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Steal The Deal With Contemporary Diwans

  • 2017/05/31
  • 1632
Steal The Deal With Contemporary Diwans

When thinking about the decor plans for a living room, the first thing that comes up in mind is a comfortable seating. What if, this comfortable seating comes with multifold advantages, adding versatility to your living rooms. Unlike sofas, divans serve the purpose of beds, save your space and offer solace seating for putting up one's feet and lounging. The traditional style can add on to the charisma of your home and fit in the modern apartments giving an exotic look to your living room. Here are top six reasons you should take up a diwan for your living room:

1. Becomes Your Power Nap Station:

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Whether home or office, Diwan beds beside offering a comfortable seating, offer a great space to shut-eye to revive yourself. The divan beds offer great comfort as they distribute your weight evenly across the base of the bed. This allows you to relax peacefully and gives you a quality sleep.

2. Adds vigour:

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Gone are the days when styling your living rooms with divans was considered old fashioned. The newfangled designs can give an ultra-modern look to any standard room, bestowing you with the space saving features. The poster divan beds are the newest wrinkles which you can adorn with beautiful curtains or canopies and give an Avant – Garde look to your living room.

3. Supreme Choice for Kid's Room:

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Most of the divans are backed with the low height feature which makes it perfect for kid's room. During days it proves to be a relieved source to your playful kid, and at night, it gives a satisfying sleep lessening your worries being a low height bed.

4. Storage:

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Most of the diwan beds procure sufficient storage space as they have drawers integrated at the base, or a pull-up option, which besides providing you with the additional storage space, very efficiently occupies the underneath space, which would be left worthless, otherwise.

5. Incarnate every day:

You might get bored of the usual sight of your living room, seeing the same sofa every day. But that won't be the case if you own a diwan. You are free to experiment with your divans with different styling options. You can use different cushions to give a distinctive look; you can also embellish your diwan with beautifully patterned bedsheets perfectly contrasting the colours of your walls.

6. A Sturdy piece:

Diwan beds are generally made of hardwood, which is a strong metal. So if you put your money on a wooden diwan bed, it would be a smart investment as it would not hurt your pocket on the cost of repairs, and will last for long.

The modernised divan beds are much more stylish and functional than the other bed frames. Be it your living room, kid's room or bedroom, the smart furniture piece can endure with any part of your place, giving a magnetised look. You can find enthralling designs at exciting offers only on WoodenStreet.

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