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Top 8 latest Dressing Table Designs That You Must Know Of

Do you wish to have a dream dressing table design that’s all yours? Explore and shop for, which matches the style of yours and your bedroom interiors.

Sylvia Plath, in her epic poem” Mirror”, says


I am silver and exact. I have no preconceptions.

Whatever I see, I swallow immediately

Just as it is, unmisted by love or dislike.

I am not cruel, only truthful! 


Starting with this, mirrors play an integral role in our daily lives. From the moment we get up in the morning to when we dress up for a day or for that small fraction of time, we almost always seek for a mirror to take a look at ourselves. But this is not the only reason; a dressing table with a mirror is used as a decorator’s secret weapon and even more functional. It’s an awesome addition to create visual illusions of space and as reflectors to allow more lights to uplift the sullen interiors of drab homes. They instantly become the focal attraction of any bedroom and add drama to your style. 

In case you are wondering what type of dressing table design will work right for you. Here, we are with our favorite and top 10 eclectic and creative designs of dressing tables. Have a look: - 


1. Minimalist Look Dressing Table

Dressing Table Designs

Having a minimalist makeup collection? Then, this type of dressing table design will be the right fit for you. It takes up less floor space and gives your bedroom a unique style in its own way. Bring this type of dressing table and make an unsung hero of your elegant room. 

2. Full Length Mirrors Dressing Table Design

Full length Merror Dressing Table

Are you one of the woman who takes more time to groom yourself or like standing in front of the mirror to compliment your own beauty? Then this set of dressing table design is a good option to choose. This gives quite ample space to get ready as well as to stow all your cosmetics and self-care products. 

3. Dressing Table With Spacious Storage

The unit that holds all your cosmetic and makeup products and keeps it in an organized format. What else you want? These types of dressing table designs come with ample storage in the form of cabinets, shelves and racks to accommodate and showcase them proudly. And they are the popular choice for most of the bedrooms. 

4. Feel of Royalty Dressing Table Design

Dressing Table Designs

Beautiful carvings, elegant design inspired from the old century and the curvy arcs on the mirror; everything is sophisticated here but together, it brings a regal and luxurious appeal to your bedroom. If you are a fan of this look, then make a change by welcoming these graceful dressing table designs. 

5. Vibrant Appeal Dressing Table Design

latest Dressing Table Designs

The bohemian style of home decor is surely trending all the seasons. Add this vibrant colors and textures of dressing table design to bring flair to your room with your grooming process. It is unique, beautiful and has the perfect audacity to enhance the look of your bedroom interiors. 

6. Wall Mounted Dressing Table Design

Dressing Table Designs

Running out of your bedroom space? Don’t you have a proper space for placing your favorite dressing unit? Then don’t panic; bring wall mounted dressing table designs, which will satisfy your needs and saves the floor space. 

7. Industrial Style Dressing Table Design

Dressing Table Designs

The blend of two or more beautiful materials of dressing table design showcases industrial style. If you admire rustic exposed finishes and structural elements that give unique industrial look, then this design is the right call for you. They may not look fancy but gives an inviting appearance to your interiors. So, go ahead and brings rustic charm now! 

8. Storage Rich Dressing Tables With Stools

Dressing Table Designs

This design allows a manager in the form of rich storage to organize all your cosmetic and grooming products, so you can find everything at ease. Also, it comes up with a handy “stool “as the “cherry on the cake”. Knowing the needs of every woman, one can sit and get ready without any hassles. 


We hope that you liked our latest and best dressing table designs. Which one of these has stolen your heart right away? Tell us and share your ideas and pictures in the comment section.


Goodbye! See you soon!

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