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How to Decorate Kids Room as Per Vastu?

Young age is all about growth and productivity. Implement these vastu tips in your kid’s room and boost the creativity and success of your kid.

Parent’s concern is like clock, continuously tickling. When you do every possible thing for the growth of your child, why lag behind in boosting his/her productivity by following these simple vastu tips for kids room?
Every parent wishes the best for their kids and is highly concerned about their children's conduct, overall growth, proper sleep as well as their exam results. Because of the incorrect positioning of the room and furnishings, there may be some detrimental impacts of Vaastu on children.

The more positive and higher your energy level is, the deeper and better you sleep. Vastu tips for children’s bedroom solve all of your difficulties. Understand how the children's room should be set up.

1. Study Table To Habitat Seating

Vastu tips for kids room

Making kids sit is a task in itself. That’s where an attractive kids Study table lends a helping hand. And while studying, facing north is the most beneficial; as it improves focus and leads to student performance. The north promotes concentration and maintains one’s mind healthy and pleasant. This is the most effective vastu tips for kids room as the primary motive of a kid is to study and grow.

2. Kid’s Bed For Peaceful Sleeping

Vastu tips for kids room

Kids run around the entire house whole day. For their uninterrupted growth, a good night’s sleep is must. As per vastu tips for kids bedroom, the kids bed should be towards either the south or the east for a nice and peaceful slumber. The bed should not, however, be placed in the opposite direction of the entrance. Apart from that, no mirror should be placed in front of the bed since it attracts bad energy, producing insomnia and hypertension, as well as mental confusion and loss of attention. Where the bed is fixed, there should be no beam on the ceiling.

3. Wall Mirror To Appreciate Masterpieces

Vastu tips for kids room

Mirror helps kid to reflect and admire all their masterpieces created by them. A dressing table next to the bed is lucky because it ensures that the mirror does not reflect your body while you sleep. According to vastu for kids room, the wall mirror should be set few feet above the ground. Another consideration is that no two mirrors should be positioned directly opposite to each other, since this might draw bad energy.

4. Photo Frame To Stay Connected

Vastu tips for kids room

In today’s modern world of nuclear family, it is hard to maintain all the relations even within the family. If you wish to involve your kid in your family even more, photo frames will help you best here. Photo frame should always be placed in West as per vastu tips for kids room.

It is not only considered lucky but it brings happiness in kid’s life as well.

5. Wall Colours To Cheer Up The Room

Vastu tips for kids room

Choosing a colour scheme for a room may be a fun experience, especially when it's for a child's room. Colours, according to vastu for children’s room, have energy that may have a significant impact on lives and emotions. The usage of green and blue on the walls in a child's room is advised.

Green is a cool colour that evokes feelings of freshness and tranquillity. It also assists in the development of mental capacity. It's also a really relaxing colour for the eyes. Whereas blue is mostly used for hyperactive kids.

6. Lightings For Bright Future

Vastu tips for kids room

For health reasons, Vastu for kids room says that there should be enough natural light in the room. Getting adequate sunshine helps to keep the body, mind, and spirit tranquil. Aside from that, sunshine is a source of good emotions. If there is no source of ample natural light, incorporate kids lamps and pendant lights and ceiling light in abundance.

7. Room Décor To Enhance Creativity

Vastu tips for kids room

When purchasing or creating bespoke furniture, it is important to remember that it should be constructed of wood rather than metal. Metal furniture in a child's bedroom, even as per kid’s room décor ideas, might have a harmful influence on the environment.

Objects that are deemed lucky and auspicious might be used to further beautify the area. Placing a statue of Goddess Saraswati in a child's room, according to vastu tips for kids room, improves attentiveness. A light or candle should be lit near her feet while the statue is maintained on a stand.

8. Bathroom Specifics For Independent Growth

Vastu tips for kids room

The bathroom must be in north or north-west as per vastu tips for kids bedroom. Building the bath area in the south, or even the south-east or south-west, is claimed to have a detrimental influence on the health of the kid. Also, the toilet should be built one to two feet above ground level.

The children's room is a centre of entertainment, fun, and frolic; yet, certain basic considerations should be made to ensure that your child develops into an all-rounder. The Vastu for kids room recommends that everything, including the study table, bed, bathroom, and clock, be placed in the appropriate direction, as well as the window, door, and so on. Proper item placement instils positive thinking in children's minds, motivating them to work more and making them happy.

These vastu tips for kids bedroom are easily implementable and very effective. Tell us how these tips helped you in boosting the productivity of your kid in the comment section below.

Meet you all with the next blog very soon. Till then, stay positive and healthy. ✌️✌️

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