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Vastu Furniture Tips: 5 Tips to Increase Positive Energy in Your Home

Are you looking for tips on how to arrange furniture according to Vastu compliant? Check out the blog and bring the desired energy levels to your home.

“Energy was there even at the time of nothingness.”

Everything we see around has an energy of itself, and depending on the type, the intensity of energy can differ. Vastu Shastra, the science of architecture, is followed not just in India but across the globe for years. It provides us with some best construction and decor norms, which can boost energy at the home, office, etc. Today, we will be discussing some of the best furniture placements for different areas, which will ensure your home is Vastu compliant. Take a look. 

Vastu Furniture Tips: Living Room

vastu for sofa set

One place in our home where we carry out most of the activities as a family is the living room. Also, it is the first room that your visitors see after entering the home, so ensuring a high energy level is extremely important. These tips will surely help you in creating a Vastu compliant living room:

• Sofa sets, the soul of a living room, should be east (or south) facing as the maximum sunlight we receive in our home is from east.

• The south-east direction is the best for placing your TV unit/cabinet. This will elevate the comfort level in your living space, and in the morning, you will get direct sunlight, which will keep your energy level high throughout the day.

Pro Tip: Keep your space clutter-free and well lit. You can check out the collection of cabinets and lights for the same.

Vastu Furniture Tips: Bedroom

bed position as per vastu

The correct placement of furniture has to be ensured in the bedroom to get that homely feeling. As per the Vastu for bedroom, heavy objects such as almirahs and cupboards should be placed in the South, South-West, or West direction. The safe should be placed towards the South wall and make sure that it open towards the North direction. Here are some other Vastu furniture tips for your bedroom:

• Choose wooden furniture while setting up the bedroom. Avoid furniture made of metal as it can create negative vibrations.

• The best bed position as per Vastu is south & west, so place your bed against the wall in either direction (south more preferred). While sleeping, your feet should point the north or east, as both are considered the best Vastu sleeping direction.

• The dressing table is a major requirement of every bedroom but is often misplaced. The placement of the table should be done in such a way that the mirror doesn't face your bed. Also, while setting up the almirah/wardrobe, choose South, South-West, or West direction.

Pro Tip: Ensure your bedroom is uncluttered and fully organized as a messy place can block the entrance of positive energy.

Vastu Furniture Tips: Kitchen

vastu for kitchen

An organized and spacious kitchen is perfect for making your home more energetic and elevating the healthy vibes. A disorganized and messy kitchen is the last thing you want to have as it will not only affect the existing energy levels but also block any incoming positive energy. Modular kitchen furniture is the perfect option for you, and the following are some Vastu tips for the kitchen:

• Modular cabinets and racks are perfect for making your kitchen more organized. While setting up the cabinets and storage units, ensure it doesn't block the entryway in any manner.

• The storage units should be placed on or near the southern and western walls. Avoid north and east placement.

Pro tip: Your furniture should be against your window so that the maximum sunlight can reach inside the space.

Vastu Furniture Tips: Dining Room

vastu for dining room

A place where the whole family gathers to have a comforting meal after a tiring day. The furniture should be set up in such a way that a relaxing environment can be created. Check out some of the crucial dining room Vastu tips:

• Do not place the dining table right in the middle of the room. Make sure the table is not placed under the beam.

• Rectangular and square shaped dining tables are more preferred. Also, place the table in such a way that you face east or north while having your meal.

Pro tip: Avoid placing TV units in front of your dining table, as it will create distractions while eating, and the energy of the food you are having will not be fully consumed.

Vastu Furniture Tips: Study Room

vastu for study room

Study room, a space in our home where we carry out our most productive tasks. Vastu for study room should be done in such a way that high concentration can be assured. Following are some of the most important tips you need to follow:

• The best direction for the study table as per Vastu is South or West, so while studying, your face will be towards the east/north. This will increase concentration and productivity.

• Use a good chair for sitting and avoid taking the rest of the walls or doors, as it will affect the concentration levels.

• Avoid placing the study table beneath any beam as it will also affect the concentration.

Pro tip: Make use of bookshelves and cabinets to keep your study room well organized as a cluttered room can cause distraction.

So, these are some of the most important tips through which you can make the most important spaces of your home Vastu compliant. But, there is one more space which is often left untouched and, if properly managed, can further enhance your home's energy.

Vastu Furniture Tips: House Entrance

vastu for home entrance

Setting up a Vastu compliant abode requires a lot of attention, and it is extremely important to give each corner an accurate finish. The entrance is a part of our home, which, if left untouched, can affect your home's balance. One of the best ways to invite more positive energy is by keeping your entrance organized. A wooden shoe rack near to your main door can do that job. Make sure that the furniture doesn't act as an obstacle while entering the house.

Pro Tip: Keep your entrance clean and well lit. For this, you can check out our amazing collection of hanging lights.

Following these tips will surely bring the desired energy levels to your home and amplify the existing environment. If you miss any of the products in your home, feel free to explore the wide range of furniture designs available at WoodenStreet and purchase them at super amazing discounts. We will be back with our next blog soon, until then, Stay Tuned & Stay Trendy.

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