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WoodenStreet brings Post-coronavirus VR-equipped and physical touch-free stores

We are changing the way how our experience stores feel and function post coronavirus. From touch-free store policies to VR and 3D services and sanitized production and delivery.

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Given how COVID-19 has virtually changed everyone’s behaviour and lifestyle, we want everyone, from customers to our employees and artisans, to feel safe throughout their journey with WoodenStreet.

Centred on making furniture shopping a safe experience for customers, our plan is to bring everything from daily store-wide sanitization and social distancing policies to virtual contact-less services on our website.

In this time of change, we are bringing ways to enhance the furniture buying experience by strengthening safety measures and providing virtual services

We recently launched a VR module which allows virtual reality walkthroughs of a customer’s home – furnished with WoodenStreet furniture and décor accessories – directly from their smartphone.

Along with this, various 3D and virtual store tour facilities will also be available, making it easy for customers to experience furniture. As the impact of pandemic slows down, the company will be opening some of its 25+ Experience Stores across the green zones and relatively healthy areas.

Touch-Free Experience Stores

In order to reassure customers of their safety within the stores, we have prepared a detailed plan.
This includes:

  • Customers are advised to take appointment before visiting; this will help staff to entertain no more than two families within the store while maintaining social distancing.
  • Multiple store-wide sanitization daily along with daily temperature screenings of the staff and regular medical examinations
  • A strict touch-free policy within the store; a store executive will explain the products and their functionality while maintaining distance.
  • Implementation of virtual store tools and VR module to reduce person-to-person interaction; customers can experience a virtual store walkthroughs or products from within their homes
  • Implementation of touch-free transaction modes
  • Restrictions on entry without masks; purchasable for customers who arrive without one


We have also planned similar measures to tackle supply-chain, from production to delivery of the products. Artisans, QC and delivery teams will be trained on the new sanitization standards:

  • Daily sanitization and disinfection of manufacturing facilities, warehouses and delivery vehicles
  • Mandatory temperature screenings and health check-ups
  • Manufacturing and delivery staff will be provided with sanitization facilities and will follow social distancing norms
  • Every product will be disinfected and fumigated before packaging
  • Post-packaging, the deliverables will be sanitized once again before dispatch
  • Only 2 masked delivery personnel to be allowed per delivery
  • Delivery personnel will ensure touch-free delivery & installation, and will clean up residual packaging before leaving

COVID-19 presents a new avenue of change, where the new social norms cannot be taken lightly. Masks and social distancing are here to stay for the long run, and we are ready to embrace these norms.

Let us beat the Coronavirus Pandemic together – with support, trust, safety and care – so that you can complete your dream homes through furniture, bonded with love.

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