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Parallel Modular Kitchen Designs

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Parallel Modular Kitchen

In India, the most common kitchen design has to be the parallel modular kitchen. The compact kitchens also demand styling and a touch of modernity. Therefore, WoodenStreet is here for your help to design your dream small space parallel kitchen design with our modern parallel kitchen designs solutions. Transform your small kitchen without going overboard on your budget with us.

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Frequently Asked Questions
  • What does modular kitchen include?

    A modular kitchen design includes gas unit, tail unit, lofts, cabinets, hobs, chimney, sink, faucet and appliances. Other complementary things like tiles for backsplashes, countertops and finish are also a part of modular kitchen.

  • Which type of material is best for modular kitchen?

    Engineered Wood and Plywood is the most preferred material for modular kitchen. It is solid, affordable, durable and light in weight as well. You can find these modern kitchen designs manufactured from best material on Wooden Street..

  • How much will a modern modular kitchen cost?

    Modular kitchen can cost from 1 lac to 5.5 lacs or more depending upon the primary material, brand, requirement, finish and accessories. .

  • How do you build a modular kitchen for small space?

    Best suited layout of modular kitchen for small space is L-shaped and U-shaped. These designs are efficient and provide maximum support. The penalty of two corners is countered by additional cabinet space on the end wall. Open corner shelves and wall mounted plate-racks work best for small space.

  • How do I choose a good modular kitchen design?

    Choose a layout that uses the space effectively and creates a convenient workspace. The design should optimize the storage and reduce the traffic. It should save space and provide a clean, minimal look with everything so organized.

  • How do you design a good modular kitchen?

    A good modular kitchen includes everything from ventilation to presentation. Below are various things to consider for designing a good modular kitchen design

    • 1.. Plan the layout
    • 2.. List out the requirements
    • 3.. Look out for proper lightening and ventilation source
    • 4.. Choose colors wisely
  • What are the benefits of modular kitchen?

    The benefits of a modular kitchen are as follows:.

    1. . It adds a classic style to your home.
    2. . It keeps the space much organized and uncluttered.
    3. . It offers clean and hygienic environment.
    4. . It is easy to clean and maintain a modular kitchen.

    What Is a Parallel Shape Kitchen Design?

    A parallel kitchen compromises of space between two walls. Such a layout fits perfectly for compact alley-like kitchen designs. With parallel kitchen design, one can be creative with the two counters and create a kitchen that screams functionality while offering enough space to make the kitchen look spacious.

    All the appliances can be segregated and placed within an easily reachable range. Try to keep your stovetop and sink on a counter and refrigerator opposite it. This triangle structure will help you separate the section where you have to clean regularly and one countertop that doesn't even know what filth is. One can keep the wet and dry utensils separately, keeping sure that your dry area does not get wet unnecessarily.

    Modern Parallel Kitchen Designs is an innovative and economical option to enhance the beauty and efficiency of your available space. Join hands with us and allow us to help you build the parallel modular kitchen of your dreams.

    What Are the Advantages of a Parallel-Shaped Modular Kitchen?

    Before diving into the advantages, let's understand the parallel modular kitchen layout. The parallel kitchen design can spruce any kitchen, whether small or big. However, people with compact and narrow kitchen spaces prefer this layout the most. The parallel kitchen design lets you put two separate platforms means two countertops in which you can store and place essentials in a segregated manner. The two platforms face each other and offer an abundance of cooking/working areas in narrow kitchens. Now here are some advantages of having a small space parallel kitchen design:

    1. Ample Storage in Compact Space: The parallel kitchen interior is one distinctive layout. Unlike other shape layouts, where they connect at some corner, parallel modular kitchen design have two separate units joined along opposite walls. This way, you get ample side space to adorn storage furniture. Install cabinets, drawers, and shelves under the two countertops and segregate them, one for cooking and one for cleaning. This way, one can keep their kitchen organized and neat at all times, do not mix and match your utensils and other elements of the kitchen, and a parallel kitchen design makes sure of it.
    2. Enhance Efficiency: With a parallel modular kitchen design, you can easily follow the triangle rule. This way, you can optimize your kitchen layout in a manner that screams efficiency and convenience. Place your gas stove and refrigerator on one counter and keep one counter for your appliances and sink. This layout will help you work more conveniently without feeling obstructed by any other aspect of the kitchen. Likewise, small parallel modular kitchen designs allow more than one person to easily work in such narrowed kitchens without any hassle or feeling of congestion.
    3. Double The Fun with Dual Counter: In India, the concept of double countertops and kitchen islands is new. People have started accepting that the ease increases when working in a kitchen layout with separate countertops. The feeling of congestion can create confusion while cooking, which is a big no! While cooking, one needs to have sufficient space as cooking is an activity that needs utmost concentration. To avoid cluttered visuals and for smooth working, a parallel kitchen design is one ideal layout to enhance your kitchen work efficiency to a great extent.
    4. Legendary Space Saver: Like said above, for narrow kitchens, parallel layouts are the most utile ones. To make the best out of your compact kitchen, spruce it into a modular design that provides so much in very little space. No amount of storage space is enough or way too much for Indians, at WoodenStreet, one can check our parallel kitchen interior design that offers storage space while being a space saver itself. People with compact spaces usually prefer parallel Kitchen Designs, so our designers try their best to provide you with a space-saving solution that offers storage too!
    5. Customize to Your Liking: At WoodenStreet, one has the freedom to customize the kitchen layout according to their liking. If you do not wish to have a hob top, then you can ask our designers to customize this feature of the layout according to your preference. Have a clear idea about what features and aspects you wish to have in the design. Have discussions with our knowledgeable designers who will help you select the best for your kitchen while keeping your budget in mind. One can build a modular parallel kitchen design that accurately satisfies your needs and comfort, from numerous storage units to removing unnecessary ones.
    6. Parallel modular kitchen design is preferable for compact spaces, and you can ask the designers to install some elements like a mini wall shelf to place some decoratives. With WoodenStreet, your dream kitchen is achievable in your budget.

    How to Choose the Right Parallel Shaped Modular Kitchen Design for Your Space?

    Here are a few steps that will help you understand which parallel modular kitchen design you should pick for your space:

    1. Make sure the countertops have a 3-4 feet gap. This way, you will have enough room to move around a narrow kitchen without bumping into things.
    2. Place the stove and sink on separate countertops to make sure no amount of dirty or tap water comes near your cooking area. One can effectively maintain the shine of countertops better this way.
    3. Go for light color combinations if you have a small narrow kitchen; bold colors would make the space look more visually congested. Whereas, if you have a big kitchen, then bold colors with a neutral combination will help bring a noticeable amount of attention to your kitchen.
    4. If your kitchen has access to sunlight, then definitely go for dark shades. They create visual intrigue and give your space a chic look. Dark color options like green, red and blue are the most popular ones to opt for.

    Why Consult WoodenStreet for Parallel Shaped Kitchen Design?

    WoodenStreet is one of the most reliable online platforms that provide a wide collection of premium-quality products. Our quality and collection are two prominent reasons to choose us to transform your parallel shape kitchen design with a modern makeover.

    Here are more benefits that you can avail yourself from choosing us to design your modular parallel kitchen design from WoodenStreet:

    Also, check out other kitchen designs such as L shaped modular kitchen, U shaped kitchen etc along with the newly launched modular kitchen services in other cities such as modular kitchen in Jaipur & Modular kitchen in Gurgaon

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