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Rocking Chairs In Mumbai

Buy rocking chairs in Mumbai, relaxing aura and the comfy seat, sums up a rocking chair perfectly. Wooden rocking chairs in Mumbai, uplifts the aura of the room as well as provides ample health benefits with its rocking movement. Seeing the benefits and knowing the different style requirements, Wooden Street has housed all the splendidly designed rocking chairs online in Mumbai collection. The rocking chairs in Mumbai collection showcase an assortment of themes and styles. Move down to encounter the wooden delight!

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Rocking Chairs in Mumbai: Pave the Way to a Better Decor and Better Health

The wooden rocking chairs in Mumbai collection are here to let you have maximum comfort with an armrest and a comfortable tilted backrest. Amidst the hectic lifestyle, find time to relax and chill with the fantastic wooden rocking chairs online in Mumbai collection at Wooden Street. The rocking chairs have a curved base that lets the person sitting over it rock to and fro.

Stretching from classic designs and moving towards the sumptuous modern designs, we provide the wooden rocking chairs online in Mumbai collection that depicts all the theme perfectly.

The wooden rocking chairs online in Mumbai collection on our store are made from solid woods such as sheesham and mango which make them sturdy and durable. These ‘hard to resist’ furniture units are available in alluring finishes such as mahogany, teak, honey and walnut.

Fall in Love with the Style-Medley Offered By Rocking Chairs in Mumbai Collection

Our rocking chairs in Mumbai collection are super-comfy, super-relaxing and representing the different style theme. We have a lot to offer to the different requirements of homeowners.

A quick summary of our style assortments:

  1. Traditional rocking chairs in Mumbai collection: Showcasing the sumptuous finish, classic detailing and depth, the traditional rocking chairs in Mumbai collection will make the decor look richer. The Silvio wooden rocking chair in Mumbai collection is traditionally styled chair. It has a wheel design on both the sides and the backrest has horizontal slits which bestow traditional vibe. Characterized by the curves, there are many traditional solid wood rocking chairs in Mumbai collection that you can view above.
  2. Modern rocking chairs in Mumbai: Our wooden rocking chairs in Mumbai collection have various designs to offer to the modern decor. With crisp and clean lines, the vino rocking chair is a modern inspired design. The backrest and the seat have vertical bars plus the armrest are straight which depict simplicity at its best. The Logan rocking chair in Mumbai collection is also a modern themed chair with the thin bars glued closer to each other in the middle leaving cavity at both the ends and upholstered seat for comfort.
  3. Contemporary rocking chairs in Mumbai: The ferano rocking chair in Mumbai collection will give a trendy and up-to-date look to your decor. This contemporary styled wooden rocking chair has a unique curved triangle design as an armrest for the gorgeous look. From the balcony to the bedroom, rocking chairs can be placed anywhere and everywhere.

Why Wooden Street for Furniture Shopping?

We assure our customer's smooth shopping experience by providing ample services. If you are planning to buy a wooden rocking chair online in Mumbai then you will be showered with the services mentioned below.

  1. Customisation: Give your pick of rocking chairs in Mumbai collection or other furniture at our store, a personal touch with the customisation service. From dimension and design related changes to simple wooden finish changes, we welcome your requirements with open arms. Get in touch with our 24*7 customer care support and tell them the requirements, we promise to deliver the same at your doorstep.
  2. Solid wood: Get high durability and sturdiness with our wooden furniture range including rocking chairs. Each product is carved out beautifully from sheesham and mango wood and available in attractive finishes. Savor comfort and style with the rocking chairs in Mumbai collection! Love the collection? View the other products at our store.
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wooden rocking chairs in Mumbai
I have put this rocking chair in my bedroom because it is so beautiful that I don't want to share it with anyone. This is a beautifully shaped in a chair. It completely goes with the interior decor of my house. I thank Wooden Street for this pretty rocking chair.
Deepti Rathore Magathane
buy rocking chairs in Mumbai
This cushioned Rocking Chair was my husband’s find. He brought this chair during my early stage of pregnancy to make me relaxed and comfortable. Rocking Chairs are perfect stress boosters and I needed one those days the most. I use it with an ottoman as a footrest, it is so comfortable that I used to take quick nap sometimes while seating during those lazy afternoons. This chair is my companion through my journey to motherhood and will remain for years to come. Thanks a lot, Wooden Street.
Mohit Bagdi Eksar Colony
solid wood rocking chairs in Mumbai
Nice looking and more comfortable than I had imagined. Solid wooden frame and nice fabric, decent rocking chair. I was nervous about the comfort of the chair, hard to buy something before you sit in it, and the chair is great. Thank You, Wooden Street for a wonderful product.
Mayank Kulkarni NESCO Colony
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