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King Size Bed Vs Queen Size Bed - Choose the Perfect Fit for Your Bedroom

Are you unsure about what size bed will work best in your bedroom? Here we are with a complete informational blog on the King Vs Queen Size Bed - Choose the Perfect Dimensions of Bed for Your Bedroom.

When it comes to selecting the ideal bed for your bedroom, size matters. But king size or queen size: Which rules your sleep kingdom? As there is no place for compromise when it comes to comfort in sleep.

We'll examine the main differences between king size and queen size bed types in this blog, including factors like size, sleeping capacity, mattress dimensions, cost, and popularity. So let's resolve the argument between king vs queen size beds, as we are here to guide you in selecting the one that is a perfect fit for you.

Why to Choose a King Size Bed?


King Size Bed Dimension

They say good things come in small packages, but great sleep comes in a king size bed. Whenever someone is confused between which bed to choose the king size bed wins the battle. For couple who shares a bed with their children or pet, king size bed comfort is the one they need. Because everyone prefers their own space to cuddle up or to spread out, the choice is yours.

While choosing the king size bed, do analyse the space in the room, as you must leave enough space around the bed to walk freely there. The room and bed dimensions are always considered when you are buying furniture, as no one wants a room to be overwhelmed with a large size bed. So, make a room for king size bed because more space means more snooze.

Here, buying wooden King Size Beds adds flair to your bedroom decor with functional features like storage drawers, hydraulic storage boxes, and stylish headboards.

Distinctive Features in King Size Beds by Wooden Street

Queen Size Bed Dimension

Why to Choose a Queen Size Bed?


Queen Size Bed Dimension

What sounds perfect? A bed that is the perfect throne of relaxation—a Queen-Size Bed. It is a luxurious piece of furniture for those who live in small bedrooms or apartments. These beds online are ideal for two people and offer enough room for each person to sleep comfortably. Despite having less breadth than a king-size bed, a queen-size bed with storage is still big enough for two adults to sleep on, even if they toss and turn.

Upgrading to a queen sized bed can improve sleep quality, as it is more compact and space-efficient than a full-size bed dimensions. It might also be a good option for those who prefer to sleep alone with plenty of space and privacy.

Here are some features that will make you invest in a queen size bed that provides all the functionality that a person wants in their ideal bed.

Distinctive Features in Queen Size Beds by Wooden Street

Queen Size Bed Dimension

#In a Nutshell

Combining Everything into a Single Chart for Your Ease!

Certain factors and bed dimensions need to be kept in mind when you buy bed online. Here is a list of a few factors that will help streamline your search and make decision-making faster.

King Size Bed width

King Bed Vs Queen Bed Advantages and Disadvantages


1. King Size Bed


King Size Bed width


  • It provides ample space to stretch and move
  • The bed measurements offer more leg space and freedom of movement
  • It is perfect for couple and a child or a pet to have their sufficient space
  • King size bed with storage space to keep your stuff in



  • The bed is quite heavy and takes up lot of space
  • It tends to be slightly more expensive than Queen size bed
  • It is difficult to move or transport due to heavy weight and large dimensions
  • It is not suitable for small bedrooms and apartments

2. Queen Size Bed


Queen Size bed width


  • The bed is budget friendly option as compared to king size bed
  • Its measurements are ideal fit for smaller rooms and apartments
  • Easy to move and transport form one place to another
  • Sufficient for two people to move



  • Not enough leg space for taller people
  • Limited floor space for other furniture or activities
  • It is not enough for couple who shares bed with child or pet
  • Queen size bed with storage space is less as compared to king size bed

Standard Bed Dimension in India

Some standard Bed sizes that are commonly available in India are:


King Size Bed width

How to Choose the Right Size of Bed for Yourself?


How to Choose the Right Size of Bed

  1. Room Size - If you have a smaller bedroom, a queen size bed is ideal, but if you have a bedroom with lots of space, go for the king size.

  2. Comfort and Movability—Although king size beds may be more comfortable for certain people and allow couples to spread out more, they are quite heavy and require a large bedroom. But queen size beds are easy to move in and out, providing sufficient comfort for two people to sleep on

  3. Storage Option - King beds dimensions generally have a larger surface area compared to queen size beds, providing more space underneath for storage options such as under-bed drawers or storage bins. While queen bed size dimensions have less surface area than King beds, they can still accommodate storage options efficiently.

  4. Personal Preferences—If you are a space enthusiast with a tall height seeking a luxury bed, you should opt for a king size bed. But if you prefer a cozy environment with a comfortable sleep experience and without breaking the bank, go for buying a queen-size bed.

  5. Budget—A king-size bed comes with high price tags. Also, when buy bed furnishing products such as sheets and comforters is more expensive than a queen-size bed.So, maintenance of the king and queen size beds should also be considered when making a purchase within your budget.


Cuddle up or spread out on your bed—the choice is yours. Ultimately, choosing between a king and queen size bed online comes down to personal preference and what will provide the best sleep experience for you. Think about your sleeping habits. If you enjoy more sleeping areas, buy king size bed online might be the ideal choice. For individuals or couples who prefer a cozy and snug sleeping space, a queen-sized bed may be a better fit.

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