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Shoe Rack In Pune

Life of shoes depend upon the life of shoe racks, so there have to be shoe racks that are spacious to keep the shoes, and the racks are with quality that makes it long-lasting. So, Wooden Street has instigated shoe racks in Pune collection that hold all the qualities of an ideal shoe rack. All of these are spacious, with good quality and ravishing designs. Swipe below to go through the most amazing designs of shoe racks in Pune.

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Shoe Racks in Pune: Compile your Shoes with Life

Shoe racks are those perfect shelter that can organize the shoes just how it deserves. Shelves and cupboards make it a great arranger.

Wooden Street has thus initiated assortments of shoe racks in Pune collection that are with segments that collocate the shoes outstandingly. All the shoe racks are designed distinctly so that it matches the need of proper shoe storage.

Bucket of Designs of Shoe Racks in Pune

Wooden Street has got a variety of shoe racks in Pune collection. These shoe racks are with the comfort of benches, upholstery, storage and even showcase.

Let’s explore more below:

  • Vertical Shoe Rack

Tall shoe racks make it easy to access all the shelves within the shoe rack even while standing. Moreover, the designs are worth complimenting too.

Wooden Street has few such shoe racks in Pune collection like Ricardo sneaker Stand. It is a tall cupboard that opens with numerous shelves within. There is a tabletop too, to be decked in the foyer.

  • Sofa with Shoe Rack

A shoe rack with armrest and backrest makes complete furniture where one can sit comfortably while tying the shoes.

Wooden Street has one such shoe rack in Pune collection namely, Berwick Designer Shoe Rack. This shoe rack is made with a bench with backrest and armrest and the furniture also has much embossed diamond pattern upon it that makes it designer furniture.

  • Bench Shoe Rack

A bench shoe rack heads a seating right above the shoe rack. So, a settee and a shoe rack are together found in one furniture.

Consider the example of Stanley shoe rack in Pune collection of Wooden Street. This shoe rack has a two-door shoe rack below that is spacious. The bench above is upholstered on the other hand which makes it a snugly seating.

  • Shoe Racks with Drawers

Certain shoe racks are also with drawer storage space along, so that just a pull out is sufficient for easy access.

For instance, there are shoe racks in Pune collection of Wooden Street like Joyce Sandal-Rack. This shoe rack is with two drawers along with the shoe rack so there is so much space in one furniture to keep the shoes.

  • Shoe Racks with Shelves

Some foyers do not need a full-fledged shoe rack, but just spaces where shoes cannot be just kept but displayed is enough.

Exemplary to it is Ayen Multi Utility Footwear Cabinet from the collection of shoe racks in Pune is enough. This shoe rack has an upholstered bench above that is also secured with a wooden frame around. While there are shelves below the bench that are broad and capacious to get maximum shoe pairs inside. This turns to be small yet serviceable furniture for the entryway.

There are many other shoe racks in Pune collection that are with astonishing designs and proper storage available at Wooden Street.

Services Combined with Purchase from Wooden Street

  • Customization: Wooden Street gives “customization” services with shoe racks in Pune collection. This service helps one to get the furniture detailed with requirements they want.
  • Solid Wood Furniture: Shoe racks in Pune collection are made with sheesham wood or mango wood. Furthermore, all the shoe racks are available in various finishes of honey, teak, walnut and mahogany to choose from.

Policies with Purchase: There are many other facilities that are available with shoe racks in Pune collection. These facilities include the following:

1 Low-Cost EMI

2 Easy Return Policies

3 One-year Warranty on every product

4 No Installation Charges

Such policies make it easy to buy shoe racks from Pune collection in the fastest and uncomplicated way.

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