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9 Ideas for Festive Vibes | Navratri 2020 Home Makeover

This Blog captures the Classic 9 Home Decor Ideas for Navaratri 2020 Occasion in this lockdown.

Bright lights, decorated living rooms, glittering rice lamps and flashy balconies are some of the things that make our hearts gush over festive seasons.
Are you looking for those last-minute #festive-vibes-home-decor ideas to make Navaratri, a blissful 2020 occasion? You will surely find some great, budget-concerned decor ideas listed below.

The buzz of Diwali celebration abounds the month of October and November, where people look for the best home decor ideas to amplify the ambience. According to the metro cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Chandigarh or Kolkata, people tend not to choose garish colors but go for minimal colors.

They want their space to look elegant and create modern brilliance.

1.) Boho Console Table - Unconventional Yet Sophisticated Piece of Art

Navratri 2020 Home Makeover

Coming up with the concept of a Boho Console Table in your living room will transform your space by involving an aesthetic texture to it.

Declutter things that are taking up major space in your area and place this narrowed, two-legged table to add that missing glam. Adorn it by placing small pots of home plants, an antique and a photo-frame on this Console Table.

2.) Hamlet Sideboard - Quirky Storage Hack

Home Decor Ideas for Navaratri 2020

Made with premium quality Sheesham wood, this Hamlet Sideboard can be a source of storage for your living area. As it depicts the look of 18th-century living rooms, try to embellish it with vases, antiques and art pieces.

To create a modern effect, combine it by placing a Table Lamp on one of its sides to glow up the entire room.
Also check Camrey Mini Sideboard and Jewel Antique Glass Table Lamp

3.) Tv Cabinets - A Royal Addition cum Mini-Storage

Low budget decor ideas for Navratri

If you’re thinking to bring a major change in your living room this Navaratri, then bring home the Medora Tv Unit and place in front of the sofa-set for comfy long hours of binge-watching.

Most people like to keep it placed in the corner of the room near the book-shelves.

It has cupboards and shelves in it, entirely made up of Sheesham wood.

Sit back on your armchair and relax watching your favorite shows at home, because this Navaratri, we’re staying inside.

4.) Ascot Microwave Stand & Kansis Kitchen Trolley - An Example of a Status Symbol

Navratri decoration Ideas

Considering it an occasion, you’d want to celebrate it with your closed ones, inviting guests to dinner would add the magic of love.

Shuffle up your kitchen area and save yourself from the chaos of running back and forth in the kitchen for silverware and cutlery items.

Now store your dish-wares in the Kansis Kitchen Trolley, placing it in the dining room. It will create a hassle-free environment, where you can spend most of your time chit-chatting rather than roaming about the kitchen.

To take it a notch high, get Ascot Microwave Stand, made from 100% Solid wood to make your kitchen area look fancy and upgraded. It has two Sheesham wood tops to hold small jars or bottles.

5.) Ventus Beige Wooden Cluster Hanging Lamp & Boho Wooden Swing Chair - Festival Necessities

Top Navratri decoration Ideas

What will happen if your guests ask you to move your party from the Living room to your Terrace Garden?? 

This Navaratri, bring the touch of 2020 house-party feels by articulating your terrace with a hammock/swing chair and adding hanging lamps.

Twinkling and glittering of these lamps, high-base soundtracks and this trendy-boho-look swing chair will accessorize your ‘terrace-meets’ on this occasion.

6.) Fauna Ottoman & Adire Lounge Chairs - For Comfortable & Soothing Evenings

Creative Navratri Decoration Ideas For Home

If you want to create a luxurious life effect but you do not have a spacious living room, you can still strike a balance between both.
You may like to have a low-lying Adire Lounge Chairs, facing to the Fauna Ottoman using the area near windows. As lounge chairs usually take up less space, you can still keep the couch near them.
Ottoman eases the way out of a person who likes to read and it matches with his mood. It is built with Sheesham wood and comes into colorful fabrics.

7.) Adoree Arm Chair - Create an Exotic Seating Environment

Navratri Decoration Ideas For Home

Want to take a break from all the 2020 mishappenings and enjoy this festival? Then renovate your tv-room and get yourself an Adoree Arm Chair to enjoy the outer view from your living room windows or to relax watching Tv. 

To create a cozy look and good vibes, place an artificial plant near your armchair to rest it out with few sips of coffee and a good book.
Also, check- Artificial Bonsai Bamboo Plant with Ceramic Pot

8.) Marie Metal Mirror with Frame - For That Perfect Living Room Wallls

Navratri Decoration Ideas for 2020

Festival is closely related to lights and so as its reflection on the walls of your home. Create a unique effect by placing this Marie Metal Mirror with frame as a helpful accessory in your living room.

Rekindle the festive vibes in this lockdown by getting in Wooden Cluster Hanging Lamps and place it in such a way that compliments your wall mirror.
(silver finish)
Also, check- Drape Metal Mirror with Frame

9.) Vesta Coffee Table - Bring Modern Italian Touch With Low Seating

Navratri Decoration Ideas for Homes

Who says that your living room has to have a sofa-set? In case of a tight space, try majoring the area with Vesta Coffee Table, that can be kept either opposite the fireplace or near to the room windows. It is built with Sheesham wood and has four pouffes.

Using a coffee table in your living room will not only hold the elegancy of your space but also give out the cozy vibes.

The four pouffes coming with the coffee table are upholstered in a beautiful floral fabric, that will substitute the need for a couch.

Given this lockdown, celebrate this Diwali season with your friends in your living room, sharing a cuppa coffee and ensuring their safety.

Who said that you supposed to have a huge living room to give it a luxe look??

Modern interiors are all about creating magic with less space by enhancing it with your hand-picked decor items. Transform your space into something that you can say you own it. Be it aesthetic, modern, mid-century, coral or beachy look, elevate your home into an imaginative and compelling environment that reflects and speaks about its people.

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