Buying Guide07 Jun 2021

What and How People Are Buying in This Pandemic to Beautify Their Homes

The pandemic has changed the ways of shopping for the most of us. Let’s look at how and what people are shopping for in these tough times.

The pandemic has changed the way we look at everything. From travelling and shopping to work and friends; no realm of life has been left untouched by the monstrous corona virus. The pandemic has pushed us all in our homes. Walking into a store and window shopping seems like a far-fetched dream at the moment.

Now that pandemic has put a full stop to all our journeys, people have shifted to buying things for indoors. We may dream of travelling from Rajasthan to Himachal but in reality, the only trips we are taking are to the loo and kitchen. Now that, we have come to terms with living indoors, people are looking for ways to revamp their space. Let us delve deeper into the changes that pandemic has bought into their ways of shopping:

Building our Own Libraries

book shelves

Gone are those days when you can enter a library, sniff a dozen books before picking one. Now, the times are such that we have to make peace with whatever books we have in our collection. Well, don’t get bummed. You can create your own reading corner in no time. That is what the book-nerds are up to these days.

  • What to buy: Instead of just spending your bucks on books, why not invest on a stunning, affordable bookshelf to transform your space into your personalized mini library? The Juniper Book Shelf from WoodenStreet will be the best for you as it barely takes up any space while giving you enough room to display your favourite reads of all time. Decorate it with fairy lights, add in some mini planters and there you go! Your Instagram-worth reading space is ready.

Making the Best of WFH

Home Office

If you are one of those who get lazy as a sloth and doze off while working, it is time to redo your workspace. The productive souls are investing wisely on ergonomic chairs, good quality study desks and proper light setups so that they don’t get aches and lethargic while at work.

  • What to buy: A solid study desk to hold all your study/work supplies. Mira Study Table would be the perfect purchase for you. Made with premium wood, this is going to last you for really long. Its beauty is enough to lure you into sticking to your commitments. You can even buy the best-selling Tammy Office Chair to keep your posture in check. So, no more days of slouching and ice-packing an aching back!

Catching Up on Sleep

Bedsheets online

Lockdown is the time when people are slowing down, and fixing their sleep regimen. Shoppers are getting obsessed over making their bedrooms cosy.

  • What to buy: Bedsheets and more bedsheets! A good sleep demands a well-made bed with fresh linen and sheets. Why not pick up some soft, cotton fabrics like the Tree Motifs Hand Block Printed White Double Bed Sheet? Its delicate print is to die for and the cherry on the cake are its matching pillow cases.

Creating a ‘Me Time’ Corner

lounge chair online

If you have never thought of giving yourself that ‘me time’, what could be better than this? Be it your morning cuppa or a tired evening, you need this time to relax, rewind and rejuvenate.

  • What to buy: Without thinking twice, put your money on the comfortable and sturdy Joan Lounge Chair. With a lavish look and a reasonable price, it will make you fall in love with it. You can couple it up with the Orange Colour Table Lamps with Lamp Shade to relieve your mind instantly.

Redoing the Living Space

Living Room Furniture

You are not expecting any guests in the lockdown so why to even care about the living area? Well… why not? With great deals on rugs and wall hangings, it’s time to recreate your space.

  • What to buy: You got to be living under a rock if you don’t know about macramé. To make your room social-media approved, purchase the elegant Macramé Off-White Woven Wall Hanging. WoodenStreet’s Patchwork Ripple Jute Chindi Braided Round Rug paired with this woven macramé hanging would do wonders to your space. The bright colours in contrast to the serene white- *insert chef’s kiss*!

Undoubtedly, pandemic has brought with itself a whole world of drastic changes but what stays constant is our thriving efforts to give it our best shot. The shopping styles may change but picking what is best for you house should never be compromised on.

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