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Religious Idols

Religious Idols is the exotic and divine collection of Gods idols, that are commonly found in Indian homes. All the products are quite vibrant and colorful in appearance, though also carved in rich designs and modern arts, to make it more pleased and powerful. These Religious idols are made up of various types of premium quality materials, such as, copper, metal and resin. This allows products to be more agile and strong in appearance, so that they could remain with you for a longer period. Every idol is made with such precision that you can feel a divine connection with these heavenly deity, such as Ganesh idol, Krishna idol or Buddha idol, they unravel all the positive and religious vibes throughout your home.

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Buy Elegant & Divine Collection of Religious Idols at WoodenStreet

India is a land of majestic landscapes and vibrant cultures, which makes us a proud citizen of this country. It does not matter how successful we are or how far have we come from our diversity, but we have always kept our religious priorities on top, and that is the one element which makes us divine and renews our faith in God. People have different methods to approach god, some do with prayers and some do with Religious Idols.

Religious Idols have been in our culture for endless time and will be continued for unforeseen future. There are various models in idols, like Ganesh idol, Buddha idol, Krishna idol or God idols for pooja room available online but still not up to the satisfaction of the consumers. Therefore, WoodenStreet introduces a luxury and spiritual range of religious idols collection, consisting brass Krishna idol,

God idols for pooja room, Buddha idol online, Buddha idol for home, Hindu god statue, Buddha idol for home decor, marble god murti, which are available exclusively online at our store. These Idols are the skilled products of craftsman artisans, to instantly give a connection between idols and human beings. Yet, people often make mistakes when buying religious idols. We have accumulated some points to be taken into consideration when buying religious idols.

What things to consider when buying Religious Idols from WoodenStreet?

There are certain pointers to consider when buying Religious idols at WoodenStreet:

Position: The position matters when you are buying a religious idol online because when it arrives you could have no idea where to place the idol. Hence, decide beforehand that where you want to place the idol in your home or in your office. Also, majority of people check for the proper face of direction for feng shui purposes, Though, you are good to go, once you buy the religious idol.

Material Quality: The quality of material is as important as deciding upon the style and position of the product. At, WoodenStreet we make every idol with premium quality material, namely, aluminium, metal and Resin. Even though, check for some irregularities or disengagement in texture to identify any compromise in quality.

What types of Religious Idols to Buy at WoodenStreet?

We have vivid varieties of Religious idols in different colors, imparting positive and divine vibes throughout your room. Explore the varieties of epic idols:

Aluminium Showpiece Idols

These religious idols are made up of premium quality aluminium material to perceive a durable image of the product. Such God idols are quite unique in appearance and promotes a healthy environment. These products can be decorated in your living room or bedroom or office, wherever you want to keep them. It has rich carvings on the idol that it immediately attracts your attention.

Metal Embossed Idols

The metal embossed Hindu God idols are made from premium quality copper material to give it more worship look, so an attraction could take place between god idols and disciple. Copper contains a feature to last longer in even worse climatic conditions, hence it will be durable product once you bring it home.

Resin Idols

The resin is a material that is made from synthetic origin plant and changed into polymer, which creates a very powerful solid material. We have a collection of this resin material, which are very smooth and portrays a fusion of divinity and calmness. Maximum of the products are made into a meditating Hindu God Statue to promote a stress free vibe all over your home.

What are the advantages of buying Religious Idols at WoodenStreet?

There are some added advantages to each and every God idol for pooja room because we want to offer a uninterrupted experience for our users. Hence, these advantages are subjected to the quality of all the God idols.

Express Delivery

Associating with Woodenstreet will bless you with fast and fastest of the delivery at your step and the delivery boys will even install the furniture or home furnishing items. Due to our wide warehouse networks across the country, our promised date of delivery is true to our words.

Freedom in Selection

We promote freedom at every cost and in every aspect of life, therefore, while shopping at WoodenStreet you have full freedom in your choices over what to choose or what not to choose. Because there are endless options for you to select and try out.

Easy Maintenance

The maintenance is quite easy with these God idols onlinebecause all you have to do after buying any of the religious idol is to clean them with a damped clean cloth, so the initial shine and glossiness of the God idolremains that way.

Strong Structure

We have a team of highly learned professionals which take hours to create some exceptional designs for god murti. You can also heck the quality of the product in case you have any doubt over the quality of product. Our structure is highly tested before delivering.

Why to Buy Religious idols from WoodenStreet?

There are three reason for why anyone should buy anything ever from WoodenStreet because we believe that everyone should buy from WoodenStreet:

Premium Quality Material

The very first reason is, obviously the premium quality material that is used in every product. As we do not believe in compromise, and we have always maintained a highly durable quality of our products since the starting. So, there is no reason to not buy at WoodenStreet.

Pocket Friendly

Did we forget to mention that we have the most affordable price tags, when it comes to budget. Every rate of every product is very much pocket friendly, so that you don’t get scared away, just because the product is expensive.

Additional Offers

Along with the pocket friendly prices we provide additional offers for our users because we understand how important it is to buy the furniture for your home. This is why we offer, easy and low cost EMIs on the prices, 24 by 7 customer care support for complaints, and easy return policy.

People’s Choice - Popular Religious Idols

This is the list of products that have been on the sales streak for a whole month, so you could know that what has been popular God idol products at WoodenStreet.

Decorative Aluminium Ganesh Showpiece

Just a glance at the idol of God Ganesh will make you stress free and clear in thoughts. The decorative aluminium Ganesh showpiece has an attractive portfolio to it for portraying elegance in the style of deity. It makes an instant connection with the user. It is made of premium quality aluminium material so the product remains durable.

Resin Coloured Buddha

Lord Buddha has always been associated with the endless philosophies of life and how it could be easy, as well as full of enlightenment. This Resin Coloured Buddha is a calm structure of Lord Buddha meditating in a yoga position. You will realize that these religious idols provide a calm and still ambience to your space. The colorful Buddha is also looking very beautiful, it will look even more beautiful when placed at bright place.

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