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Chair Covers

A chair cover is the best way to turn an old chair into a new one without lots of effort. With a chair cover that matches your party theme or interior décor, you may give your plain old seats a whole new appearance and appeal. These Chair Covers can help you create a graceful and unified place setting without burning a hole in your pocket. We understand that each gathering requires a unique theme and color scheme that expresses the joyful atmosphere and significance of the occasion in your life. Because the selection of decorations differs from event to event, you'll want to boost the furnishing with trendy decorations and accenting ideas for your party.


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Recently Customer's Questions & Answers
What are the best chair covers?

The Multicolour Flower Printed Elasted Chair Cover from Wooden Street are the best chair covers. Any type of home decor will look unique with this floral-print chair cover. The chair cover has an elastic closure to give it a snug fit on the chair and fits most domestic dining chairs. It is made of polyester for a natural sheen. It is a clever way to shield your chair from spills, stains, grime, wear and tear, and old and worn-out appearances.

How do you cover a chair with fabric?

To cover a chair with fabric, there are two methods. Method 1: Step 1: Take the chair’s dimensions and measure the fabric accordingly. Cut the fabric keeping extra borders in mind for stapling on the chair. Step 2: Secure the fabric on the back base of the chair with the help of a staple gun. Step 3: Finish the chair's underside by adding a dustcover. Step 4: Sew the piping around the chair's back's edges. Step 5: Use a sharp stitch to join the top back pieces. The chair's back fabric should be stapled in place. Method 2: Buy a slipcover or a chair cover online according to the size of chair and just cover your chair with it.

How much fabric do I need for 6 dining chair covers?

Somewhere between 2 to 3 meters of fabric is enough to cover 6 dining chairs, if you have a standard size. However, if you have very large wingback dining chairs then the size of fabric will depend on the size of the dining chairs.

How much fabric do I need for 2 dining chairs?

0.7m to 1m fabric is enough to make 2 dining chair covers.

Can you put chair covers on folding chairs?

Yes, you can put chair covers on folding chairs. However, you cannot use the same chair covers on folding chairs as that you use on normal dining room chairs. This is due to the fact that dining chairs have straight backs while folding chairs have slightly tilted backs.

How can I make my chair covers look good?

To make your chair covers look good, tidy and neat, you have to take them out and wash them from time to time. You may also keep on rotating different pairs of chair covers to infuse a hint of versatility in your home décor. You may also decorate the chair covers with ribbons and other props on occasions to enhance the décor and set a style statement.

How do you measure for a dining room chair cover?

To measure for a dining room chair cover, determine the following dimensions: 1. Measure the height of the backrest of the seat from bottom to the top of the dining room chair and double it. 2. Measure the overall height of the dining chair, from the floor to the very top. 3. Measure across the centre-front of the seat (outside to outside measurement). 4. Measure across top-back (from outside to outside). 5. Measure the arm length and arm width (inside and outside), if any.

How do you make a simple chair cover?

If you also want to make a simple chair cover all by yourself, then follow the steps mentioned below: Step 1: To determine how much fabric you'll need; you must first measure your chairs. Step 2: Pick out a heavy-duty fabric and a matching spool of thread. Step 3: Draw a pattern according to the chair on the fabric and cut it out. Step 4: Fit and pin the pattern on the chair. Step 5: Sew it together. Look for loose ends, fit them. And then, give it a finishing touch by hemming and trimming.

Customer Stories
They love us because....
chair coversView Product
I was impressed with the collection of chair cover on Woodenstreet. The detailed product information for each product ensured I got the best value-for-money product. I ordered Yellow and Black leaf printed elasted chair cover. It is very subtle in looking and complimenting my space. I would recommend others to check out woodenstreet while buying chair covers in the future.

Sonal Paliwal Pune

chair coversView Product
I have two kids and both of them are small. Making them learn to sit on dining table is important but at the same time I was concerned about my newly classic dining table chairs set. As they were spilling the food on it and sometimes anything liquid, I thought to buy chair covers online for the dining chairs from the very well-known website woodenstreet. I ordered Multicolour geometric printed chair cover- set of 6. So, that my kids can eat comfortably and I do not have to worry about anything.

Gaurav Jindal Noida

Buy Dining Chair Covers Online in India - Wooden StreetView Product
Shopping from this store has been an absolute pleasure. The best about woodenstreet is its Superior merchandise and customer service. The Black colour flower printed chair cover set of 6 was a delight. I rate woodenstreet as my #1 online provider. The cover is very pretty in color and looks beautiful.

Pooja Surkar Kolkata

chair coversView Product
My mother is always concerned about everything in the house. She keeps on dusting things and loves maintaining her house perfectly. She noticed that the chairs she had from her childhood was getting dissolved she immediately asked me to buy chair covers for the chairs. Her friend suggested her about woodenstreet store and she took me there with her. She was very surprised by the collection of the store and bought Blue Colour flower printed chair cover. I must say she is very happy after the purchase.

Smita Goel Vadodara

chair coversView Product
There's always a doubt in the mind when buying an item online. This chair covers comfortable and elegant and is easy to fix. A perfect chair cover at a great cost. Good, follow-up on order and delivery; extremely happy with the product delivered; I ordered a multi-colour flower print chair cover-set of 2. Satisfied with the overall experience of shopping at woodenstreet.

Hitesh Rawal Mumbai

Buy Dining Chair Covers Online in India - Wooden StreetView Product
It was a pleasant experience ordering furniture from We received the chair cover online as described on the website with the same quality. I purchased black colour flower printed chair cover and it looks beautiful. I can't stop adoring them.

Pallavi Shinde Jaipur

Buy Blue Colour Flower Printed Elasted Chair CoverView Product
My patio furniture’s chair are wooden so whenever you sit on them it felt a bit uncomfortable and it created a pain in the body. So, I decided to get the chair covers from my nearby store. It is very famous in my area so I wanted to buy something from the store. I went there and bought blue colour flower printed chair cover. I loved the char covers and florals are my forever favourite.

Krishna Thakkar Delhi

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