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Planter adds a touch of greenery to your home. Whether you love to maintain a home garden or want to showcase your flower collection, indoor planters help you with everything. If you love to add natural vibes to your balcony or living room, Wooden Street has got you different planter stand for every space. Get your house planters from our wide range and give your home decor a green makeover! With discounts up to 75% off you can get outdoor planter online at an affordable price. With high-quality materials and attractive finishes, you will find a variety of ceramic planters on our website. Scroll down, select the best option, and get free delivery and fast shipping on your home planter from Wooden Street.

Planters Price List in India - 2024

Planter DesignsPrice
Brown Textured Small Planter₹332
White Blue Cyclindrical Ceramic Planter Pots - Set of 2₹559
Cylindrical Ceramic Planter₹666
Pastel Hues Damask Print Planter With Wooden Stand₹1,849
Twin Large Bloom Gold floor planters (Gold)₹6,990
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Planter - Buy Terracotta plant pot Online in India | indoor plant pot for home decor | decorative flower pots

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Planters Online - buy Metal pots Online | small home decor items | small plant pots in India

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Hazel Metal Dark Charcoal Planter Pot with Stand (Set of 2)

(42 Sold)
Rs 1,999Rs 2,59923% off ship icon Ships in 7 Days
planter - metal plant pot with stand Online | planters for indoor plants | metal planters for Home Decor

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White Striped Planter

Aapno Rajasthan
(15 Sold)
Rs 1,200Rs 3,00060% off ship icon Ships in 3 Days
planter - Hanging Ceramic planter pots | plant pots near me | Hanging Ceramic for balcony india | pot stand indoor

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Green Baby face Hanging Ceramic Planter In Grey Color

(29 Sold)
Rs 875Rs 2,50065% off ship icon Ships in 4 Days
planter - buy Metal pots online in India | flower planters | Indoor and Outdoor Metal pots and planters

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planter - decorative pots Online in bangalore, chennai, Pune | indoor pots for plants | Metal planters for balcony, Outdoor

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Hazel Metal Black And Gold Planter Pot with Stand (Set of 2)

(15 Sold)
Rs 1,999Rs 2,59923% off ship icon Ships in 7 Days
planter - Buy designer pots Online in India | indoor Small Metal pots for plants | indoor decorative pots with plants

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Gaia Small Metal Planter (Gold, S)

(14 Sold)
Rs 3,690Rs 8,89058% off ship icon Ships in 7 Days
planters - Outdoor Ceramic planter pots online in India at the best price | small white flower pots | modern Outdoor plant pots

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planters - Marble planter pots online near me | flower pot for living room | indoor Marble plant pots for Decor

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planters - winter Outdoor planters online in India at best price | pots for Outdoor plants | plant pots online

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planters - decorative flower pots online | ceramic plant pots in bangalore, chennai, Pune for home decor at best price

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planters in bangalore, chennai, Pune for home decor at best price | Metal flower pot with Gold Color

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Alice Metal Gold Plant Pots (Set Of 2)

(15 Sold)
Rs 1,364Rs 2,59948% off ship icon Ships in 3 Days

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Recently Customer's Questions & Answers
What is the difference between a planter and a pot?

A pot is generally small, round in shape and is usually meant to contain a single plant, whereas the planters are typically meant for outdoors, irregular in size and it can contain many plants.

Can we put natural plants in your planter & pots?

Yes, you may put natural plants in your planter and pots.

How do I come up with a good planter design?

First, choose the location where you want to place your plant, be it indoors or outdoors. Choose the quality, color, design, and size available at our website accordingly to match with the existing decor of the space. This will lead to the perfect planter design with a beautiful appearance.

How do I care for my planters?

Taking care of planters is very important, as it will increase the quality and life of your plants. From choosing the correct pots, to providing them enough sunlight, to giving them sufficient water, all these factors matters to a great extent in caring for planters.

How can I choose the right planter?

The best plant pot should have: A planter should have proper holes for drainage of water, It should have enough space for the growth of the roots, Its design and materials should match the looks of your home.

Which Indoor Planters are Good, Plastic Or Ceramic?

Ceramic indoor planters are the best for indoor plants as the soil in a ceramic indoor planter absorbs moisture better and will not dry out fast, helping you keep your plant nourished at all times.

Are Metal Planters good for Indoor planters?

Yes, a thickly painted metal indoor plant pots would be a good choice of investment for your indoor plants. Make sure to buy high-quality metal indoor planters; you want to avoid destroying your plant with low-quality metal planters by rusting.

Where can I Find the Best Indoor Planters?

WoodenStreet is the most reliable and valuable platform to buy premium-quality indoor planters at affordable rates. We have a distinctive range of creative and fancy indoor planters. Explore our collection to pick an indoor planter that blends into your space.

Are Wooden Planters Good?

Yes, wooden planters can be a good choice for gardening and landscaping purposes.

Are Plastic Planters Good For Plants?

Yes, plastic planters can be a good choice for growing plants as they are affordable, lightweight, and durable.

What Are The Different Size Of Planters Available Online?

There are different sizes of planters available online, such as small, medium, large, extra large, and hanging planters.

Are Ceramic Planters Better Than Plastic?

Both types of planters have their own advantages and disadvantages, depending on your specific needs, preferences, and the conditions in which you plan to use them.

What Features Are Important In A Planter?

Some key features of a planter to consider are size, material quality, adequate depth, and ease of maintenance.

Reviews for Popular Planters

Most Helpful Review

  • 5 Amazing
  • The attention to detail in the craftsmanship of these metal planters is impressive.
  • Ravi Suri Nov 2023

Recent Review

  • 5 Excellent
  • The clean lines and metallic finish give these planters a high-end look.
  • Sanya Kapoor Nov 2023

Most Helpful Review

  • 4 Highly recommended
  • I adore the simplicity of this planter.
  • Akhil R. May 2023

Recent Review

  • 5 Amazing
  • Nice
  • Sachin Sharma Jul 2023

Most Helpful Review

  • 5 Amazing
  • The white striped planter is a classic beauty! It adds a touch of elegance to my garden decor.
  • Bijoy pandit Mar 2023

Recent Review

  • 5 Highly recommended
  • The white stripes create a soothing effect, making it perfect for my relaxation corner.
  • Gulshan Singh Jul 2023

Most Helpful Review

  • 5 Excellent
  • The green baby face design on this planter is adorable!
  • Aditi Dubey Apr 2023

Recent Review

  • 5 Super
  • I gifted this small planter to my friend, and she absolutely loves it!
  • Umesh patel May 2023

Most Helpful Review

  • 5 Highly recommended
  • The quality of this terracotta planter is top-notch, and the jute detailing gives it a unique and stylish look.
  • Supriti Sinha May 2023

Recent Review

  • 5 Highly recommended
  • Absolutely love this planter!
  • Subramanian Krishnan May 2023
Customer Stories
They love us because....
Ceramic indoor plant pots online for Home DecorView Product
I wanted some Ceramic planters for my home, so I bought Shades of Brown Ceramic Square Planter Pots - a Set of 2. Its size and design are gorgeous and I loved the collection from Wooden Street.

Raksha Chabra Bangalore

Planter online in India at best priceView Product
Nice Planter. Its little size makes it overly cute. And yellow colour brightens the room. It looked exactly as it is shown in the image. The black wooden pot with planter fits in everywhere.

Nikhil Soni Chennai

decorative planters for garden online | Planter onlineView Product
Dark Grey Terrazzo Planter is one of the best design of planters from the Wooden Street collection. Its size, design and quality, everything is superb and I love the way it is decorated in my living room.

Swati Shukla Pune

indoor plant pots online for sale in Bangalore, Chennai, MumbaiView Product
Beautiful collection of indoor plant pots at Wooden Street. I bought a set of three Beige Big Cylinder Terrazzo Planter and I loved its design. Looking forward to shopping more.

Madhu Shriwastav Hyderabad

Blue Bull Hanging terracotta Planter for balcony and indoor decorView Product
The Hanging terracotta planter looks nice and perfectly sets for a cozy place. Its design is neat and well-finished. You can hang it anywhere because it is artificial. It’s very light in weight as well. My balcony has 5 similar hanging baskets.

Shikha tiwari Pune

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