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Solid Wood Furniture: For Natural, Elegant, and Long-Lasting Symphony

Nature’s comfort is something that is irreplaceable. And with solid wood furniture, your home is surrounded by sturdy, natural vibes. As the name suggests, the solid wood material used for their formation is actually very sturdy, adding years to the life of your furniture. Thus, your bond with nature will last for a very extended period with the longevity of our premium solid wood furniture.

Our solid wood furniture designs are beautifully crafted with the utmost precision, to add a hint of modernity, majesty, and artistry to your home decor. Our solid wood furniture with its dark and lavish textures will upscale the class of your interior display with its rich grain pattern. Whatever the purpose, whatever the need, our wide range of solid wood furniture online can fulfil all your requirements, as we have furniture for all the rooms and requirements. Explore our wide range and buy solid wood furniture in different classy finishes like Natural, Walnut, Honey, Mahogany, and Teak.

Find Sturdy and Elegant Solid Wood Furniture for Different Rooms at Wooden Street

For enhancing your overall home décor, we have solid wood furniture for every room. Take a glimpse of our wide collection:

Living Room Furniture

The living room is the space that represents your home decor taste. Furnish your living room tastefully with our premium solid wood furniture range. If you want a traditional look, you can explore our divans. And if you need a modern look, you can go with the sofa cum beds and wooden sofas. To match every décor theme, you can explore our solid wood furniture online.

Bedroom Furniture

Sleep into nature’s comfort and reliability on the wooden beds from our finest solid wood furniture range. Store your essentials in our sturdy, practical wardrobe, and groom splendidly with our sleek dressing tables. Apart from it, you can find a lot of bedroom furniture, such as bedside tables, desks, and shelves, at Wooden Street.

Dining Room Furniture

Dining needs are dynamic, so is our dining room furniture range. In our solid wood furniture, you can find all the dining amenities, like wooden dining sets, dining cabinets, dining trays, and breakfast tables, that can match traditional looks and contemporary décor as well.

Guest Room Décor

Welcome your guest with artistically crafted guest room décor from our beautiful solid wood furniture range. We have guest room furniture in various designs and styles, from modern to classical and minimalistic to majestic. You can explore different elegant pieces of furniture, like sideboards & cabinets, display units, bookshelves, and TV units.

Study Room Furniture

When we have online classes, study sessions, and work from home, we need a comfortable experience. And to give you that, WoodenStreet has a wide study room range in its solid wood furniture online. Here, you can find several study room furniture, like study tables, study chairs, file cabinets, laptop tables, and book shelves, in various attractive finishes.

Explore our Range of Solid Wood Furniture Online at Wooden Street

When you shop with us, you can explore an extensive range of solid wood furniture online, as our boundless variety of furniture is crafted for your endless requirements. Have a look at our wide collection of solid wood furniture:

Wooden Sofas:

Fulfil your comfort needs with some elegant designs of our wooden sofas in solid wood furniture range. When you snuggle into a wooden sofa, you get comfort from its plush feel along with peace of mind because of its durability. Our wide range of sofas comes in traditional designs, modern looks, timeless appearances and luxury styles as well.


Solid wood beds are an ideal choice, as these beds not only accommodate you in restful sleep but will also add a luxury royal touch with their variety of designs. In our premium solid wood furniture range, you can find beds of every size and shape, as we have bunk beds, trundle beds, single beds, double beds, and king-size beds so that you can explore different varieties together.

Dining Table Sets:

Having dinner with your loved ones in a royal way is everyone’s wish, you can fulfil it with our stunning dining table designs. Sounds exciting, right? What if we tell you that you can find these dining table sets as per your requirements? Yes, you read it right! You can have the royal, majestic feel as per your requirements, as dining table sets in our solid wood furniture range comes with different seating options like 2 seaters, 4 seaters, 6 seaters, and 8 seaters.

TV Units:

Do you know that when you are watching TV, most of the time your attention switches whenever an ad appears towards the nearby areas, mostly on TV units or stands? Exactly! But with our elegant TV unit from the solid wood furniture range, your attention will switch knowingly while complementing its looks. At Wooden Street, you can find a range of floor rested and wall mounted TV units in different designs.

Book Shelves:

Books are something that enlightens your mind; adorn your books by placing them in the right place, in a correct arrangement with stunning book shelves in different designs from our designer solid wood furniture range. Here, you will find a plethora of book shelves in different finishes and storage options.

Study Tables:

We can concentrate attentively in a comfortable, peaceful environment. Enhance your concentration with the optimal comfort of our study tables. With different designs, storage capacities, and ergonomic features, the study tables in our solid wood furniture range are ideal for immersive seating during study, work, or projects.


Wooden wardrobes are essential for a neat and organized arrangement and a graceful look of your home. In the solid wood furniture range online, you can get a variety of multi-functional and different designs of wooden wardrobes with just a few clicks.

Coffee Tables:

Whether you like tea or coffee, having these refreshments timely refreshes our mood. Something else that can enlighten your mood is the classy, dignified look of the coffee table from our solid wood furniture range. With a range of designs, you can explore different styles of coffee tables in contemporary, traditional, premium, and minimalistic patterns.

Shoe Racks:

Apart from the clutter-free arrangement of the footwear, shoe racks are essential for uplifting your entryway’s looks. You can enhance your home décor’s look with wooden shoe racks in different designs, storage options, and finishes from WoodenStreet’s solid wood furniture range.

Sofa Cum Beds:

The functionality of your room is maximised with a convertible sofa cum bed. When you explore our solid wood furniture, you can find a lot of attractive sofa cum beds that can provide you with comfort in multiple ways.

Dressing Tables:

For our daily grooming and styling sessions, dressing tables are a must. You can explore multiple designs of dressing tables with different storage options in our solid wood furniture range. The artistry and craftsmanship on these dressing tables are something that can steal the show just like the groomed version of you.

Chest of Drawers:

A wooden chest of drawers is multi-functional furniture, as they offer you efficient storage of your daily essentials while being the centrepiece of your living room. There are various attractive designs and artistry that you can find in our chest of drawers from the solid wood furniture range online.

Different Solid Wood Furniture Materials Available at WoodenStreet

While you explore our solid wood furniture range, you will be astonished by the variety of materials that we have to offer. You can choose from these exciting options -

Sheesham Wood

The solid wood furniture crafted from Sheesham wood carries an elegant finish due to the grain patterns it has. Apart from that, the decay-resistant capacity of the sheesham wood makes sure that your furniture remains durable.

Mango Wood

Mango wood is used in our premium solid wood furniture, which renders a light brown look, resembling fresh, natural wood. All the contemporary furniture is crafted with mango wood due to the classy appearance it gives.

Ash Wood

For a warm and contemporary appeal, solid wood furniture is crafted in ash wood. The smooth feel that it offers gives a premium feel to the furniture, and this hardwood is also shock-resistant.

Teak wood

Nothing can replace the golden look of solid wood furniture made from teak wood. The oily patterns on it maintain a glossy finish that makes your furniture look shiny. Since teak wood is not prone to any kind of decays and termites, the longevity of furniture is also ensured.

How to Choose the Right Solid Wood Furniture Online?

When you search for the right furniture that can fit your purpose and home seamlessly, there are certain doubts that doesn’t let you make a decision. To make it easier for you, we have come up with the following tips that you can follow while you buy solid wood furniture online –

Determine Your Needs

The first thing to determine before buying solid wood furniture online is your requirements. You have to establish clarity regarding the space, practicality, and functionalities you need in the solid wood furniture you want to purchase. You can explore WoodenStreet for buying furniture with different functions, features, and capacities.

Wooden Material

All the wooden materials exhibit different properties. Thus, after you get clarity of the purpose, you have to choose the material as per your requirements. As commonly the teak wood is ideal for outdoor furniture, mango wood is optimal for lighter furniture, and sheesham wood is the best choice for premium-looking furniture.

Measure Your Space

The dimensions of the space in which you want to keep your solid wood furniture are essentially to be measured before exploring the options. A sort of clarity is provided by these measurements, as furniture of the right size can be purchased by considering it.

Check for Storage Options

In this fast-moving life, storage options are something that makes our lives easy and seamless. Thus, when you buy solid wood furniture, you must look at the storage options provided in it. At WoodenStreet, you can find furniture with lots of storage options, such as drawers, shelves, open storage, and side storage, as per your choice.

Check Home Interior Style

When you buy solid wood furniture online, assessing the overall home interior’s style is essential. As per your décor style, you can buy furniture to match it with your overall surrounding’s looks. Whether you require a modern furniture, minimalistic design, traditional looks, or an ornate feel, WoodenStreet has all these options for you.

Budget Criterions

A budget is something that determines the financial criteria for our purchases. And while you purchase solid wood furniture, you should finalize a budget that you can spend on it. One thing to consider during this decision is that, whatever your budgetary requirements are, the quality of the furniture must not be overlooked.

Why Choose Solid Wood Furniture?

For centuries, solid wood furniture has been an ideal choice for every furnishing need. Instead of various alternatives invented with time, preference for wooden material has increased. These are some reasons for its wide popularity: 

Unmatched Durability

The durability that solid wood furniture offers cannot be obtained from any other furniture. The durability of the natural woods from which these are made lasts for generations. Damages and breakage are something that do not even come close to wooden furniture if these are maintained well.

Easy Maintenance

The ease of maintenance is another factor that makes solid wood furniture stand out from other furniture. With just a normal wipe, the regular shine of wooden furniture can become evident. And for a new-like shine, just a damped cloth in soft cleaning liquid is enough.


Solid wood furniture is more sustainable as compared with other man-made materials. Unlike plastic and man-made wood, these are renewable and could be sourced sustainably.

Unique Craftsmanship

All the unique and designer artistry is seamlessly performed on the solid wood furniture. Thus, a distinctive and inimitable look for furniture is only obtained with furniture crafted from wood. 

Adaptable Options

Just like a chameleon adapts all the colors, solid wood furniture adapts all the décor styles effortlessly. Its warm and inviting designs are something that makes it a suitable option for all home décor styles. 

Care Tips for Long Lasting Solid Wood Furniture

If proper and timely maintenance is provided to solid wood furniture, it will last for a long time. And for providing efficient care to them, you can follow these tips:

Timely Cleaning

For a longer life span of solid wood furniture, it is advisable that regular dusting must be done. The dirt that accumulates on it damages its finish by causing scratches. With the help of a microfiber cloth and regular surface cleaning in grains’ direction, you can avoid scratches.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

If direct sunlight transpires on solid wood furniture, their color fades and changes over time. Thus, it is advisable that the wooden furniture must be kept away from direct sunlight to maintain its color and shine.

Use Mild Cleaning Products

The solid wood furniture should not be cleaned with harsh chemicals or cleaners. Instead, a mild solution must be used to clean its surface. It must also be noted that after cleaning with a wet cloth, the surface should be wiped with a dry cloth again to prevent moisturizing decay.

Protect the Finish

To protect the finish of solid wood furniture, polishing and oiling could be done. Apart from that, you can also enhance its finish by applying a new coat over it.

Careful Conveyance

For transporting or changing the location of your solid wood furniture, you should not drag it. It can affect the joints and build of the furniture. Thus, proper handling with the utmost care must be done so that the life span of your wooden furniture increases significantly.

Why Choose WoodenStreet for Buying Solid Wood Furniture Online?

When you browse our attractive solid wood furniture range, you will surely be stimulated to purchase with us. There are many reasons that will give a green signal to your decision; these are:

Diverse Variety

Varieties are preferred by everyone, and we give preference to everyone’s choice. To ensure this, there are certain designs and styles in which you can get your solid wood furniture from WoodenStreet. We also make regular additions to our wide range so that the options and choices get extended with the latest trends in home décor furnishing.

Premium-Quality Materials

Our range of premium solid wood furniture is crafted with the finest quality materials. Whatever design and whatever price range you choose; quality assurance is offered by us dutifully.

Affordable Rates

At WoodenStreet, we offer a wide variety of solid wood furniture. So when you explore these options, the pricing will never be an issue. Our highly reasonable pricing strategy ensures that you get all the wooden furniture at pocket-friendly prices.

Convenient and Swift Services

The moment you place an order with us, we start processing it at a quick pace so that you do not have to wait much for your favorite solid wood furniture. Our accelerated manufacturing and order processing services ensure speedy delivery. Not only this, we also offer a safe payment gateway, free installation, and No cost EMI for adding to your convenience.

Discounts and Offers

When you buy solid wood furniture from WoodenStreet, apart from getting high-quality furniture, you also get lots of offers and discounts. To ensure a value for money purchase, we give certain discounts and offers, like up to 55% off and additional 20% discounts on many products too.

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Solid wood furniture In India
I love it so much, its exactly what I wanted. I searched a lot about this and finally found at Wooden Street. The flute-shaped leg pattern is gorgeous. I would recommend shopping from Wooden Street to everyone. Thank you, guys!

Ravi Sharma Pune

Buy solid wood Furniture in India
Wooden Street has a huge collection of furniture products. Their designs are very exclusive and unique. Ordered chest of drawers, bedside table including this lynet coffee table. I loved them all! My 5 out of 5 stars for team Wooden Street.

Tanvi Sharma Ahmedabad

Solid wood furniture online in Bangalore India
This solid wood TV unit is expenditure done right. We have a 2 BHK flat and it sits in our hall and proudly creates an imaginary boundary in the hall that separates it from the seating area. The Drawing Room now has everything it lacked previously. Chappell TV unit & tv furniture has now provided us with space to decorate our drawing room at the same time it adds grandeur simply by existing in the room. The finish, the quality of the wood and the design of the LED TV stand is perfect. The delivery was also on time.

Tarun Vaishnav Bangalore

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