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Welcome to Wooden Street, your premier destination for a stunning assortment of chairs online in India. Our online furniture store offers an expansive collection of designer wooden chair that combines exquisite style with unmatched functionality. Whether you're in search of sophisticated dining chairs, cozy lounge chairs, eye-catching accent chairs, or practical office chairs, we have a diverse range to cater to your specific needs. Each chair is meticulously handcrafted with precision and attention to detail, utilizing premium-quality materials for long-lasting durability. With a strong emphasis on ergonomic design, our designer chairs online provide optimal comfort and support, ensuring a delightful seating experience. Elevate the aesthetic appeal of your home or office with our beautifully curated chairs online in India, which seamlessly blend timeless elegance with contemporary flair. Shop now at Wooden Street and discover the perfect wooden chair for home online in India. Experience the epitome of style and comfort with Wooden Street's exquisite wooden chair for home collection.

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Chairs: Buy Wooden Chair Online in India from Wooden Street

Chairs (कुर्सी) remains unnoticed in every home but, every home is incomplete without them. These comfortable chairs online retreat your home with their innovative designs. Starting from the outdoors and balcony to the living and dining room, the wooden chair for home will add a sense of functionality and classic look to your home. Available in unique colours, style, and finishes, our experts have crafted them in an eclectic range of designer chairs online in India to cater the requirements of every homeowner.

Different Types of Chair Designs According to Materials at Wooden Street

WoodenStreet is known for its premium-quality furniture that is available at affordable prices. Our raw materials are 100% pure in nature, which guarantees long-lasting durability and an ever-shining look to our products. Our alluring collection of Chairs is available in an array of materials and unique designs. One can briefly browse the uniqueness of every design and the benefits of the material it is composed of.

Here is a list of materials in which you can find our innovatively designed glorious Chairs Online:

Sheesham Wood Chairs

One can find finely carved designs of Sheesham wood chairs in our collection. WoodenStreet specializes in Sheesham wood, which makes us the best shop to purchase Sheesham wood chairs at an affordable range. The flexible nature of this wood allows us to innovatively curate purposeful designs with ease. Buying a Sheesham wood chair would be a long-lasting investment, that will escalate the beauty and functionality of your space to a greater level.

Mango Wood Chairs

Mango wood's texture is exceptional. Though it is a dense hardwood, it's also relatively soft. This unique texture makes mango wood flexible enough to construct all sorts of innovative designs. They are a great material to opt for outdoor furniture as mango wood has excellent durability in water. At WoodenStreet, one can discover varied designs of outdoor and indoor chairs available in Mango Wood, so make sure to explore our exquisite collection of Chairs Online.

Teak Wood Chairs

Teak is another incredibly durable hardwood in which you can find varied furniture at WoodenStreet. Teak wood has high oil content, which makes it the highest decay and insect resistance among all-natural hardwoods. The smooth look of teak would look luxurious on chairs. At WoodenStreet, one can discover stunning designs of Chairs made from teak wood in an affordable price range.

Engineered Wood Chairs

Enjoy the luxury of stylish light-weight designs of Chairs on a budget. Chairs made out of Engineered wood tops our bestselling category as they are highly cost-effective and are available in sleek designs with optimal utility. One can find chic modular styles of chairs in these highly affordable materials.

MDF Wood Chairs

Another highly cost-effective material is MDF wood. Chairs crafted from MDF are light in weight and the best material option that will always incline towards budget-friendly prices.

Metal Chairs

Metal Chairs are a classic highly durable choice to have in your interiors. Metal is far more resilient to everyday wear and tear which is one major reason that it's an economical choice of chairs to invest in for long-term use. Discover our collection to find stunning metal outdoor chairs at an affordable range.

Iron Chairs

The long-lasting durability and the high resilience towards everyday usage can not be found in any other wooden material but in iron.

Iron chairs are easier to maintain, and at WoodenStreet, one can discover luxe designs of iron chairs that peak durability and utility in style.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying Wooden Chair Online in India

There are some thumb rules that require you to pay attention while buying a comfortable chair for home. Here are they:

Check out Various Wooden Chair Design Online For Home

Wooden street exhibits wooden chairs online in India, of different styles and designs, to take into consideration all interior design themes. Upholstered and non-upholstered, we offer solid wood chairs online for home of every type, conceivable.

Arm Chairs

These are available in upholstered style and simple styles. The arm chairs are one of the most comfortable, designer, and common type of wooden chairs. This wooden chair gives an utmost comfort level as its armrests and backrests are perfect and give you balanced posture. You can rest your arms on the armrests comfortably while reading or relaxing.

Wing Chairs

Give wings to your dreams with the wing chairs. These are super comfortable and have a restful back. The backrest of the chair is high like wings and has comfortable upholstery. You can place it in the corner of the living room with a combination of sofa sets. Wingback chairs are fully upholstered. Its armrests are big and high so that one can easily rest their arms on it.

Rocking Chairs

These are basically rockers. These have amazing back and forth movement so that one can easily adjust it according to your seating position. Its rocker movement is scientifically proved relaxing and comfortable. Its gentle rocker motion gives you extreme relaxation which can’t be compared with others. Rocking chairs are the designer masterpieces which uplift your decor.

Dining Chairs

These are basically designed for dining tables. These have simple wooden and upholstery seating. These generally come with the whole dining set. You can buy dining chair online separately too if you want more chairs for your dining table.

Folding Chairs

These are perfect for your patio and balcony. As, we spend less amount of time in the garden, so there is no need of chairs all the time at these places. You can fold and use Space Saving Chair and place aside the foldable chairs when these are no longer in use.

Metal Chairs

We have lightweight metal chairs which are easy to carry around, upstairs-downstairs, or indoor-outdoor. The metal chairs online are available in bright and vibrant colours, and designed in funky patterns that can look good in any decor, including the outdoors like gardens, patios, backyards or porch.


Soft and cuddly ottomans upholstered in colourful fabrics designed in beautiful patterns that are much suited to the room decors of modern times. These ottomans are light in weight and can be used both as comfortable seating as well as a relaxing footrest.

Iconic Chairs

Iconic Chairs become the style symbol for your home with its lovely structure and crafting. Iconic Chairs redefines the purest form of modernization with unique designs, comfortable texture and variations of materials.

Why Choose WoodenStreet To Buy Premium-Quality Chairs?

WoodenStreet is one of the most reliable online platform that provide a wide collection of premium-quality products. Our quality and collection are two prominent reasons to choose WoodenStreet to purchase stylish wooden chairs for home. 

Here are more benefits that you can avail yourself from buying a comfortable chair for home from WoodenStreet:

Great Discount Deals

We offer amazing discount deals throughout the year, so it's never too late. We try to keep such offers so that everyone can enjoy the luxury of premium-quality products.

Customer Support

Our support team is available 24*7. Our engaging customer support services will provide solutions to your issues and queries within 48hrs.

The Luxury of Premium Quality

WoodenStreet believes in serving you the finest quality possible. Each and every product is thoroughly checked by experts before dispatching. We also offer easy replacement policies for faulty deliveries.

Free Shipping

We deliver at no cost, no matter how many products you order, everything will be delivered to your doorstep free of cost.

Free Installation

No matter how many products you purchase, all the products will be securely delivered and installed in your house by our qualified installation team without hassle.

Buy Best-Selling Chairs at Wooden Street

Danon Lounge Chair (Blue Stripe)

The Danon Lounge Chair in Blue Stripe has a fashionable design with a distinctive blue stripe pattern. It has a walnut finish that adds a touch of sophistication. The chair is made of Sheesham wood, which is known for its strength and rich grain.

Adoree Lounge Chair (Rose Vineyard)

The Adoree Lounge Chair online in Rose Vineyard is both stylish and functional. It adds a touch of elegance to any space with its captivating rose vineyard color. The chair has a comfortable cotton upholstery and a sturdy Sheesham wood frame.

Carolina Lounge Chair (Ginger Bread)

The Carolina Lounge Chair for home in Ginger Bread combines luxury and comfort, with a sturdy wooden frame and plush cushioning for long-lasting durability and relaxation. Its multiple upholstery options and button-tufted backrest add timeless appeal. The spacious seating area, ergonomic design, and curved armrests make it a versatile and stylish addition to any home decor.

Joan Lounge Chair (Cotton, Magnolia Beige)

The Joan Lounge Chair in Magnolia Beige seamlessly combines comfort, beauty, and style. It exudes elegance with a Sheesham wood frame and a walnut finish. The cotton upholstery in soothing Magnolia Beige adds to its beauty. Its ergonomic design ensures comfort, making it the ideal blend of style and relaxation for any space.

Shashwat 2 Seater Teak Wood Cane Swing Chair (Sand Grey)

The Shashwat 2 Seater Teak Wood Cane Swing Chair in Sand Grey exemplifies the integration of traditional aesthetics and modular functionality. Its sleek design, a masterpiece from the Veda Collection, enhances both comfort and beauty. The intricate cane work, soft cotton upholstery, and brass detailing make it a standout statement piece in any decor.

Crate Wooden Swing Chair (White Finish)

The Crate Wooden Swing designer Chair, with its elegant White Finish and Mango Wood frame, adds style and comfort to any home. The sturdy design includes a cushioned seat for comfort. It is simple to assemble and complements a variety of decors, providing a relaxing spot indoors or outdoors. A must-have for those looking for both beauty and relaxation.

Aranya Sheesham Wood Rocking Chair (Teak Finish, Cream Stripe)

The Aranya Sheesham Wood Rocking Chair in Black Finish is the ideal combination of style and comfort. It is made of Sheesham wood and has a sophisticated look. With a high back and supportive armrests, it provides both ergonomic design and aesthetic appeal. The black finish adds a touch of elegance, making it an ideal rocking chair for relaxation.

Silvio Rocking Chair (Honey Finish)

The Silvio Rocking Chair in Honey Finish is a regal piece that resembles a throne with intricate carvings on the backrest. It is made of high-quality Sheesham wood and exudes quality and elegance. The wheel-shaped legs add to its beauty and make it a statement piece. This rocking chair invites you to rock in style, combining supreme design with premium craftsmanship.

Bondway Black High Back Office Revolving Chair

When it comes to office chairs, the Bondway Black High Back Revolving Chair is the perfect blend of style and comfort. Its modern leatherette upholstery gives any space an air of refined professionalism. The revolving feature is functional and the high back provides ample support. For a more visually appealing and functional workplace, this chair is a great pick.

Care and Maintenance Tips of Chairs

Wooden Street Furniture: A Peek into Material Selection and Crafting Process

Material Selection

Wood Modification:

Wood Splitting and Cutting:

Planning and Drilling:


Wood fibers are abraded to achieve a uniformly rough surface, preparing the components for assembly.



Overall Process:

FAQ's - Chairs
What Type of Chair is Best for Office Use?

An Ergonomic Office Chair is the best fit for long working hours. They provide the body with plush support that helps maintain a good posture for long hours without straining the muscles.

Which Chair Design Is Best for Home?

Everyone has different comfort levels, so look for a chair that fulfills your requirements. Be its lumbar support, height adjustability or style, everyone has a difference of choice in all these factors. Buy chairs online that suit your requirement while offering style to your space.

How To Choose the Right Chair for Living Room?

These two steps will help you buy the most suitable chair for your living room: Determine the size of your Living Room to buy a chair that looks visually proportioned next to your Living Room Furniture. Go for a chair design that blends and complements the theme of your Living Room

What are the different types of chairs?

There are many types of chairs available at WoodenStreet for you to choose from. To briefly tell, here's a list of different types of chairs available at WoodenStreet: Dining Chairs, Iconic Chairs, Office Chairs, Wing Chairs, Arm Chairs, Lounge Chairs, Accent Chairs, Swing Chairs, Sofa Chairs.

What type of chair is best for studying?

The best type of chair to buy for studying would be one with a high back and neck rest. Ergonomic office chairs are to best to choose from if looking for a chair to sit on while studying.

How to choose chairs for your living room?

Here are some tips for cross-checking when buying ideal chairs for the living room:
- Prioritize comfort to make the living room welcoming. Buffy recliners, traditional wing chairs, or elegant lounge chairs are the types of chairs to have in the living room.
- Go for a chair design that blends with the style of your living room.

What is the best chair for long hours?

An ergonomically designed chair is best to use for long hours of sitting. Neck support, adjustable height feature, and lumbar support are some features of a well-designed ergonomic office chair that divide the stress and strain of your body, making it ideal use for extended sitting periods.

How to check chair quality?

There are a few pointers to check the quality and durability of a chair. A good chair should be crafted from premium-quality materials to ensure its sturdiness and durability. The seat should have sufficient padding for comfortable sitting and a design that supports your back completely. A comforting design made from good material defines a good durable chair.

6. How to choose chairs for your bedroom?

There are a few things to cross-check before finalizing the ideal type of chair for your bedroom:
- Choose the right size. Go for a minimalist chair design to enjoy the most out of the space you have mapped out for a chair. Lounge, rocking, accent, and armchairs are the best types of chairs to uplift a bedroom's comfort and appeal.
- Match the Chair Style with the bedroom ambiance. This way, you will enhance a chair's visual aesthetic, making it one charming jewel to the overall bedroom view.

Why are wooden chairs better than plastic chairs?

The wooden chair offers better durability, variety of design, adequate sturdiness, and comfort over plastic chairs. Plastic chairs are best to use outdoors as they are water resistant and are light in weight. But for indoors, investing in an excellent wooden chair is the best choice of investment.

Is wooden chair good for sitting??

Modular wooden chairs are suitable for sitting as they follow up an S-curve to help you maintain a healthy body posture, whereas if you go for traditional-style wooden chairs, it might be challenging to sit for long hours.

Is wooden chair good for back pain?

Yes, an ergonomically designed wooden chair with lumbar support can help prevent back and spine pain as well as provides relief to the lumbar region.

Which chair is best for posture?

An ergonomic office chair or recliner can be the most physically comforting type of chair to maintain an excellent body posture while being comfortable.

Which chair is good for back and neck pain?

Swivel, height-adjustable headrest, and lumbar support are some ergonomic office chair features that relieve neck and back pain while sitting.

Customer Stories
They love us because....
chairs for homeView Product
The arm chair looks great and very classic. Even my husband prefers to sit on it, and I think soon we will be getting one more. Happy to have it in our house. So we are grateful to Wooden Street for this great chair!

Richa Shrimali Mumbai

Buy chairs online at best price in Bangalore, Mumbai, ChennaiView Product
Aqua tones and flower pattern bring a touch of nature indoors, and the chair's design is both stylish and comfortable. Stylish & eye-catching chair.

Navneeth Krishnan Chennai

Buy Chair Online IndiaView Product
When we were planning to renovate our dining space, we wanted the chairs that would provide a modern and royal look. We also wanted our chairs to be welcoming and comfortable as we love to host parties. After a lot of searching, we settled on the Acosta chairs. Also, all the chairs arrived well packed and on the expected delivery date. Thank you wooden street for such a pleasing experience.

Mukesh Soni Mumbai

Buy chairs online at best price in Bangalore, Mumbai, ChennaiView Product
Lovely chairs, it's comfy and stylish. The cream color gives a sophisticated touch to my living room. Great buy!

Jyothi Handa Bangalore

Buy chairs online at best price in Bangalore, Mumbai, ChennaiView Product
I'm so glad I invested in the Shashwat 2-seater swing chair! A must-buy for anyone looking for a stylish and comfortable outdoor seating option. The sand grey color of the Shashwat swing chair is a work of art that adds both luxury and relaxation.

DEVI Hari Shekaran Bangalore

Buy chairs online at best price in Bangalore, Mumbai, ChennaiView Product
I'm quite satisfied with the Joan Lounge Chair. It's comfortable, and the Cream Blossom pattern is lovely. A great addition to my home for some cozy evenings.

Dhanendra Jain Bangalore

Solid wood chairs onlineView Product
I gifted this chair to my nephew. He is the happiest when he sits on this chair. Thank you, Wooden Street.

Rajat Sharma Delhi

Buy chairs online at best price in Bangalore, Mumbai, ChennaiView Product
The Carolina Lounge Chair is a masterpiece. It's both comfortable and stylish, adding a touch of elegance to my living room. A fantastic purchase.


Buy chairs online at best price in Bangalore, Mumbai, ChennaiView Product
Right from the start, the arm chair's design caught my eye. The Indigo Blue upholstery exudes a sense of elegance and sophistication, becoming an instant focal point in my room. The craftsmanship is amazing with attention to detail.


Buy chairs online at best price in Bangalore, Mumbai, ChennaiView Product
The Adoree Lounge Chair not only enhances the aesthetics of my living room but also provides an unparalleled level of comfort. The quality of materials used is exceptional.


Buy chairs online at best price in Bangalore, Mumbai, ChennaiView Product
This chair is a true gem in my home. The honey finish and cane work of the Alexia armchair bring a touch of nature indoors. I'm absolutely in love with this.

Ravi Shankar Bangalore

Buy chairs online at best price in Bangalore, Mumbai, ChennaiView Product
Carolina Lounge Chair is versatile. It effortlessly complements both modern and traditional interior styles, making it an excellent investment for the long term. The ordering process with Wooden Street was hassle-free, and the delivery was prompt. The chair arrived in impeccable condition, securely packaged to prevent any damage during transit.


Buy chairs online at best price in Bangalore, Mumbai, ChennaiView Product
I absolutely adore the Joan Lounge Chair. The dark olive green velvet is stunning, and it's so comfortable. A perfect addition to my living room.

Kavya Sarpa Bangalore

Buy chairs online at best price in Bangalore, Mumbai, ChennaiView Product
Timeless beauty is what this chair brings to our home. The cream stripe pattern is elegant, and the chair's cushioning provides a comfortable spot to unwind. This chair has become our stylish oasis.

K Sridhar Chennai

Buy chairs online at best price in Bangalore, Mumbai, ChennaiView Product
A great addition to my home. The Chestnut Brown color adds warmth, and the chair is comfy for relaxation.

Mita Ghosh Dastidar Kolkata

Buy chairs online at best price in Bangalore, Mumbai, ChennaiView Product
The chair's size is just right for my dining table, fitting perfectly and providing ample space for everyone at the table. Its compact design allows it to be easily moved and positioned as needed. Ordering from Wooden Street was a breeze, and the delivery was prompt and well-handled.

Pratim Mukerjee

Buy chairs online at best price in Bangalore, Mumbai, ChennaiView Product
Perfect chair for living room, sturdy material and comfortable, I think it will be long lasting too. Wooden Street has truly impressed me with this product, and I'm already considering exploring their collection for more delightful furniture pieces in the future!

MEENU SHAR Bangalore

Buy chairs online at best price in Bangalore, Mumbai, ChennaiView Product
I recently purchased the Julien Arm Chair (Spring Tribals) and was pleasantly surprised by its unique design. The tribal pattern adds a pop of color to my living room and the chair is comfortable to sit in for hours on end. The quality seems to be top-notch and I'm confident it will stand up to regular use.


wooden chair online in india
I was in search of a wing chair which would complete my living space. Well, I needed it more to utilise a huge window which is there in the living. I am a passionate reader and found this window to be a perfect place for me to enjoy the reading sessions. After a thorough research on Wooden Street, I came across this amazing Wingback Chair. The texture on the fabric has made it an instant favourite. Thanks, WS!

Prateek Saxena New Delhi

buy wooden chair online
Everything is absolutely good about these wooden chairs with arms. They look beautiful and are very comfortable to sit in.

Somshankar Ghosh Bengaluru

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