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Look Book: Allow Your Living Room to go Wow with Trendy Color Schemes

Do you want your living room color palette to resemble your aura? Here are 5 best color combinations for your living room that can speak volumes about you.

Do you think it’s time to redecorate your living room? If yes, a new color scheme might be just the thing to change the area instantly. While neutral room plans might give a blank canvas, there's something to be said for adding a pop of color. Different colors may have a relaxing or uplifting impact, but your choice of decor can represent your personality the best. Changing the tone palette is a two colour combination for living room idea to entirely modify the ambience, whether you add color to the walls for a dramatic style overhaul or add accent colors through accessories. Colors have a significant impact on how we feel in our surroundings, and nowhere is this is as true as in our own houses. A fresh color scheme might be all it takes to breathe new life into a drab living space.

Allow these 5 color palette ideas to guide you on your decorating adventure that can instantly spruce your living room color palate.

Neutrals for Subtle Luxury

Living Room Color Combination Ideas

Neutrals are a very soothing color palette that can work with many textures. Wouldn't you want a relaxing interior after a stressful day at work? Who wouldn't want to go with a subtle yet luxurious calming living room color palette? Neutral tones in the living room are very soothing. They are classy yet trendy and appeals the viewer. Such drawing room wall color combination match all home interiors, such as, vintage, modern, and semi-modern theme homes. The soothing palette of whites, cream, and brown, with a warm and comfortable living room decor, is all that a person would want. Right? To achieve a simple living, neutrals are best living room color combinations for your taste. Since it is said that simplicity is the key to achieve beauty, indulge neutral tones in your living room.

Blues for Placidity

Living Room Color Combination Ideas

Wish to add a touch of royalty to the luxury of your living room while also making it look cool and relaxing? A royal touch of color to your minimalistic home can be appealing. Blues are for royals, that offer a soothing effect on people living with them. Blue and its shades are all that you'd want. Try adding deeper and darker tones of blues to your living room color combination and indulge in beautiful golden statements home decor pieces, such as a statement mirror, and a beautiful center table or two. All this can help make your living room look no less than a palace. Blue color has a very tranquilized effect on your mind that soothes you and makes your mind stressed-free. Modern two-color combination for living room with tones of blue, you achieve peace and royalty simultaneously.

Earthy tones for that Much- Needed Warmth

Living Room Color Combination Ideas

Are you someone who deeply connects with nature? Does your mind resemble the raw character of mother nature? Well, the earthy tones are for you! They have a sense of warmth in them and offer a relax feeling. Earthy tones are simple yet elegant, blending the beauty of nature and helping you connect to the soil better. They are soft and subdued hues that have a versatile personality. Although this tone is best colour combination for living room that is inspired by the outdoors, such color combinations have the quality to make the interiors more welcoming. Blend eco-friendly decor items like jute planters with natural dried plants next to a beautiful rustic sofa set. An asymmetric rug and a comfy pouffe would be perfect for playing with. Top it off with a simple chandelier to double the look.

Radiant Shades for Vibrancy

Living Room Color Combination Ideas

Having radiant shades in the living room color combination can give you incredible vibrancy. Radiant colors and shades have a very positive effect on the mind. From making you energetic to keeping you always happy. Radiant shades have it all. Are you a person that has a jolly nature? If yes, impersonate your personality in your living room decor. Being happy, energetic, and emitting that to others is what you can always do with the radiant looks of your living room. Having light-textured walls with a statement sofa of deep tone, colorful wall art, and plants can be a perfect choice for you. A radiant and modern two color combination for living room can look very eclectic and have an eye-catchy effect. Why settle for boring interiors when you can go glamorous?

Striking Tones for Ethnic Touch

Living Room Color Combination Ideas

Are you a person of culture and love to stick to your roots? Why not embrace culture and modernity at the same time? Well, you can achieve modernity with a touch of tradition easily. In a modern hi-tech city, have your cocoon of traditional interiors, with a splash of warm colors that are welcoming. Add the beauty of conventional textures that can play up with the elegance of your traditional living room color palette. Intricate hanging candle holders, beautiful frames, and carved vases can be very beneficial to uplift the look. You can always engage with colors when adding ethnic looks. Colorful embroidered cushions, rugs and carpets in striking tones can do the job perfectly.

Now that you have a clear picture of turning your home interiors into the look of your choice, and how it emits the aura of your personality. Then, without wasting a minute, start shopping for the beautiful decor mentioned above. These are the various color decor ideas that you can choose to spruce up your living room color combination and add that sense of Warmth and classiness to your living room interiors.

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