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Interior Design in Bangalore

Find Best Home Interior design in Bangalore that echo style, sense of aesthetics, choices and preferences. It’s easy to find home interior designers online, in magazines, or in stores we visit. But, turning the suggested interior design ideas into reality is the real challenge. And, this is where Woodeen Street’s Interior designers in Bangalore takes up all the limelight. Work with our team of the modern home interior design company in Bangalore to create a beautiful, custom-design dream home!

Interior Design Process : How It Works
  • Get in Touch

    Tell us how you want your interiors to be, and our expert designers will shape your vision, flexible as per your budget and needs.

  • Custom Designs

    Want specific adjustments with your interior décor? Customize them to your liking!

  • Review Your Ideas

    Review your plans and your decisions, make changes the way you want and visualize in 3D how your home will look.

  • Execution Begins

    Once you are satisfied with our package and our offerings, our team of skilled craftsmen will start shaping your dream.

  • Hassle-Free Installation

    Our delivery team will ensure that you don’t have to go beyond your couch to set up your home. We’ll do that for you.

Interior Design Services : What We Offer
interior design services
Interior Design

Shape your rooms into what you love. Let your imagination meet our expertise, so that we can make your home a dream come true.

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Interior Design Services Bangalore india
Wardrobe Design

Hide away your belongings within smartly-built modular wardrobes and enjoy seamless designs that make the best use of your space.

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Kitchen Design

Say goodbye to clutter within your kitchen with modular kitchen solutions flexibly designed to meet your requirements.

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home designer services
home designers online
  • 2bhk interior decoration
    Consultation with

    Get in touch with our team of professional Interior Designers and Experienced Contractors for the best tips and suggestions.

  • 2 bhk interior designs

    There is room for every single style and budget, with no compromise on quality standards.

  • budget interior design india

    Get involved with our experts in the design process. Your inputs are invaluable to us.

  • best interior designers in bangalore

    We bring customization to your fingertips, so you get a personalized touch in your dream home.

interior design in mumbai

Whatever your needs be, we’ll provide you with tailor-made solutions that breathe life in your interiors.

  • Modular
  • Wardrobes &
    Storage Units
  • Crockery
  • Entertainment
  • Home
  • Study
  • Paintings &
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  • Loose Furniture
    & Accessories
  • Quality
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A Home where Quality meets Guarantee!

We know how important your home is for you, and so we make sure that everything is built from the best materials, ensuring the highest quality standards and long-lasting durability.

online interior design consultation
interior design services in mumbai

We’ve been setting up beautiful homes and beautiful smiles across the nation. See what our happy customers have to say.

top interior designers in india

Wooden furniture enriches the appearance of the home. My home is looking so classy and elegant with the minimalist-furniture approach by the WS interior designers. The final outcome was mesmerising.

Dr. Ramanathan, Bengaluru
interior design for home in india

I love how they visualised my thoughts. My home feels more comfortable, cosy and beautiful. Their designing team is amazing, and they surprised me beyond my expectations!

Bethany, Bengaluru
interior design consultation services

We enjoyed the whole makeover of our home. Wooden Street understood what exactly we were looking. The living room is looking more inviting and mesmerising. Kudos to the team.

Ashwin Deva, Delhi
affordable interior designers in bangalore

I can’t ever imagine my 2BHK like this. Everything is beyond beautiful with effective storage. Specially we loved the look of my daughter’s bedroom. Excellent job by the designers.

Ashok Sharma - Mumbai
interior design price in india

Your needs matter differently, so we make sure that our model fits with what you really want.

  • Creating the Concept

    Talk to our expert designers and discuss how you want your space to be optimized and to look, and they will shape your ideas into reality.

  • Materials Matter

    Your budgets, your style and your preferences. Choose from a wide variety of premium quality materials with suggestions from our experts to define the look of your home.

    10% Payment
  • A Detailed Layout

    Based on your feedback, we will prepare drawings and renders so that you can visualize your plan, along with a BoQ with every detail of your project.

    40% Payment
  • Management & Execution

    We’ll provide you with a detailed timeline and delivery schedules before execution begins under expert supervision and with stringent quality checks.

    50% Payment
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Frequently Asked Questions

Depending upon your space, we offer the liberty to help you configure the best combination you need

What Interior Design services do we offer to our customers?
Our team of Designers create a comprehensive, easy-to-implement design plan for your home. Whether the project is a 'new execution' or refurbishment of existing interiors, we offer end-to-end services.
  • Initially, Our Designers understand your requirements, and also contribute their ideas to help you to make the right decisions. Post, which a suitable proposal is presented considering the budget.
  • Upon project agreement between our team and the customer, the order is confirmed, and an appropriate timeline is given for each stage for a successful execution.
  • All the modular kitchen and wardrobe work initiates if opted in the project and side-by-side furniture selection & additional accessories are assembled according to the proposed timeline.
What are the other services, which are not included in our Interior solutions?
Our team of Interior Designers create a comprehensive, easy-to-implement design plan for your home. Whether the project is a 'new execution' or refurbishment of existing interiors, we offer end-to-end services.
  • Any structural changes (i.e. Construction/Civil related work)
  • Flooring
  • Bathroom décor, design, or fittings
  • Custom window treatments
  • Painting Service (Suggestions offered/No execution)
What is the ideal stage for an interior design consultation?
We suggest our customers reach us out for an consultation two-month prior of their basic construction and flooring completion. We shall utilize the time in understanding your requirements and helping you finalize ready to move products and also work on the design concept of the desired Interiors. Simultaneously as the possession date is closer, we plan the modular work accordingly.
What if you wish to get Interiors of only a few rooms and not the entire house? Is the service offerable?
Yes, we do offer interior design services for particular rooms if required and separate room projects are carried out.
What if you would like to use existing furniture in your Interiors?
You can surely move your existing furniture to the new interiors. Our team shall also suggest the appropriate design ideas if required.
What if you already have a kitchen and wardrobes?
Even if you have existing kitchen and wardrobes, our team will work on refurbishing the remaining look of your house.
Are custom interior designs offered apart from the catalogue designs?
Definitely yes, we offer custom made furniture as well as customization in Kitchen and Wardrobes. We would request our customers to work out the customization request with our team.
What is the estimated timeline from proposal to completion of each project?
It depends on project to project and its requirements, also the schedule stretch depends upon decision making of the customer regarding how soon or delayed the responses are. Anyhow duration of 6-12 weeks is required for a successful completion.
How many iterations can you make in your interior design project?
We follow a systematic approach to avoid confusions and multiple iterations at the execution stage. However during the design concept pitch and 2D layouts you can send multiple revisions in designs and ask for changes till you are satisfied and post which 3D designs are executed.
What is the payment process to place the order? And how is the payment collected in the complete interior design?
Upon agreement between our team and the customer to the proposed quotation, an advance payment of 10% of the total cost is requested to be paid to initiate the site inspection followed by 2D and 3D. Part payment is collected at each stage for which the execution will start. The 10% advance is an adjustable amount of the project cost against any other particulars.
What if you don’t like some of our products? Can you return them?
Considering each project has a different requirement and furniture or modular work is done as per your specifications we do our best to deliver products with highest quality. In case of any damaged furniture product received on the time of delivery, or issue in designs the same can be discussed with our team to resolve your issues at the earliest.

Interior Design in Bangalore: Turn Your Dream Home into Reality

Interior Design is an art of transforming plain spaces to a complete next level. Woodenstreet offers the modern interior design in bangalore to create classy and contemporary home interiors for your bangalore homes. Our homes echo our style, sense of aesthetics, choices and preferences. It’s easy to find home interior designers online in bangalore, in magazines, or in stores we visit. But, turning the suggested interior design ideas into reality is the real challenge. And, this is where Wooden Street’s best Interior designers in Bangalore takes up all the limelight. Work with our team of the home interior design company in Bangalore to create a beautiful, custom-design home!

Find Best Interior Designers in Bangalore to Satisfy All Your Interior Needs

Wooden street , most renowned and leading interior designing company in Bangalore use next-gen Design, Technology, and advanced Implementation methods, to solve all your modern dream home requirements. Everyone dreams of living in a beautiful and well-designed home. Wooden Street provides the top interior designers in Bangalore in just a few clicks. Wooden Street is the place where we turn dreams into reality. You can choose budget interior designers based on your needs of only consultation or execution, the area you would like to renovate or the styles/classes you look for. Depending on your budget and needs, you can get a 2D outlook or a 3D interior design pattern of your house. Interior designers from Wooden Street also offer a wide range of styles from chic contemporary design to modern minimalist to suit your interior design ideas.

What Space Needs to be Designed?

Before looking for home interior design, decide whether you want a interior consultation from them, i.e., 2D/3D interior designs for home and layouts, or you need them to execute the whole plan along with their own team. Choose your interior designer near me to incorporate your home design ideas on the basis of the space that needs to be designed.

Choose from Modern Home Interior Designs Styles & Themes

Transforming your own personal space into something that you have always dreamt of, requires a huge step to be taken in one’s life. Choosing a type of interior decor can seem like a daunting task at first, but once you decide your mind to what interior design “suits” your style, can be a fun! Here are some types of home interior design styles that you can choose from. Once you know which method is the right one for you, contact Wooden Street’s interior designers Bangalore. They can surely recommend the interior design ideas for you and bring the look you want at your doorstep.

Modern Minimalist Interior Design :

Want clear-cut lines, clutter-free space, and a look which showcases “sophistication”? Hiring a modern interior designer companies in Bangalore is the way to go. With cool colours like beige, glittery greens to gorgeous greys, and materials like Mango and Sheesham wood, the modern interior design in bangalore is understated but impresses all the same.

Contemporary Interior Design:

 The basic difference between modern and contemporary interior design is that while the former follows some design factors to the book, the latter is much more what’s going on “in the present.” There are many interior designers at Wooden Street’s furniture store in Bangalore who do very good contemporary interiors.

Classic Interior Design:

 This style has richness in its name - the exact opposite of modern minimalism! You will find intricate patterns of flora and fauna in every item, from the furniture to decor to upholstery and other fabric. You can find an interior designer company in Bangalore who can add a classic touch to your home.

Traditional Interior Design:

 For the traditional style, bring in a touch of traditional flavour with vibrant colours, luxurious finishes like mahogany and honey, and wood with ornate carvings, coated in lustrous mahogany and walnut finishes. You can go to residential interior designers in Bangalore for accessorizing in this style, by looking for ornate mirror-frames, classy wall shelves, lamps and many more.

Transitional Interior Design:

 Finding a balance between traditional and modern is the transitional interior design style. Picking from both styles, you can have clear-cut lines of the modern minimalist while choosing rich traditional fabrics or accessories.

Bohemian Interior Design:

h3> The Bohemian style of home interior design says “If you love a piece of décor, it gets to stay”. It is the one where there’s freedom to mix and match what you like. Browsed through the decor section of on your trip to buying sofa set? Why not display the wall-hangings you bought from there? Bohemian home interior designs depict “carefree and stylish look” as nothing else does.

Vintage Interior Design:

 The vintage style of home interior design has rough structures with an earthy finish. The furniture is usually made from Sheesham wood with a raw finish, while the colour palette is finished with browns. If you're looking for a good interior designer in Bangalore, who can bring a rustic touch to your home, try!

Uber-Chic Interior Design:

 With a touch of Bohemian and a touch of Vintage, Uber-Chic has a more delicate feel to it. With antique-finish furniture and ornate light fixtures, uber-chic interior design style is a popular choice, these days.

Get Modern Interior Design in Bangalore With Creative Ideas

Bangalore is always bustling with new ideas for home interior design. The young minds of the city are looking to experience something new and inspiring, and so we see a lot of new and innovative interior designs, done by some of the finest home interior designers in Bangalore. Designing your home is not just a project to be done, but a lifetime memorable experience. Whether you are denaturing your dwelling from the studio apartment to no-less-than like a villa, it can be fulfilling to see your efforts in shaping your home. And for all these, sometimes, you may need an expert advice for home interiors in Bangalore on what interior design will work best, or what accent piece will make your living look adorable. This is where Wooden Street’s Interior designers Bangalore comes into the picture – to transform your dream into an appreciable reality.

Benefits of Choosing Home Interior Design for Your Bangalore Homes

When we talk about home interior design, designing a space that is pleasing and which reflect your personality is a dream come true. You can design your home on your own, but you may find yourself lagging behind in the details, like colour coordination, lighting, spacing, furniture style, etc. At Wooden Street, we can provide a solution to you for this problem by hiring an interior designer in Bangalore.

Below are six reasons why you should hire an interior designer for apartment who will design your space with your vision in a beautiful way:

  • Cost Effectiveness: Designing your own home by trying out different things like painting the walls from local house painters, crafting furniture from different carpenter, buying dining furniture pieces from some other, etc. This will unnecessarily exceed your budget without giving you desired results. All these can be possible under one roof. Yes, you can avoid all these, by hiring a budget interior designer in Bangalore. It’s a myth that they charge quite high. Instead, you put across your budget; and they make sure that they work on the given budget with best results.
  • Time Effectiveness: Interior designers in Bangalore are trained professionals with a good sense about what needs to be done with spaces. They understand the customer needs and put it in existence in their space. We, at WoodenStreet, can provide you with good interior designers in Bangalore for apartments who are aware of where to accumulate best pieces for your space and how to allot each piece in the specified space, room/area wise. This leads to no scope for confusion which saves a lot of time.
  • Professional Assessment: We have high-skilled and professional interior designers in Bangalore to design your home. First, they entirely assess your home and needs and then come up with a plan to remodel the area. Their job brings art and science together to create your dream dwelling.
  • Good Liaison: When it comes to home interior design, you need to deal with different people for different purpose such as materials, furnishing, lighting, etc. Your home interior designer in Bangalore will help you in maintaining this bridge between you and them. For an example, the correct power outlet placement will totally depend on the placement of furniture and these needs to be addressed before the construction begins. Interior designer companies in Bangalore ensure this communication for time and money management.
  • Flexibility: The interior designing services at Wooden Street are flexible and can schedule an appointment as per your available time. Wooden Street let you decide, when you are ready to invest in the project. We ensure that the process should be smooth for setting up meetings and further implementation process.

Brings Out the “WOW” Factor: The interior designers completely think out of the box and create something unique. They give attention to detail, from placement of particular furniture to proper lighting, to craft a space that reflects your own character.

By using their connections across designers, they are able to find furniture pieces and other such elements, which are unavailable to the general public. If you try to do all these, you would be stuck to bind all these elements together which these professionals are experts at.

So sit back, book online an interior designer consultant at Wooden Street and let the best home interior designers in Bangalore do the job for you.

How to Book Consultation With Top Interior Designers in Bangalore

When you are designing your home, it might be possible that you have interior design ideas, but need someone to help with specifics. Or you might have a rough design in your mind and be looking for interior design ideas, whatever may be the case, get in touch with our home interior design consultants who can help in making your dream a reality.

  1. Request a consultation: At Wooden Street’s interior design consultation page, you can fill a request for consultation form. Once we receive this, we’ll give a call back to understand what you need.
  2. Consult with our interior designer: The call will set up between you and interior designer. Based on your floor map, or photographs of your existing setup, or just your ideas of what you want, our design consultant will create a proposal for you. They will visualize your project in 2D and 3D outlook and suggest you suitable changes.
  3. Placing the order: If you like what the interior designer has suggested, you can buy the products that you want direct from the website, or we can place the order for you. Once the order has been confirmed, it will get delivered right at your doorstep within few days.

To offer you the interior design service in minimum effort, we also offer free delivery & Installation, and expert assistance at every stage.

Why Choose Interior Design Services in Bangalore From Woodenstreet

Custom Interior Design For Home

Customer perception is our reality and to experience this reality; we offer the facility to customise the home interior design as per your choices and preferences, to give your home a more elegant and stylish look. At Wooden Street you have the liberty to customise your favourite interior designs!

Easy Navigation, Secure Payment

A friendly user- interface makes the navigation process easy and handy 'Sorts & Filters' makes searching for products simple. Wooden Street offers for several payment options including debit card, credit card, internet banking and cash on delivery, choose the one that you are most comfortable with. The final step is to enter your shipping address, and the order will be delivered within no time.

Just a few Clicks AND We will be at your Doorstep.

Choose the best home interior design from and upgrade the look of your home. You can also browse other categories and intensify the beauty of your home decor. To get a beautiful and durable home interiors is not difficult. In just a few clicks and an affordable price, the luxury interior design in Bangalore will be at your doorstep.


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