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Furnish Your Home According to Your Zodiac Sign – Part II

  • 2015/09/09
  • 1415
Furnish Your Home According to Your Zodiac Sign – Part II

Now, it's time to tell the absolute home interior designs, according to the stars of Leo, Virgo, Libra and Scorpio zodiac signholders. Get ready to know the kind of furniture units, colors, and patterns that will make your life more relaxing. Let us go through the following content and see what your stars say!


Leo's interior design is highly influenced by the bold and bright yellow or flaming orange colors. Dynamically arranged furniture units grabthe attention of visitors and give them a majestic feel. These people are extremely fond of art and have large paintings depicting their powerful and strong nature. They cherish native sign of sun and lion in their home and have a spiritual power from them.

A Leo home interior: Bold and bright living room and dining room furniture unit makes them highly comfortable. Yellow and orange colored upholstery on sofas and chairs engage them. Our experts have crafted an eclectic range of home furniture units to provide you immense comforts. You can even get the furniture customized and create an absolute ambiance to provide the necessary relaxation.

A Leo home interior


These people have an obsessive need for arrangements and orderliness. They compartmentalize each and every home decor item to provide a clean environment to the interior. Whatever, may be the home interior style traditional, contemporary or modern, they make themselves comfortable in that, provided a spotlessly clean environment. These people deeply connect their souls with white colored curtains, accessories and furniture units.

A Virgo home interior: A lot of decorative and storage vintage furniture units can provide an adorable environment to your home. Wooden furniture, especially with natural grains and teak finish makes a Virgo feel completely homely and relaxed. Artistic structure and aesthetically appealing units capture the heart of Virgo, which can be customized beautifully.

A Virgo home interior


A Libran creates an elegant infusion of balance and style in their home interior. They have 'air' as ruling element and hence requires plenty of spaces to flow in. Everything about them is sweet, simple and elegant; symbolizes pink color. Soft shades of colors like pearl, moon, white creates a sense of harmony in them.

A Libran creates an elegant infusion

A Libra home interior: They find tall home ceilings highly comfortable as they allow a free flow of air with ease. A simple and soothingliving room furniture with a balanced look enhances their comforts. Soft and suede colors of furniture with ample storage and no decorative clutter are there prime furniture units.



Scorpions have a strong penchant towards bold colors like deep and brooding red, burgundy, indigo blue, which gives the interior a feel of depth, luxury, and mystery. Furniture units, whether traditional or modern design, must be luxurious and mystical with rich, silk and velvet upholstery for Scorpions. Dark red flowers, intense and resonating ambiance makes them highly comfortab.

custom furniture

A Scorpio home interior: Dark colored walls and texture with huge bed and sofa enchants them. Minimum sunlight with matching furniture unit maintains the ambiance full of mystery. We have an absolute collection of living room furniture units in a black and mahogany finish to provide you an absolute relieving environment or you can even get the custom made furniture service from Wooden Street.

A Scorpio home interior

In our next blog we will help Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces to get ultimate furniture units for their home. Read the next part “Furnish Your Home According to Your Zodiac Sign – Part III” and know what your stars have to say about furnishing interior.

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