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Wall Shelves In Pune


Wall shelves are the best way to make a flat vertical space into the most flawless one. Designer wall shelves are all that is needed in a modern household to give a place to deck all the motifs and snaps in a rather appealing manner.

Wooden Street has therefore commenced wall shelves in Pune collection that are with different designs and with commendable capaciousness.

Scroll below to go through the most outstanding range of wall shelves in Pune collection of Wooden Street.

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Wall Shelves in Pune: To Give Way to Beauty with Boldness of Designs

Many people today have interests in all the ancient, modern, traditional or abstract decorative that can enrich the beauty of the home. Wall shelves here not only acts as a showcase but if the wall shelf itself is designer furniture then it can be an enhancer to both the wall and the showpieces.

So, we have wall shelves in Pune store that have been made with different designs. These are chic and are perfect to be decked in a modern home. Unlike designs and ultimate spacing makes each wall shelf commendable.

Some of such wall shelves are mentioned below:

Uniqueness of Designs in Pune Collection of Wall Shelves

Wall shelves in Pune store are all indifferent and delightful with its appeal. There are numerous designs from tall to short and vertical to horizontal in the cluster. But there is another way wall shelves have been segmented depending upon the background of the shelves. This has been further elucidated below:

  1. Geometrical Wall Shelves with Covered Back

    This wall shelf design is like a box that can be nailed right on the wall. It is a wall shelf that is joined with a wooden panel that lies right behind the shelf.

    For instance, Wooden Street has Arlo in the collection of wall shelves in Pune. This is a shelf in a hexagonal shape. This hexagon has wooden panel around which the entire shelf is surrounded.

    Such a design makes it catchy with being entirely wooden.

  2. Shelf on Panel

    Another wall shelf is designed with a similar wooden panel. But there is added shelf right above the wooden base. Just like Wooden Street has Ben wall shelf with hook in its collection. This wall shelf is round in shape and with a shelf and key holders that are embossed on it. It nicely showcases a panel that is beautiful and dutiful.

  3. Wall Shelf with Centralized Mirror

    A wall needs both a shelf and a mirror. So, some wall shelves are made such that it features both. Consider the example of Jaden wall shelf with mirror in Pune collection of Wooden Street. This wall shelf has a tall mirror in front which is further surrounded with shelves on all the sides. So, it gives dual features in one space.

  4. Wall Shelves with Holders

    Some wall shelves are not just meant for decorates but these are itself dutiful too. Just like Bracket wall shelves in Pune collection of Wooden Street. This wall shelf has key holders, pen stand holder and notepad holder all together in wall shelf. It makes it multifunctional and attractive.

  5. Clustered Wall Shelves with Mirror Back

    This holds a series of more than one wall shelves that can be assembled along. But what makes it attractive is the dual display with a mirror behind.

    For instance, Wooden Street has Beehive wall shelf with mirror in Pune collection which has a mirror inscribed on each shelf. This gives a display of the decorate along with the reflection which makes it unique.

These are among the most distinguishable designs when it comes to wall shelves in Pune collection.

Purchasing Policies at Wooden Street

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These policies make it simple and quick to order the wall shelves online.

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