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Wall Shelves In Jaipur

Wall shelves can end the search when Modern household searches for all the ways where people place their decorative in the most showcasing way.

Wooden Street has therefore initiated wall shelves in Jaipur hub that are with lots of assortments of wooden wall shelves designs. Moreover, there are so many designs of wall shelves in Jaipur hat can together give a contemporary and captivating look.

Swipe down to go through the most amusing range of wall shelves in the Jaipur collection of Wooden Street.

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Wall Shelves in Jaipur: To Garland the Wall most Winsomely

Wall shelves are that decorative commodity which can be used to make an ordinary place extraordinary. These are storage units for the wall which can be assorted so fancily that not only it becomes furniture to keep the essentials but it also gives the most eye-catching gaze.

Wooden Street has therefore initiated wall shelves in Jaipur store that are with the most delightful designs. There are numerous shapes and variants of wall shelves so that there is always something stunning in the bucket list to choose from.

Some of these are mentioned down here!

Bucket of Designer Wall Shelves in Jaipur Hub of Wooden Street

All the wall shelves in the Jaipur collection have been carved in a way that each furniture is different from the other. Exemplary of it are mentioned below with the available designs:

These are some of the most stylish designs of wall shelves in Jaipur collection that Wooden Street has showcased. Each of the wall shelves has a distinct appeal and are with sizes that give sufficient place to the deck.

These policies are meant to make ordering online rather easier and simpler.

  1. Designer Vertical Furniture

    For instance, Wooden Street has Beckett wall shelf in Jaipur collection. This wall shelf is in the shape of a tall hut. It is a vertical wall shelf that has further been segmented in assortments of different sizes.

    So, it gives the shape of a happy home with its happy home design.

  2. Horizontal and Creative

    There is another design of wall shelf that is horizontal and with a different look. Just like Arrow wall shelf in Jaipur collection of Wooden Street, that is itself in the shape of an arrow. This makes it a distinguishable and more stylish for a modern home.

  3. Feature to a Small Shelf

    A small wall shelf generally is capable of little storage. But what if there are additional features summated to it to make it more useful? For example, Wooden Street offers Ben wall shelf with hook in Jaipur collection of Wooden Street. This wall shelf is with key holders right below the shelf. So, there is a place to decorate above as well as some little hangers for the keys and stuff.

  4. Cluster of Designs

    Since wall shelves are meant to be catchy for the wall, there are some designs with more than one wall shelf to occupy more wall and more look. Just like Wooden Street has Bee hive wall shelf with mirror in its collection. This wall shelf is in a cluster of three wall shelves that are of the same designs and different sizes. This makes it designer furniture that can be decked both symmetrically and asymmetrically.

    It is responsible to organize more shelves on one wall that expands its good looks on the vertical space.

    There are some wall shelves that do not follow the customary shapes and designs. Instead, these designs prefer to go different with changing its direction.

    Purchasing Policies at Wooden Street

    • Customization: Wooden Street give the service of “customization” with wall shelves of Jaipur store. This service helps an individual to get the furniture designed and reshaped as per the demand of the customer.

    • Solid Wood Shelves: These wall shelves in the Jaipur collection of Wooden Street are made of sheesham wood and mango wood. Along with it, there are five finishes of honey, teak, walnut, mahogany and natural finish to choose from.

    • Policies with Purchasing: Many policies have been initiated with the buying of wall shelves from Jaipur collection. Some such policies are shown below:

    1. Low-Cost EMI
    2. Easy Return Policies
    3. One-year Warranty on every product
    4. No Installation Charges
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