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Dream Catchers

Dream catcher is a little hoop with horsehair mesh or other similar thread or yarn structure within and embellished with feathers and beads. It is also said that it bring its owner sweet dreams. Many indigenous societies and tribes consider dream catchers as a sign of unity. Each element of the dream catcher has associations with the real world. The dream catcher's circular form, which symbolizes the spherical nature of the world, is one significant interpretation. The baby or adult who is sleeping is able to have wonderful dreams because of the feathers, which function as ladders. Browse through the colorful assortment of dream catchers at Wooden Street & get home the one that connects with you.


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Recently Customer's Questions & Answers
What are the different types of dream catchers?

Dream catchers come in different types which has different styles and designs; varies according to the colors and their symbolism. Also, the feather and beads in dream catchers symbolizes 2 different things. This is how types of dream catchers are defined .

What kind of string do you use for dream catchers?

You can use Weaving floss, worsted or cumbersome weight yarn, calfskin string, and also purchase counterfeit ligament string, and normal shaded string to create a dream catcher, however you can utilize any variety you need.

What is the meaning behind Dream Catchers?

It's commonly believed that the iconic hoop-and-web form protects sleepers from bad dreams by "catching" them while letting good dreams pass through.

How do you make dream catchers at home?

1. Take a ring. 2. Wrap around a thread on it. 3. Make a web along your ring. 4. Attach ribbons, laces or threads 5. Lastly, attach beads, feathers, or studs on the edges of threads. 6. Now on the top, stick a small hoop to hang wherever you want.

What material is used for dream catchers?

1. A fabric lace 2. A metal or wood hoop 3. Yarn, string, fabric scraps, ribbons, etc. 4. Scissors 5. Embellishments 6. Glue

Where do we hang dream catchers in the house?

As per Feng Shui (the Chinese Vastu), the dreamcatcher is used to be hanged in the gallery, yard or window as it allows positive energy to flow around you and helps safeguards you from negative energy. Additionally, hanging them over or close to the bed is great for dream catchers.

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