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Casserole(कैसरोल) or Chapati Box is a bowl in which you can store hot food to keep it fresh and warm. This wooden and bamboo casserole set is one of the mandatory kitchen accessories in every Indian home. It is typically a large and deep dish, with handles on the side. This is because, unlike every other culture and country, we people cannot end our day without having roti in the meal. Therefore, a serving casserole set for roti is a must to provide the proper storage. Wooden Street hereby gets you the newest collection of best casserole online, a range of wonderful designs and proper functionality awaits you here. Scroll below to have a look at Chapati Box Online.

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Casserole: A Designer Way To Hold The Regular Meal

Casserole Set, also known as Chapati Box, is one that fills in the morning and ends at night in the kitchen of every home. A serving casserole set is a dish in which you can either cook or store hot food in. It is typically a large and deep dish, with handles on the side. These dishes allow you to cook and serve hot food in them. Being an Indian, you cannot conclude a meal with the absence of roti or rice. But have you ever thought to come ahead of the regular steel utensils and go for something more designer in approach like Wooden Chapati Box? Being served yummy and hot food is one of everyone’s most fond memories of eating at home. Also, being able to eat a good, hot, home cooked meal is now possible, thanks to casserole online

Understanding this, Wooden Street has introduced the latest collection of the wooden casserole online. Buy casserole set online that has best material and patterns that are hard to be found at usual places. With this, the storage is also deep enough to get the place for the family. Scroll below to have a look at everything that is available within the collection of casserole online.

Benefits to Buy Casserole Set Online in Kitchenware?

Casseroles are used to serve you sizzling dishes as well as to cook meals in it. Due to our hectic lifestyle, we need such handy accessories to provide fresh meals in a more comfortable manner. Also, it is used for versatile purposes and serves a huge number of benefits. Check out some as mentioned below:

1. Keep the Food Hot and Fresh

Your food can be stored in casserole set to stay hot for a longer period. The roti casseroles are designed in such a way to maintain the temperature of your fresh chapatis. Also, Chapati Box keep them fresh to enjoy your nutritious meals.

2. Serving Casserole for Hot Dishes

The casserole sets are designed to store your meals and come with decorative styles to use as a serving bowl. You can transfer the prepared food in the wooden casserole and enjoy the fresh and warm dishes on your table.

3. Versatile to Store in Refrigerator/Freezer

Casseroles are designed in such a way that keeps the meals fresh when store in refrigerator or freezer too.


If you need such a pan that can keep your meals fresh and beneficial in serving the food, the right casserole set is the solution to all your problems. This will automatically save your time in preparing and helps in increasing efficiency in your kitchen.

5. Economical budget

Casserole sets come up with different styles to match up with every kitchen interior. With this, Wooden Chapati Box also come within a reasonable range of prices that can fit every budget. This results in a worthy investment for your kitchenware.

6. Attracts more guests

When you throw a house party or invite your relatives for a dinner, casserole set in your tableware play a major role in attracting the guests. You will find a huge variety of styles from traditional to modern appeal at best prices. So, you can buy casserole online as per your choices and preferences.

Range Of Best Casserole Online in India At Wooden Street

Earlier casserole set had only been looked upon as the place to store the hot chapatis and rice. But today, this has become a much diverse thing with commendable designs offered in it. Let’s get to know few of the serving casserole online designs available :

Buy Casserole Online with Leafy Patterns:

This is a unique way of addressing the rotis on your dining table. No wonder, colorful and beautifully patterned utensils always make the dining a happening place to gather around. So, Wooden Street has Red Leaf Mango Wood Casserole Set in its collection. It can surely pair beautifully with the dining table décor.

Roti Casserole Set with Indented Patterns :

If you are ever confused of how should you decorate your dining table while ensuring complete match, then opt for wooden casseroles online. Its contemporary appeal will surely make it to the finest table décor. For this, you can have a look at Hand Carved Sheesham Wood Casserole online from Wooden Street. It is deeply indented for giving a noticeable pattern to the roti holder.

Chapati Box as Subtle Accessory:

With the least intricacy and charm of simplicity, some of the roti casserole set do not need anything extra. Simply a fine combination of two wooden finishes can do the deed. Enamelled Sheesham Wood Casserole from Wooden Street here turns out to be the best example for it. It is the subtle pattern that makes it commendable.

Bamboo Casserole Online :

Bamboo casserole set are light in weight and beautiful in designs. In fact, you can take it with you in the picnic too as it is very handy for the purpose. Beige Wicker Bamboo Wood Casserole online from Wooden Street can be termed as the finest example for this.

List of Best Casseroles Price Online in India

Casserole NamesPrice
Red Leaf Mango Wood Casserole₹1,499
Hand Carved Sheesham Wood Casserole₹1,849
Green and Brown Tiny Turtle Wooden Casserole₹1,849
Enamelled Sheesham Wood Casserole₹1,799

Why Should You buy Casseroles Online From Wooden Street?

Commendable Quality: You will only find wooden casserole set at Wooden Street. Reason is the plethora of design and color options that are hard to find in any other material. Moreover, being wooden you can also trust its quality to last for countless years coming ahead.

Easy Purchasing Procedure for Buying Casserole Online : Wooden Street provides many such policies that has made buying very convenient and easy. These policies include low-cost EMI, secured delivery, free shipping and assembly, and easier returns. You simply have to tap on the BUY NOW option and the modern range of casseroles will be delivered straight to the home.

With these wooden and bamboo casserole set, Wooden Street also provides many tableware like serving trays, cutlery holders, kitchen storage containersdinner sets. And also the other Wall Decor accessories like mirror frames, wall arts, wall clocks and wall paintings. For gaining further information, you can tap online or call the customer support team anytime.

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When I opened my casserole set, it amazed me with the look and quality. I am using it for 2-3 months, no bent and no harm with the quality. Loving their collection!
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I bought the casserole 2-3 days before. It’s perfect for storing chapatis and the guests were also impressed by this. I recommended Wooden Street to everyone. Really impressive products!
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Honestly, I was not sure in investing money at casserole from Wooden Street. Seems expensive. But, after receiving really satisfied with the product and delivery time. Thank you so much.
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Sooo.. Nice! I love the casserole purchased from Wooden Street. It keeps my food hot and looks very pretty. I will shop more now! Thanks a lot for delivering me on time too!
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