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What Makes a Perfect Modular Kitchen?

A lavish living atmosphere deserves a magnificent modular kitchen design as well. Know the most luxurious accessories to modularize your kitchen completely with ease and class.

A modular kitchen is both a fashion statement and a product of contemporary interior design. A modular kitchen's foundation is built on concepts of modern design and beautiful functioning. It is manufactured in a factory and assembled on the installation site. The kitchen is also very effortless to dismantle and reconstruct in a new place.

Because of its aesthetic, usefulness, and practicality, a modular kitchen is becoming increasingly popular. It includes a base unit, a tail unit, pull-overs, chimneys, cabinets, faucets, and a variety of other items.
A modular kitchen has solved all of the problems that a regular kitchen has. This kitchen's best feature is how simple it is to fix and maintain.

Know About the Components We Use for Modular Kitchen Design

1. Magnificent Material For Long-Lasting Durability

When designing a home with a modular kitchen, you must consider not only the appearance and utility of your furnishings, but also their long-term endurance.

There are numerous materials available nowadays to construct modular kitchens. There are several possibilities to explore, including metal-coated contact paper, vinyl sheets, laminates, PVC sheets, wood, ply, and plastic materials. However, you must select a material that is simple to clean, maintain, is long-lasting, and fits your budget. Invest in engineered wood or plywood as it is both affordable and durable.

2. Fancy Finish For Surface Designing

Finishes are the pieces that are permanently attached to the furniture's final structure. They are the material's final surface and are used to protect it against things like contact, moisture, frost, rust, erosion, and smears. Finishes are also utilised to provide modular kitchen interior design character, texture, colour, and originality while remaining consistent with the home’s general interior design theme.

Laminate, PU and Acrylic are some of the most advised finish options for wooden modular kitchen.

3. Heavy Handles For Soft-Pulling

Cabinet hardware should complement your kitchen's overall style while still being practical and easy to use when you're cooking. With the correct pulls or locks, you can highlight the plain cabinet in a contemporary or modular kitchen.

Glam up your modular kitchen drawers with the below-mentioned handles:

3.1 Edge-Profile: It gives an illusion of handle-less drawers and creates flawless beauty. It is ideal for people who want to give a contemporary look to their kitchen.

3.2 Gola: For individuals that don't want their pulls to stand out in the traffic flow, these pulls are a perfect alternative. They have a very slim profile.

3.3 Knobs: One of the most classic pull-out styles with thousands of design alternatives are knobs. These are very eclectic, elegant and unusual.

3.4 Regular Handles: Many people stick to a similar pattern and do not wish to experiment more. For such simpler minimal look, regular handles are perfect choice.

4. Decorative Countertops & Backsplashes For Added Luxury

The backsplash tiles in the kitchen run all the way around the work area. People, on the other hand, make the majority of their errors here. They frequently select tiles with excessively complicated designs, colours, or patterns. As a result, the modular kitchen is dimly illuminated and difficult to clean once food and detergent splatters become embedded in the tiles. As a result, choose your backsplash tiles and countertops carefully.

Granites, Quarts, Solid Surfaces and Tiles are known for their sleek texture, hardness, heat resistivity and easy maintenance property.

5. Additional Components For Easy Functioning

Add built-in modular kitchen accessories and gadgets with our technicality and customization service. The additional components that a modular kitchen must have are as follows:

5.1 Cabinets & Hardware: Cabinets & Hardware are the defining elements in the modular kitchen accessories that are very important for smooth functioning.

5.2 Sink & Faucets: Sink & Faucets are the smallest elements to add beauty and enhance the aesthetics of the kitchen.

5.3 Appliances: Hobs, Chimneys, Microwave ovens and other appliances are as well very important components of the modular kitchen.

Top Brands We Deal In

Modular kitchens have become a popular element in today's homes. Modular kitchens are seen as an equally significant aspect of the home from a designing standpoint, in addition to being efficient. The modular kitchen market in India is a combination of local and international solutions.

Wooden Street deals in top brands of modular kitchens in India like Hafele, Moda, Elica, Faber, Hettich and Kaff.

It is truly said that 'The route to one's heart passes via the stomach' and the bribes for a happy stomach are cooked in the kitchen. As a result, we intend to provide our consumers with a divine kitchen experience with an amazing modular kitchen interior.

We prioritise our clients' needs, and exceeding their expectations is our top focus. We endeavour to give the interior design ideas of a modular kitchen that our client desires a beautiful charm.

Design your own modular kitchen with Wooden Street and set a style subject in your home with durable material, finesse finish, decorative backsplashes, classy countertops and amazing aesthetics.
We will be back with our next blog very soon. Till then, stay tuned.

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