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Bedroom Design Trends 2022: Enjoy Your Beauty Sleep With Utmost Luxury

Enjoy your sweetest dreams in utmost luxury and comfort by giving your bedroom a trendy makeover. Check out our list of best room decor ideas below to get started!

After a long day, all you wish to do is curl up in your comfort zone. Not many have the luxury of curating a comfort corner. The bedroom remains the only room where you can unleash your creativity without a second thought. A comfortable and stylish bedroom design holds a deeper meaning than simply being fancy to the eyes. It is not easy for everyone to just let loose. Some need an ambience that gradually transitions their stress into calmness. 

With a comforting bedroom interior design, you secure one part of the house that entirely reflects your choices and likeness. This does not indicate giving your bedroom a complete makeover. With simple and striking bedroom decoration ideas, it is possible to enjoy your sweet dreams in utmost comfort and luxury. Check out our list of top bedroom design trends of 2022 to transform your space into dreamy heaven. 

Statement Accent Wall

bedroom design trends 2022

A statement background is necessary for a throne. Right? Therefore, a statement accent wall would be an accurate backdrop to highlight your comfy throne, which is your bed
Wallpapers are pocket-friendly bedroom decoration to offer your wall a stunning spotlight. 

Let Colors Flow Beyond The Walls

bedroom design trends 2022

The scope of bringing more happy colors into your decor is a fascinating concept. Color drenching is one meaningful bedroom interior design trend this year. Think beyond walls and decorative items. A bedside table, a nest of tables or a console table are some options that can showcase lively colors and give your bedroom design that tinge it was missing.

Maximize Functionality 

bedroom design trends 2022

Multifunctional designs are the new phase of modern-day furniture. It is obvious to say that because, with the growing population and increasing space restrictions, multipurpose or space-saving furniture has become the most preferred option for India. Bedroom furniture design that's a space-savvy wonder could be easily found at WoodenStreet. Our Cara dressing table is one example of it! Check out our website to browse more of such multipurpose furniture to beautify your bedroom design in style. 

Play around with Engaging Textures

bedroom design trends 2022

Bring a more rustic aesthetic to the view as it would be the best way to showcase a set of earthy elements. Showcasing furniture with diversity in the material is one excellent way to bring more definition to the beauty aspect of your bedroom. The warm-tone combo of cane and Sheesham wood furniture has been hip in the market for centuries. Sideboards, lounge chairs, cabinets and more of such cane furniture can uplift the amenity of your bedroom design while being a refined detail to its beauty.

Lighting to Evoke Layers of Beauty

bedroom design trends 2022

With suitable lighting, it is possible to alter the mood and aesthetic of the ambience. Bedside, lamp lights are the bedroom design trend for the year. Such a style would offer proportioned ambient lighting, resulting in a calming aura. Sharp lighting fixtures are best to avoid in bedrooms. Instead, find bedroom lights with soft curves. It's a proven fact that curve designs are easier on the eyes, making them ideal for a trendy bedroom design. 

Fabric Work that Stands Out 

bedroom design trends 2022

Curtains, blankets, and pillow covers hold a lot of potential to oomph the cosy liveliness of a bedroom design. Keep in mind not to overdo on getting your bedroom extra comfy. The aim is to curate an ambience that helps you let loose, signifying an interior that reflects the best of you. Room decor ideas like silky curtains, patterned rugs and printed pillow covers are best to have that luxury feel of minute detailing in your bedroom design. 

Add Drama through Eccentric Decor

bedroom design trends 2022

Choose a wall to be your art dump. The wall near your dressing table or window would be suitable to start with. And just in time, you will get the hang of decorating your bedroom. Find bedroom decoration ideas to create a unique showcase of your essence. It is therapeutic to understand what you like and how you want it, it may sound primary, but many of us spend our entire life without cracking such fundamental questions. 

Rug up The Floors

bedroom design trends 2022

The aim is to feel comfortable from the moment you enter the bedroom. Ambient lighting and a pleasing view would set the scene right, but what about the flooring? Even if you own Italian marble, it would be great to double the luxury and comfort of your flooring with a plush rug. This bedroom decoration is one elegant choice of bedroom design trend to give your room a relaxed feel and look. 

With our list of trendy bedroom design room decor ideas, we hope this blog has helped you understand how an ideal bedroom should feel and look. All bedroom design trends mentioned in the list are available at WoodenStreet, so do make sure to check us out. Also, don't forget to tell us which bedroom design trend for 2022 you liked the most in the comment section below. 

We will be back with the next blog soon, till then, stay tuned! 

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