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All You Need to Know About the Right Dining Table Size and Shape for Your Home

Check out and compare the variety of dining table shapes and select the perfect one for your space with our guide on Right Dining Table Size.

A dining table provides the platform for your delightful delicacies and uncountable chit-chats. It is the spot that brings the family together. To ensure that it fits your space seamlessly, it is essential that you have a complete idea of the dining table specifications. If you are not sure about the right dining table dimension for your home, we will help you out with this detailed guide. Whether you are looking for a 4 seater dining table size or 6 seater dining table size, this blog will help you choose the perfect dining table shape with the right dimension. Without waiting much, let’s begin the journey to find the right dining table size and shape for your home.  

Things to Consider While Choosing the Right Dining Table Size 

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1. Analyse Your Dining Area

Before you buy dining table, examine the shape of your dining room, the position of windows, and the movement area. Make a rough sketch of the floor layout and placement of other furniture kept in the dining room. This will give you a complete idea of the vacant space available for the dining table.

2. Measure The Vacant Space 

After having a rough idea of the vacant space, you are required to take the measurements with the help of an inch tape. It is also essential that you consider the clearance area so that it will allow adequate movement around the dining table. Ideally, you should keep at least 36 inches of space around the whole table to easily push the chairs in and out. This will help you select the right dining table size.

3. Assess Total Seated Capacity

It is also essential to know how many people you want to accommodate at a dining table. On the basis of seating capacity, dining table specifications are determined. Therefore, having an idea about the maximum seating capacity will help you select the right size. If you are living as a couple, go with a 2 seater dining table. If you have a small family, you should select a 4 seater dining table size. And if you live in a joint family, then the 6 seater dining table size will be best, or you can also go with an 8 seater option. It is suggested that you always go for a dining table size with more seating capacity, as you never know when guests may arrive!

These tips will help you select the right dining table size for your home. Following them will make your space look neither congested nor vacant. Since you now have a clear idea of the ideal size and dining table specifications, let’s move forward to the ideal dining table shape for your dining fiestas.  

Picking Your Right Dining Table Shape 

Rectangular Dining Table for Linear Elegance 

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6 seater dining table size

A rectangular dining table is commonly found among most households, all thanks to its space savvy design and higher accommodation capacity. There are many seater options in which you can find a rectangular dining table, like 4 seater, 6 seater and 8 seater. If you have plenty of space in your dining area to accommodate a larger number of people, then this is the right dining table size for you. When it comes to the best rectangular dining table at affordable prices, WoodenStreet has a huge collection on its website where you will find some attractive dining table designs.

Sleek and Sophisticated Oval Dining Table 

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length dining table

Oval Dining Tables are a fruitful combination of rectangular and round dining tables that offer wider dining space along with a safe, edge-less design. If you live in a joint family with children and the elderly, then this dining table shape will be best for you. Overall, a modern appeal is exuded by these dining tables, which can add a sophisticated look to your dining area. You can find these safe and practical oval dining tables at WoodenStreet with other dining accessories like kitchen cabinets, benches, and dining chairs.

Perfect Symmetry of a Square Dining Table

dining table measurements

table dining dimensions

If you are facing a space crunch and think that a dining table will not fit in, then ward off your worries with a square dining table. With their equal dimensions on all sides, these tables offer ample dining space while fitting seamlessly into compact spaces. This space-efficient dining table size can accommodate up to 8 people without taking up much space in your dining area. There is a wide variety of square dining tables in WoodenStreet’s kitchen furniture range that you can explore on their website.

Round Dining Table for A Circular Serenity 

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table dining size

If you are in search of a beyond ordinary dining table for your home, then look at these circular symphonies. The round dining table size sits comfortably even in the small dining areas while elevating the overall ambience with its sleek design. To shower you with more benefits, these tables are perfectly safe for children and pets, as the sharp edges do not pose any threat of injury. You can bring in the vibes of high-end restaurants and cafes by bringing a round dining table from WoodenStreet to your home.


By now, you may have a complete idea about the ideal dining table size for your home. Ultimately, choosing between a rectangular, oval, square, or round dining table is completely up to your own design and spatial preference. Whether you need a grand appearance or a minimalistic appeal, you can have everything with the right dining table specifications that suit your dining room layout.   

You can explore a wide range of dining tables online at WoodenStreet, your go-to furniture store. Be it any shape or seating option, you will find every dining table size at an affordable price in our extensive collection. You can also explore and experience different designs at your nearest WoodenStreet furniture store.

We hope that the above tips will help you select the right dining table size for your home and the perfect dining table shape as per your design requirements. If yes, feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

We will be back with the next blog soon, till then, stay tuned!


1. What factors should I consider while selecting the right dining table size for my home?

You can consider the available space, the dimensions of your room, and the total seating requirements. It is also essential that you spare adequate space for chairs to be pulled out and room for movement around the table.

2. How can I measure the space in my dining area to ensure I buy the right dining table size?

You can measure the space in your dining area by using a measuring tape. It is suggested that you leave 36 inches of clearance area on every side to get the right dining table size.

3. What are the advantages of a rectangular dining table over other shapes?

Rectangular dining tables can accommodate more people with their space-efficient design; they also offer proper dining space for every individual on their spacious top, unlike other dining table shapes.

4. What are the dimensions of a 6 seater dining table size?

A 6 seater dining table comes with the dimension of 6′ Length x 2’6″ Width (183 x 76cm)

5. How can I select a dining table that complements my home decor?

You should study the overall decor theme of your dining area, and on the basis of that, you should select a contemporary, modern, or traditional design and shape.

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