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Bed Tables

Since the work from home has been adopted worldwide the furniture also have started taking shape for the convenience of people working from home, and one of those furniture is “Bed Table”. It is constructed with premium quality sheesham wood along with the various finishes available online. Purchasing a foldable laptop table for bed can enable you to work from any corner of the house, especially on the bed and on the couch. It improves the creativity and productivity of your brain and all this with the comfort of your bed.

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Designer Bed Tables: The Mandatory collection of comfort and luxury at your doorstep

The Pandemic last year has steeped a sense of awareness and imparted an era of ideas and creative heads. The human beings have surely learned the way of living in harmony by now. Among the certain habits that we adopted while working from home, ‘being comfortable while working’ could never be adopted. This is why in later part of the lockdown Work from Home furniture became very popular and it surely uplifted the furniture industry.

The bed table is one of the many popular work from home furniture that became popular in the matter of days, as it is the most convenient furniture piece to get you going for work at home. WoodenStreet has worked out the best Bed Tables for the consumers with various designs and styles to help with the withering work people tend to do. Though there are various factors responsible to purchase a perfect bed table online for your home. We have accumulated some information regarding the buying guide for Bed tables.

What Things to Consider When Buying a Bed Table?

There are certain factors to consider when buying a bed table online.


The very first thing that you need to see through is design and style. Though there are many designs available online, but you being the customer, have to choose more precisely. Make a cup of coffee and lay back on your couch, then decide what you want to buy and what will eventually look good.


This laptop table for bed is purely made for the convenience of customers, so that they should not feel any kind of strain while working on this table. Therefore, comfort is very important in the laptop stands for bed. Make sure that it is feasible with your laptop and your bed, so that you can eliminate any chance of doubt on your part.


The utility of a bed table online can be divided in two parts, first is the use for office work and second for study work. Yes, it is not necessary to use the bed computer table for only work, it can also be used for various other purpose as well. Such as, working with pen and paper, sketching, painting, playing cards or working. So, choose your table with all these activities in mind, so that you can choose the best laptop stand for bed.


The material is very important in deciding the quality factor for the product, especially for any wooden product. In the case of bed table desk, Sheesham wood is prominent and we at WoodenStreet use a rare and premium quality sheesham wood for every product we manufacture, may it be a sofa set or a king size bed, we never compromise on the product quality. Take your hand and touch the product to make sure the texture you are feeling against your hands surely reminds you of a quality product.

What Types of Bed Tables to Buy at WoodenStreet?

There are lots of designs and styles that can be utilized by the customers at home for their comfort and convenience.

On bed Tables

The furniture shopping is difficult but with the right guidance and proper retailer, you can find a perfect match for what you have been looking for. These kind of laptop table for bed are mainly for the purpose of working or studying while you are on the bed, not while you are off the bed. As the structure of the on bed table has limited use on the bed.

Storage bed Tables

The remaining category is storage bed stand table. The simple bed table is demanded frequently online but recently a hike in the demand of the storage in a folding bed table has been recorded. This is probably because, the use of a storage is in folding laptop table is very important to keep the working or reading essentials.

Why to Buy Bed Tables at WoodenStreet?

Buying a lap table for bed at WoodenStreet can be an interactive experience. We have made sure that your table buying process should be smooth and seamless. We offer:

1. Premium quality material

We at WoodenStreet care deeply about the customers, that is why we choose premium material. Whether it is the wool or the fibre for appearance, we never compromise with the quality.

2.Pocket Friendly

At WoodenStreet, we do not want our customers to panic incessantly, because we offer the prices that will not burn a hole in your pocket. We have the most pocket friendly prices for every home furniture product.

3.Additional offers

We provide additional offers, that are solely for the customers. It includes free installation services for product at home, easy return policy, low cost EMIs as we understand your need for the carpet and 24 X 7 customer care support for any queries.

People’s Choice: Bed tables in Trend

The Bed Tables have become the most popular work from home furniture in just a year and it is always in demand, because even after a year people have showed interest in the work from home furniture.

Lance Laptop Table

The table has definitely become an indispensable part of our day to day lives no matter how much we try to work without depending on the tables, but soon we realize it is very least possible.

The Lance Laptop table is a flamboyant and charming working table, especially for using a laptop. You can easily take it and sit back on the bed and do whatever you want to do, including work and study. It is made up of premium quality Sheesham wood and coated with honey finish, so that no chance of mistake is provided. the texture is smooth and the length of the table surface is big enough to place a laptop, a mouse and a notebook as well.

Zadran Study Table

There is absolutely no doubt, that this wooden bed table is a popular choice among the customers as it has proven to be a masterpiece of all. It has the storage, which can accommodate your working or studying essentials. This table is made out of premium and rare sheesham wood, which marks the durability and resistance of the product along with the honey finish coating, which provides an elegance and a modern style to the table. It is more than appropriate for the bed and couch to work at the utmost comfort.

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