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Vastu Shastra For Home - Important Vastu Tips For New Home 2023

Discover this blog post if you plan on buying a new home in the year 2023 and want to know the top ten new Vastu Shastra tips for your new home.

Vastu Shastra, or Home Vastu as it is more commonly known, is a science that dates back over five centuries. Vastu Shastra for home provides Vastu tips for good health and energy. These Vastu Shastra tips for homes are typically thought to bring homeowners serenity and success.

Vastu Shastra Tips for New Home / Vastu for Home


Vastu Shastra for homes is a complete set of tips for newly constructed homes and land. These contain guidelines on where to build doors, bedrooms, and other structures, as well as Vastu Shastra color. Directions play a significant function in Vastu tips for homes. The correct kind of energy is critical to the home's and its members' well-being. As a result, these suggestions will offer balance and positivity to your family. But what if you buy a home, say, a ready-to-move-in flat, where construction changes are impossible? These Vastu tips for homes can be adopted without requiring large changes to the layout.

1. Vastu Tips For New Home Entrance


home vastu shastra 2023

Home Vastu is the ancient Indian system of architecture that focuses on the alignment of objects and spaces to promote positive energy. When designing your home, it's important to follow the important principles of house vastu to ensure a harmonious and positive environment. One of the most important aspects of Vastu Shastra for home entrance. Ensure that the entrance-way is aligned with the stars and planets to ensure a smooth and positive transition into your home. Also, ensure that the vastu for home entrance-way is large enough to allow guests to walk comfortably and smoothly. Finally, ensure the entrance-way is well-lit and decorated to create a welcoming and calming atmosphere. By following these vastu tips for home, you'll be able to create a home that is both beautiful and energizing, perfect for creating a comfortable and healthy environment.

2. Home Vastu Tips For Living Room


vastu shastra for home

Human, being a social being, never ignores the presence of a vastu for living room to entertain family and guests in a new home. However, did you know that home vastu suggests directions even for a living room? Let's take a look.

It's best according to vastu for living room to face the north, east, or north-east. It attracts good health and success. For someone who doesn't prefer get-togethers, let this room face the north-west. Since this direction represents 'air,' the guests feel uncomfortable soon and feel like leaving.

Adding a slope to the floor and ceiling of the living room is a good idea. It draws positive energies to the place. Looking for a spot to fix the TV in this room? Go for the South-west. Thank us later for saving your frequent repair costs and for great vastu tips.

3. Vastu Tips New Home - Vastu For Kitchen


vastu tips for home - kitchen

The kitchen is an essential part of any Indian household, providing us with energy throughout the day. Every single appliance in your kitchen is important, and if it is placed according to home vastu, it can ensure that positivity prevails.

According to Vastu Shastra for home, the elements of earth, sky, air, fire, and water must be in balance in order for your kitchen to be filled with positive energy. Change or modify certain areas of your kitchen as needed to increase positive energy in your home.

4. Vastu Tips For Home - Vastu for Dining Room


vastu shastra for home - best vastu tips for home dining room

The dining room is a precious space, and the dining table is a sign of health, food, and bonding. Meals should ideally be eaten facing east, west, or north. Eating meals regularly while facing south will result in health problems. According to home vastu, dining table should be square or rectangular in shape, rather than round or irregular.

Make an effort to create a welcoming dining area. Vastu shastra for home also suggests to decorate the table with fresh flowers and vibrant table linen. Make sure the table, including the crockery and cutlery, is visually appealing. Never use crockery that is broken or damaged. Clutter slows energy and impedes the flow of positive energy.

5. Home Vastu Tips for Bedroom


basic vastu tips for home bedroom

Bedrooms are the final place of repose for everyone after a long, tiring day. Most of us want a bedroom in a new house to resemble paradise. Hence, embellish it with various items. However, did you know that according to Vastu tips, you shouldn't ever keep a few things in your bedroom to ward off negative energies. Worry not! We have you covered with all the house vastu tips.

Never let old mattress, electronic devices, exercise equipment find corners in your bedroom. Surprisingly, home vastu tips says; you shouldn't even let your pets stay for long in these rooms.

Also, ensure that there's no clutter and old, useless items in the bedroom. Experts suggest that the main bedroom of the house should be situated in the South-west direction. It attracts good vibes and keeps the family members cheerful.

Also vastu shastra for home suggests, avoid placing pictures of demons, owls, wars, and vultures on the bedroom walls. They let negative energies crawl in. Apart from that, ensure that there are maximum windows on the east and north walls of the bedrooms. Follow these vastu tips and relax in the warmth of your new home!

6. Vastu Tips for Kid's Room


vastu shastra for home - best home vastu tips for kids room

No parent would want anything to stand in the way of their child's development and achievement. Everything should be in appropriate alignment or according to home vastu, from the location of the child's bed to the direction of his study table, in order to assure your children's success. In fact, proper placement of things instils positive thinking in children's minds, motivating them to work harder and make them happier.

The children's room should be designed in the southwest direction of the new house, according to home vastu. Children should sleep with their heads facing south or east for good luck and peace of mind.

7. Vastu Tips for Home Temple


best home vastu tips for pooja mandir

Make sure there is a mandir on the east wall towards the northeast zone of the house. Place Mandir according to vasthu for pooja room and you will soon see positive changes in your life. Let us tell you an interesting fact about the direction of the East according to home vastu. East is the direction of the rising sun and Lord Indra, so praying to the east leads to happiness and growth.

On the other hand, praying facing west attracts wealth to the house, never praying facing south. Thinking of facing north while praying attracts opportunities and positive feelings. Make sure the mandir does not face south at all; if you follow home vastu tips.

The place where the home temple is located as per vastu shastra for home should be a peaceful place filled with divine energy. The temple is a place where one feels close to God by simply surrendering to the Almighty and seeking strength to overcome all obstacles in life.

8. Vastu Tips For New Home - Vastu for Bathroom and Toilet 


vastu shastra for home - best home vastu tips for kids room

The position of a bathroom or toilet in a house may seem a trivial matter. But, if you go according to the Vastu Shastra tips, not complying by the rules can lead to health issues, loss of wealth, and other issues. For one, an attachment bathroom with the bedroom symbolises luxury. However, little do people realize that it attracts evil energies their way.

If you're constructing a new house, try fixing a spot for the washroom in the north or north-west. Avoid choosing the south direction. Have the bathroom a few inches raised from the level of the rest of the house. Also, the best idea is to keep the toilet in the outer region. As for the toilet seat, get it fixed in a way that the person sitting faces north or South. It keeps the health of every member sound.

Since mirrors are reflectors of energies, place them either on the northern or the eastern wall. Keep the bathroom mirror a few feet above the toilet seat, so it doesn’t reflect that. Take a few precautions, and you're sure to attract happiness to your home with these amazing vastu tips for home!

9. Vastu Tips for Home Staircase


vastu shastra for home - best home vastu tips for staircase

While getting a staircase constructed in a new home seems a necessity, not many people focus on its direction and position. It may seem trivial, but the staircase orientation does affect the vibes of a house. It can attract either positive or negative energies. According to Vastu shastra for home, one should try to build the staircase in a clockwise direction, i.e., from north to south, or east to west. Staircase built in anticlockwise direction may impact the career of its residents. In addition, keeping the colors of the stairs light and ensuring they're in the count of odd numbers are more recommendations as per Vastu Shastra tips. An indoor staircase should be positioned near the walls. Interestingly, as classy as spiral staircase may appear, they attract negative energies to the house and the people associated. So, keep them straight, simple, secluded, and away from the direct glance of visitors. Happy housewarming!

10. Vastu Shastra Colour tips for Home


vastu shastra for home - best home vastu tips for new home

Colors are the flavors of life, without which everything seems utterly meaningless. Among the most important things to decide after getting a new home constructed is choosing wall colors. People have different favorite shades. Having said that, according to Vastu Shastra color tips for home, not all colors are suitable for every room in a new house as these colors attract positive- and, at times, negative energies- to the place. For instance, home vastu suggest that black, brown, red, and similar dark colors should be avoided in all rooms. A study room can have a blend of off-white and light grey. For bedrooms, experts recommend light pink, blue, and green. Apart from colors, even paintings should be chosen wisely. Placing artworks in the north-east side of any room is the best. Also, one should avoid any water-related paintings in the bedroom.

The goal of relocating is to live in a pleasant and cheerful environment where tranquility, positivity, and success prevail. Vastu tips for a new home are really simple, and making the home Vastu compliant brings a large amount of positive energy into the home.

We hope these small tips will help you when shifting to a new house.

We will be back with the next blog soon. Till then, stay tuned!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Which direction is best, as per Vastu's tips for a new home?

Ans. According to Vastu tips, the best housing direction is northeast, which is related to the God of Fortune.

Q. What are the basic principles of Vastu for home?

Ans. Furniture, Shape,Room Essentials, Home Interior, Water, Eating Table, and mirror arrangement are some basic principles to keep in mind while setting up your new home, according to the home vastu. 

Q. What are some Vastu tips for the bedroom?

Ans. According to Vastu tips, the bedroom should be towards the south-west corner of the house. Also, as per Vastu shastra tips, the best bed direction is with the head facing south or east and the legs towards north or west while sleeping.

Q. What plants should be kept at the house's entrance, per Vastu's tips for a new home?

Ans. The greatest plants for house vastu include Money Plant, Tulsi, Neem Tree, Lucky Bamboo Plant, Citrus Plant, Aloe Vera, Banana Tree, Lily Plant, and many more.

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