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Top 10 Dressing Table Designs That You Must Know Of

  • 2018/01/23
  • 1856
Top 10 Dressing Table Designs That You Must Know Of

Sylvia Plath, in her epic poem Mirror says-

I am silver and exact. I have no preconceptions.
Whatever I see I swallow immediately
Just as it is, unmisted by love or dislike.
I am not cruel, only truthful….

She correctly describes mirrors as unbiased projectors of what they see. Mirrors are such an integral part of our daily schedule. Every day, when we dress for our day to come, putting our warrior face on, for that small fraction of time, our lives revolve around the mirror or our dressing units. These help you to look sharp everyday by truthfully letting you know how the ensemble that you’ve picked for yourself, actually looks on you, out of your imagination. But this is not the only reason why we use mirrors in our homes. Interior decorators have long since used mirrors to beautifully create visual illusions of more space and as reflectors to allow more lights to uplift the sullen interiors of drab homes. They instantly become the focal center of any room and so need to express the same themes as your room, the same emotions as of your decoration. You need to be aware of the best-fit mirror for your interiors. We bring you the top 10 eclectic and creative designs of dressing tables to use in your interiors.

1. Flat Mirrors:

Flat mirrors make for dual-purpose uses. Apart from helping you to dress up, they help you to decorate your home. You don’t need a separate designated space to house your dressing unit. Hang them wherever you think the wall is lacking something and voila! renewed interiors.



2. Flat Mirrors with minimal Storage.

Long Flat mirrors that occupy no space at all can be hung over the wall conveniently, and if you don’t use a vast array of cosmetics then these are the best fit for you.



3. Dressing Table with Only Storage

There are dressing tables that provide you with ample storage on the side to accommodate all your grooming products and make up products and showcase them proudly. They have the option of open cabinets or drawers, and certain creativity rich designs possess both, merging the best of both worlds.



4. Storage Rich Dressing Tables with Stools

The dressing tables that are rich in storage can be used to store all your cosmetics and grooming products at one place. Storage in the back, drawers below the frame of the mirror, and a stool with additional storage box under the seat, help with this efficiently.



5. Folding mirrors

There are dressing tables that cater to your comfort and allow you to go into the phase of Friday Night, do your hair and put your make up on by sitting in a designated space. What makes these units different is that they allow you a look of your hair up dos without much hassle. Isn’t that sweet and convenient?



6. Wall Mounted Dressing Tables

There are those simpler designs that allow breathing space to your creativity. They have a mirror that hangs on the wall and a chest of drawers to hold all your cosmetics and grooming products in an easy-to-label fashion. You can buy a tall stool that lets you get ready with convenience.



7. Classic Fold-Out Table

These tables are structured such that their mirrors can be closed shut. They possess drawers for storage and can be used as study tables or console tables when shut closed. Multi-utility in a single product.



8. Wardrobe Dressing Tables

There are dressing tables attached to the side of a beautiful wardrobe where their functionalities intermingle, depending upon your choice. You can even spare a shelf to store your books or put some decorations if you want to amp up the décor.



9. Dressing table that matches your wardrobe

For a more royal look in a spacious interior, you can invest in a dressing table design that matches with your wardrobe. The carving and the basic design of the dressing unit becomes the binding thread of your interior.



10. Vanity Dressing Table

For Divas out there, these tables are the perfect platform to get dressed up. They come with lights to let you see even the most unnoticed parts of your features properly. When it comes to prepping up, no dressing table is their equal.


We do hope you liked our display of perfect mirrors for your interiors that can reply to the age-old rhyme,

Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?

Hope you can choose one dressing unit for yourself. Let us know what you think of this. Do share pictures and your brilliant ideas.

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