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Accent Chairs In Hyderabad


The essence of royalty with proper access to comfort is what anyone can say about accent chairs. Accent chairs set the mark of utmost comfort with its vivid making, while its designs make it the most eye-catching furniture. Wooden Street has instigated a range of accent chairs in Hyderabad store that is with designs worth gaping at. Explore the exclusive collection right below!

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Accent Chairs in Hyderabad: Hoist Royalty to the Little Nook

Accent chairs are not just ordinary chairs; instead, these are extraordinary furniture units with the most amazing designs and total comfort. Wooden Street has commenced a collection of accent chairs in Hyderabad store that is with a combination of bold colours and amazing sizes. Let’s go through the collection right below!

Diverse Range of Accent Chairs in Hyderabad Collection

Accent chairs in Hyderabad collection of Wooden Street are forged with a medley of different designs. On the one hand, comfort is never compromised while on the other hand, variants in style make it more diversified range. Some of such designs are mentioned down here:

  1. Low Heightened Chairs Accent chairs with low height are a rather designer silhouettes that have made a little furniture more captivating. The backrest may be short, but the seat is way too comfy. Just like Wooden Street has Adoree lounge chairs in Hyderabad collection, which is one such example of it. The low back is with tufted upholstery in the middle while the seat is thick and soft enough to enjoy the leisure of accent chairs.
  2. Wings with the Chairs Winged back of chairs inspires a furniture design that is with embossed panels right over it. This gives an additional restful place along with a plus of attractive panels on it. Joan accent chairs in Hyderabad collection of Wooden Street is an example of it with the comfiest furniture with chic making.
  3. Round Designs Accent chairs with round backrest give a furniture design that is made with backrest and armrest that are adjoining and of equivalent sizes. Consider Arnaz accent chair in Hyderabad collection of Wooden Street. It is with a round back that is inspired by chesterfield design. Tufted upholstery in ocean shade gives an alluring look.
  4. Tall Furniture The tall height of an accent chair makes it the most eye-arresting furniture as it gives an enormous beauty to the nook. Wooden Street has Danon accent chair in Hyderabad collection, which is an epitome of it. This furniture has a capacious seat with tall backrest that together gives a plethora of furniture to be decked with ravishing upholstery. Also, numerous colour choices and pattern options allow one to choose the most contrasting furniture.

Why Wooden Street?

  • Customization: Wooden Street gives “customization” service with accent chairs in Hyderabad collection. This facility allows one to get the furniture trimmed just like their thought.
  • Premium Quality of Furniture: Accent chairs in Hyderabad store are made with a base of solid wood. Seat along is entirely upholstered and available with various fabric options. Dusky rose, scarlet blue, teal tulip, indigo ink, yellow blush, Irish cream, aquamarine, etc. are some of the fabric options to pick from.
  • Policies for Buying: Some of the policies have been commenced with accent chairs in Hyderabad collection, which makes it easy to buy online. These policies include low-cost EMI, 24*7 customer support, free shipping, easy return policy, and free installation.

Such simplistic policies with fabulous furniture collection make accent chairs in Hyderabad collection worth a try.

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