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Modular Kitchen

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Simple Kitchen Design is the most desirable kitchen nowadays. It's uncommon to acquire a big house or apartment these days, whether you favour one over the other. Minimalism is the ingredient that makes a more comfortable place in a little house. The typical modern home has a modest simple kitchen design. So, using straightforward kitchen design concept is the ideal method to make a room that is both functional and comfortable. To make the small kitchen look less congested, keep the layout simple. Select your simple modular kitchen design with woodenstreet at an affordable price with various layout options and easily accessible service for all you and everyone 24x7. Check out your nearby stores or websites to have a best simple kitchen design.

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To give your kitchen design finesse look

modern kitchen interior and decor


Durable and resistant to wear and tear and immune to stains, spills & scuffs.
modular kitchen design for small kitchen


Prone to scratching and durable, Acrylics are Non-toxic and offer a high-gloss finish.
modular kitchen interior design - latest home kitchen designs


Hard-wearing and highly resistant, PU is considered a scratch-resistant and durable option.
u shaped & L shaped modular kitchen designs photos


Impervious to water, borers and termites, PVC offers a fine finish and proves to be economical.
modern kitchen interior and decor


Durable and resistant to wear and tear and immune to stains, spills & scuffs.

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Modular kitchen Price india for  Edge Profile

Edge Profile

It offers a seamless look and gives the illusion of being handle-less.
Modular kitchen for small space


They offer the seamless look and are attached to the carcass cabinets instead of doors.
kitchen modular design accessories price


Sturdy knobs are available in different shapes that are easy to handle.
Best Modular kitchen Accessories and cabinets in India Regular Handles

Regular Handles

These come in classy designs and offer less maintenance and convenience.
Countertops and Backsplashes For Modular Kitchen

Know About the Different Varieties of these Essentials in Kitchen Design

modern kitchen interior design for small space


Offers low-maintenance and long-lastingness which ensures its high usage.
low cost modular kitchen price list india


Highly-useful natural materials. Has the hardness of seven on the Mohs Scale which makes it very durable.
open kitchen furniture design india


Man-made material. Frequently used for seamless countertop installations.
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Modular Kitchen

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Frequently Asked Questions
  • What does modular kitchen include?

    A modular kitchen design includes gas unit, tail unit, lofts, cabinets, hobs, chimney, sink, faucet and appliances. Other complementary things like tiles for backsplashes, countertops and finish are also a part of modular kitchen.

  • Which type of material is best for modular kitchen?

    Engineered Wood and Plywood is the most preferred material for modular kitchen. It is solid, affordable, durable and light in weight as well. You can find these modern kitchen designs manufactured from best material on Wooden Street..

  • How much does a good modular kitchen cost in India?

    Modular kitchen can cost from 1.5 lac to 5.5 lacs or more depending upon the primary material, brand, requirement, finish and accessories. .

  • How do you build a modular kitchen for small space?

    Best suited layout of modular kitchen for small space is L-shaped and U-shaped. These designs are efficient and provide maximum support. The penalty of two corners is countered by additional cabinet space on the end wall. Open corner shelves and wall mounted plate-racks work best for small space.

  • How do I choose a good modular kitchen design?

    A good modular kitchen includes everything from ventilation to presentation. Below are various things to consider for designing a good modular kitchen design

    • 1.. Plan the layout
    • 2.. List out the requirements
    • 3.. Look out for proper lightening and ventilation source
    • 4.. Choose colors wisely
  • What are the benefits of modular kitchen?

    The benefits of a modular kitchen are as follows:.

    1. . It adds a classic style to your home.
    2. . It keeps the space much organized and uncluttered.
    3. . It offers clean and hygienic environment.
    4. . It is easy to clean and maintain a modular kitchen.

    How to Plan a Simple Kitchen Design for your Kitchen with WoodenStreet?

    Structure: Choosing the ideal location for the countertop, sink, dining room tables and chairs, refrigerator, equipment, etc. is the first stage in planning a simple kitchen design. The functionality of the simple modular kitchen is greatly influenced by the arrangement.

    Stockpiling: Having adequate cabinets, shelves, and cupboards in the simple modular kitchen is essential for keeping food, equipment, and other necessary kitchen items organised.

    Floor Plan: To create the ideal flooring for your simple kitchen design, use light materials and milder tones. You'll be able to walk around more easily and mop up spills and other messes thanks to this.

    Kitchen with perfect lighting: Good lighting is essential for setting the mood in the simple modular kitchen. Working comfortably in the simple kitchen design depends greatly on the lighting. Also good lightings excite the person to cook well and try making different dishes.

    Air Flow: Every simple modular kitchen needs proper ventilation, particularly for the variety of foods that are cooked, processed, and stored there. Make sure the simple kitchen design has air circulation and exhausts so that odours don't linger.

    Popular Simple Kitchen Design Layouts Available at WoodenStreet

    L-Shaped Kitchen Design

    Small to medium-sized simple kitchen design spaces benefit most from this form. It takes careful planning to create an L-shaped modular kitchen design that is clutter-free and well-organized. In a modular kitchen with an L shape, creativity is enhanced. An efficient work triangle for preparing food, cooking it, and cleaning it is made possible by the L-shaped simple kitchen design, which is ergonomically sound. Given that this type of layout necessitates a great floor plan, this kitchen layout can be fit to any style.

    U-Shaped Kitchen Design

    Simple modular kitchen designs with the U shape layout are a very practical choice. They have counters on three adjoining sides, providing lots of space for cooking. The ergonomic triangle—where your fridge, stove, and dishwasher are all easily accessible of one another—that is widely mentioned in simple kitchen design as it is one of the most practical layouts to have in both small and spacious houses. It is also the simplest way to do this. It also makes it simple for two cooks to work together in the kitchen at simultaneously to prepare dinner.

    Island Kitchen Design

    The island layout is one of the most popular simple kitchen design styles. The island kitchen is a flexible option that can serve as the kitchen's primary prep area, a cooking or cleaning centre, or even both. This simple kitchen designs are really useful. The island acts as a traffic controller to ensure a natural flow in the kitchen area because of its central location. A double island arrangement can shake up the standard kitchen setting in extremely open spaces and huge kitchens. A functional design that separates the cooking and entertaining areas while allowing for socialisation is achieved by using a double island arrangement. Island simple kitchen design can also convert an L-shaped design into a horseshoe or U-shaped layout, and a one-wall kitchen into a galley style.

    Parallel Kitchen Design

    Galley kitchen or parallel simple modular kitchen designs are ideal for small households or kitchens with just one cook. You can stack storage along both of its walls to give it an alleyway-like appearance. A parallel or galley kitchen has a traditional design that features a small room with two walls and a doorway in the middle. It is a simple plan to design because there is no concern about placing cabinets in corners because it is filled with base and side cabinets on either side.

    Benefits of Choosing Simple Kitchen Designs at WoodenStreet

    Increase Storage & Space

    A easy simple kitchen design is the key to efficient way of cooking and without messing up the space. They aid in maximising the storage and open space in your kitchen by cleverly organising various cabinet styles, units, and kitchen accessories. You make the most of the space you have been given in this way. A simple modular kitchen will make sure that every square inch of your space is utilised effectively, regardless of its structure, size, or proportions.

    Minimal Cost

    Typically, the kitchen renovation costs the most. You can significantly reduce your costs by having simple kitchen design at woodenstreet. You'll have more money to spend on high-end materials and furnishings at reasonable prices because woodenstreet believes in offering best quality which can be affordable and accessible to every customer’s budget.

    Easily Customizable

    A simple modern kitchen design allows you to customize your area the way you want it to be, from traditional to modern, standard to minimalist, and everything in fusion of it. To create a kitchen that reflects your tastes and aesthetics, choose from a wide range of styles, dimensions, sections, materials, patterns, shades, and more.

    Appealing Trendy layouts

    Although functionality is prioritised in the kitchen, this does not mean that aesthetics are overlooked. The modular kitchen concept is brilliant because it provides the finest of comfort in terms of functionality and aesthetics. The old simple kitchen design style no longer exists in today's era, and the refined simple modular kitchen designs featured in journals are too appealing to completely give up. The pull-out design, high - gloss finish, and double toned layout are exclusive to the most recent easy simple kitchen designs.

    Simple to clean and repair

    A worktop of kitchen where you chop, bake and cook should be simple to clean! Because a simple modular kitchen is designed to give you access to every single corner, cleaning and repairing it is a simple task. Furthermore, modular kitchens design provides a diverse range of stain-resistant countertops and surface equipment that can be easily cleaned.


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