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Things to Avoid in Bedroom to Make It Vastu Perfect

Place the furniture in line with bedroom Vastu. To do it the right way, you can check out 5+ Vastu tips for bedrooms mentioned below only for your consideration.

Vastu plays an essential role while setting up everything in a house, because every place has a deep meaning and derives some amount of energies. Bedroom vastu is another factor people search for while setting up their space, and why not? As it leads to so many pros and cons. Did you know that a wrong positioned bed can significantly impact health and create other serious issues as well? Every location has its energy, and similarly, every object has its own energy. To strike a balance between the energies of the two, a proper vastu shastra combination is required.

Bedrooms are places where you restore or regain your lost energies, and for that you need to build a harmonious vastu using these vastu tips for bedroom. Below are a few vastu tips that you should avoid while planning for a bedroom renovation or setting up a new one completely. 

1. Bedroom’s Direction in North-East


vastu tips for bedroom

The first and foremost, we will talk about is the vastu for home direction in which the bedroom must be situated in a home. Bedroom according to Vastu must never be in the North-East direction. All directions represent elements of earth, and the north east bedroom vastu is associated with a fire element. If your bedroom is located in this direction, then you are likely to have a quarrelsome relationship with your love partner and health issues too. So it will be an advantage if you act in accordance with bedroom vastu.

Tip: The main/ master bedroom should always be in the southwest area. Guest and Children’s bedroom can be in the north - west corner of the house.

2. T.V And Mirror in Front of Bed


mirror and tv direction as per vastu

Besides material, quality, and design, the furniture's location is also significant. In compliance with bed direction as per Vastu it must not be placed in front of the mirror and electronic items like T.V and mirror or vice-versa. After a chaotic and busy day, spending time in front of T.V rather than engaging in recreational or self-improvement activities will be detrimental to your health. So as per vastu tips, avoid having TV unit in the bedroom. Secondly, neglect hanging mirrors in direct line of contact with the bed as according to vastu tips for bedroom it can create disturbances and negative energy.

Tip: You can make a recreational area instead by placing some bean bags & create a place to unwind and relax.

3. Dark Coloured Furniture


vastu for bedroom furniture

Many people are not aware about this fact related to bedroom vastu but, dark colours are not helpful in constructing a pleasant look in the room in accordance to vastu for home. Apart from it, if you view dark colours from the lens of Vastu for bedroom, it is also not a good pick. Dark colours lower the energy level of the room. Such colours make the room appear gloomy and synthesize pessimism in the atmosphere. Therefore, as the vastu shastra for bedroom colours suggests, it will be best to keep the room bright by ignoring dark colours, so the room's energy remains towering.

Tip: Add light colored furniture in bedroom to bloom positivity & happiness.

4. Book Shelf in North-East


vastu tips for home

If a room's furniture is not in the direction where it ought to be, then it is obvious the type of energy that a particular object attracts will be negative. Take, for instance, the bookshelf. Try not to arrange it in the North-East direction of the room as doing so will lead to unfavorable outcomes. Locating the furniture in the right direction in agreement with the right Vastu for bedroom furniture is merit for you.

Tip: Set the bookshelf in the South-West direction as it is considered as an auspicious place for storing books.

5. Wardrobe in North-East


wardrobe direction as per vastu

A wardrobe is one of essentials and must-have in a bedroom and cannot be neglected. Placing it in the right direction as per vastu shastra can lead to a lot of benefits and at the same time placing it in the wrong direction have it’s own cons. Setting up a wardrobe in the North-East direction of the room is against the principles of the bedroom Vastu; it will be an open invitation to negativity. Associated with an element of water, a wardrobe in this direction can lead to imbalance in the flow of energy.

Tip: According to Vastu for home the wardrobe must be situated in the South-West direction as it’s favorable option to create stability in the space.  

6. Bed in Front of Entrance Door


bed direction as per vastu

When you follow vastu tips and arrange your living space according to its recommendations, it can create a profound impact on your overall sense of well-being. Your surroundings will feel more harmonious and balanced, lifting a weight off your shoulders and allowing you to feel more carefree and at ease in your daily life.

One last and most important thing to do for crediting your bedroom with positivity is by not placing the bed in front of the room entrance. It can create an obstacle in the path where energy enters through the room and lead to unbalanced and negative environment.

Tip: Putting the bed anywhere in the South-West direction, away from the room's entrance, will bring on good energies in the room.
Summing Up!

These Vastu tips for bedroom are quite impactful in rolling out agreeable outcomes. So, try out the above-mentioned Vastu Shastra for bedroom at home without a moment's deal. Also, don’t forget to mention which tip related to vastu for home you liked the most in the comment section below.


Q1. Which direction should you avoid in a bedroom?

A - As per the Vastu principles, north east bedroom vastu position should completely be avoided. It is good for prayers or puja room but not for a bedroom.

Q2. What should not be kept in bedroom?

A - Electronic devices such as T.V should not be kept in the bedroom. And if you have mirrors in your bedroom then avoid placing them in front/opposite of the bed. Both of these things creates an imbalance.

Q3. What is the best direction to face while sleeping?

A - The best direction to face while sleeping is south or east direction. Both the directions are known for bringing positive energy and health benefits in vastu shastra .

Q4. As per Vastu for bedroom, what colour walls should be avoided ?

A - Dark colors such as black, red, dark green and purple should be avoided as per vastu tips for bedroom .

Q5. What are the colour combinations for the bedroom according to Vastu for energy?

A - Light color combinations for the bedroom and single color such as white is known as one of the best choice for bedrooms as it comes with no negativity. You can also pair light shades such as pink and yellow.

We will be back with the next blog soon; till then, stay tuned!

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