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Modular Sofas

Sofa Set is the centerpiece of your living room. A Multifunctional unit, flexible, comfortable fabric and available in stylish colors; this is what Modular Sofas creates the setting in your home. Wooden Street’s wide range of designs has everything for everyone from simple to stylish look. Whether you have a large or small space, these modular sofa set looks pleasing and can customize the alignment as per one’s needs. Explore the varieties of Modular Sofa sets for your living room available at the best prices that make us different from others.

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What is a Modular Sofa and How does it work?

Modular Sofas are made up of multiple movable pieces, which are called Modules or sections that can be joined together in the way you want to style your living room. The demands for such sofa set designs has been increasing due to its availability of myriad styles and patterns to suit the shape of your room. Also, with the same comfort, you can make as many variations depending upon your space. The sections are movable through which you can customize the alignment either in right or left as per your needs. The best part of a modular sofa is that it can function; however, you need it to. These are available in different sections, colors and shapes which gives multitude of options for arrangement. You can arrange either a corner sofa like L shaped or as a single piece like traditional sofas.

How can Modular Sofas Transform your space into an appealing look?

Modular Sofas are the utmost functional furniture unit and look fabulous when placed in your living room. So, before shopping from our collection, let’s look at its key benefits for your home.

1. Flexible - It can work everywhere

Modular Sofas are the perfect style for the ones who want their sofa sets to be flexible. Like if you have unused corners, you can go for sectional sofas or L shaped sofas or Corner sofas. If you have a large living room, then these sofas can be used as room dividers. Hence, whether you have a large room or small or in between of the size, modular sofa sets can go perfectly in every way.

2. No compromise in the comfort

We all desire to have a sofa set that enhances the aesthetic beauty as well as provides you with unmatched comfort. This is what the modular sofa sets able to offers. You just need to select the design, fabric material and enjoy on your comfortable couch. Ultimately, such sofa sets are designed to fit in every style and no compromise in the comfort level as traditional sofas.

3. Ease to use and maintain - Versatile Furniture unit

Modular Sofa seating allows you to arrange your room layout as per your theme. Thanks to their easily movable pieces that if you want to enjoy late movie nights with your family, then you can join as a large sofa set. Or if you want to host a party at home, then you can separate as individual settees or mix up with the other decor. The options for arrangements are endless as per the occasions you dream up. Thus, you can easily place wherever you want to in your home without any hassles.

4. Unlimited choices- Various Styles to suit every home interiors

Modular Sofas can’t be beaten when it comes to ample choices. Find the type of style, fabric and colors that goes right for your living room. Then, pick one from our above selection and enjoy the seating. Or, if you want to experiment with our collection, then you can directly browse our customization page.

What more can you get at WoodenStreet?

Apart from our huge collection, we offer many exclusive benefits that make us stand out from other online stores. These perks include:

1. Customization: -

WoodenStreet is the pioneered custom online furniture store that allows personalizing the furniture as per one’s taste and preferences. You can go directly to our customization page and can send your dream design online via a Call/ WhatsApp. Our expert set of designers will craft your furniture and deliver to your doorsteps.

2. Pleasant and Fun Online Shopping Experience

The best part of online shopping is to enjoy timely discounts, sales and offers. WoodenStreet provides many discounts from time to time and season to season to enjoy buying furniture and home decor products online without the tension of any expensive price tags.

3. High- Grade Quality of wood

Wood Furniture symbolizes the essence beauty of your home with luxurious appeal and royalty. To adorn with such content, we offer superior quality of wood that ensures durability and long lastingness. Also, we offer various attractive wood finish options in the unit to complement every interior.

4. Full-Service Support

With our no shipping charges on every product and easy return policies, we provide 24*7 customer care support that makes the shopping easier and without any hassles.

Shop Modular Sofa Sets as per the Price

The people's choice for Modular Sofa Sets from our collection is

1. Candice L-Shape Multifunctional Corner Sofa (Exotic Teak Finish)

This modular L-shaped sofa design comes with a storage facility at the ends, gives the option to customize the alignment at either left or right. It is crafted of premium engineered wood that ensures durability and long-lastingness. Also, it is available in Exotic Teak finish and at a price of Rs. 36,989.

2. Candice L-Shape Multifunctional Corner Sofa (Flowery Wenge Finish)

This modular L-shaped sofa design comes with a storage facility at the ends, gives the option to customize the alignment at either left or right. It is crafted of premium engineered wood that ensures durability and long-lastingness. This modular L shape sofa design comes in a beautiful flowery wenge wood finish. Also, it is available at just Rs. 36,989/- only.

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