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Nest Of Tables In Gurugram


Nest of tables are a combination of two to more tables that combine to give a whole lot of space to use. This set of tables has become an impeccable part of the urban living. We have commenced a range of nest of tables in Gurugram store that is made with good sizes and better designs. The assortments of nest of tables are all set to give more of attractiveness with its decor. Scroll right below to explore the range of nest of tables in the Gurugram collection of Wooden Street.

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Nest of Tables in Gurugram: To Make a Nest of Awesomeness with Stylish Table Sets

A living room needs a centre table and a side and end table to complete the look as well as add serviceability to the furniture. What if these are found together in just furniture like a nest of tables?

So, Wooden Street has instigated nest of tables in the Gurugram collection which is in various sizes that can be used both as a centre table or a side table in the living room. Moreover, sets of tables give a way to be decorated nicely as well as form symmetry of more spaces to use.

There are many such combinations that Wooden Street has in Gurugram collection that give a variety to choose from.

Extent of Variations of Nest of Tables in Gurugram

Nest of tables in the Gurugram collection of Wooden Street are made with various designs as well as with fluctuations in sizes. It gives a good catalogue to have a look at and the otherwise factors add to the functions.

Some such nest of tables are mentioned below:

  1. Tall Nest of Tables: Some nest of tables are tall enough that these can be placed and accessed probably everywhere. Just like Wooden Street has Samson nest of tables from the Gurugram collection. It is a set of two tables in industrial designs that makes it appealing as well as contrasting for several places.
  2. Low Height Nest of Tables: Low heighted nest of tables look trendy when kept in the living room. Sets of low height nest of tables like Lemna from Gurugram collection is one such example of it. The tallest table is of a standard height which reaches further in descending order. Thus, it forms a fashionable look for a modern home.
  3. Nest of Tables with Equal Size: Nest of tables with equal heights are a boon for any place as it sums more serviceability in the nook. For instance, there is Mason nest of tables in the collection of Gurugram store of Wooden Street. Three tables of equal sizes give equivalent space to store and deck.
  4. Bracket Nest of Tables: It is a design of tables that can be multi-purpose too at the same time. Consider the example of Hauritz nest of tables in Gurugram collection of Wooden Street. It is a set of two tables that can be inserted with the sofa or chair to be a side table, breakfast table and whatnot.

These are some of the nest of tables designs that are made with something different in each of them. All the nest of tables are with sizes, features and making that make each one special.

Purchasing Policies with Wooden Street

Policies of Wooden Street for Easy Purchase: Some policies are introduced by Wooden Street to make buying nest of tables from Gurugram easier. Some of these policies are mentioned below:

  1. Low-Cost EMI
  2. Easy Return Policies
  3. One-year Warranty on every product
  4. No Installation Charges

These policies make it easy to buy the finest furniture most easily.

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