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Which one is better- Wood or glass top dining table?

  • 2016/11/17
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Which one is better- Wood or glass top dining table?

It is never easy to make a decision when it comes to choosing between a wooden or a glass 6 seater dining table set. With so many beautiful and eye-catchy designs along with the exquisite patterns, one might feel the need of interior consultants to finalise the purchase for a suitable dining table. Well, the experts of the Wooden Street have come up with some of the parameters and if you consider these aspects, then you certainly be able to make a better decision.

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So let’s try and analyse which one is good enough for you. For the better understanding, let’s answer the questions that are mentioned below:

Which one is prettier?

Do you find the wooden table top prettier than the glass one? No matter what kind of decor your home has, there is always a place for a wooden top or a glass top dining table. Wooden dining tables are known for presenting a unique look and feel with their carvings, something which you surely miss if you use a glass top dining table. But there’s no denying the fact that nothing can beat the beauty of the glass dining table with metallic legs. Both of these are extendable and are available in various shapes and sizes as well.

Which one is more practical?

This query can only be solved if you have a design vision in your mind. In terms of safety, the wooden ones are good as they are less likely to break and chip. Although the wooden one can break as well, they are not as fragile as the glass. If you have small kids and pets, then the wooden dining table would be a better choice for you. You can prefer the glass ones only if they have been tested for exceptional strength and have a rounded edge. For the safe side, Indian folks usually prefer the wooden dining table, instead of the glass one. But in case you like the glass one, make sure you opt for the tempered one, it has more strength and is sturdier as well.

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Which one is easy to maintain?

The maintenance of both the tables totally depends on one's lifestyle. A large family will prefer the 6-seater wooden dining table because it provides warmth and sturdiness. On the contrary, a small family will preferably go for the glass table because of the contemporary appeal.

In conclusion, both the tables have its own advantages and disadvantages, but the ultimate decision is made in terms of style, and appeal these table tops offer to the Indian households. So be wise while making a decision for your decor.

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