decorative items, you'll be singing the praises of your dining area while having meals. As per vastu, placing large mirrors in the eastern or northern walls of your dining area helps increase wealth, fortune, and health. The placement of the mirror should be done 5 to 6 feet above the floor so that it can directly reflect the dining table and make your room look airy. However, it is advisable that you always keep the mirror clean to avoid any obstructions to positive energy.  

7. Religious Idols 

showpiece according to vastu

Religious idols are one of the most common things to keep in pooja room for good luck. Without these idols, our pooja room is incomplete, and so is our home decor. As per vastu, you should keep the idols in the northeast corner of your home. Apart from the pooja room, you can also place these idols in other parts of your home, such as at the entrance of your house. Keeping a Ganesha Idol at the home entrance helps in evading financial troubles and attracts positive energies.

8. Lamp - Premium Decorative Item for Home

vastu decor for home

Decorative lamps are among the best hall decoration items, as these pieces enhance the ambiance by spreading radiance. As per vastu, proper lighting is essential as it brings abundance and growth to the home. The decorative lamps should be positioned on the north and east sides of your home, as these are the ideal directions. It is also advisable that you put the decorative lights near the door or in areas where the spot light can’t reach much. In this way, while adding an ornamental touch, you can also avoid gloominess and negative energies caused by lack of lighting.

9. Name Plates 

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According to vastu, name plates are not just a part of your outdoor wall decor; they are also an auspicious addition to your home. Just like it helps everyone locate your house, it also helps positive energy find the way to your home. If placed properly while following the vastu guidelines, a name plate can do wonders for the prosperity of your home. Ideally, a name plate is to be placed on the left side of your door, just at the half height of your door. It would also be good if you kept it lit up with some lighting elements so that its charm did not fade during the night.

10. Right Color Curtains

decorative items as per vastu

As per vastu, if you choose the right color curtains, good luck and fortune will come to your home from every direction. Ideally, light blue, green, and off-white curtains are best for the north direction. Light green, white, and yellow go well with east side windows. White and blue are the best colors for windows on the west, and dark red, green, and brown suit the south corner of your home. If you select the colors as per these vastu tips, positive energies will surely be attracted to your home.

Summing Up!

It’s time to give a complete makeover to your home with these vastu-inspired decorative items and build a fortress of positivity, guarding your home against the negative vibes. All these items are exclusively available at WoodenStreet, the best furniture store in India, so you do not have to spend your time searching. From entrance to living room, bedroom to dining room, you can uplift every part of your home with prosperity and positivity with these vastu decorative items. Without waiting much, take the initiative to infuse cosmic energies into your home and spruce up your interiors with these decorative items.

We will be back with the next blog soon, till then, stay tuned!

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